Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I made a return on Youtube!


Damn this blog has been silent for a long time... Honestly I want to get back to writing but I struggle with thoughts that no one honestly cares about what I do with my life outside of cosplay maybe and yeah, it's just hard to be motivated to keep this lifestyle blog active right now as I lack both energy and content to do so. 

Oh well, what I wanted to say is that today I fixed up my Youtube.. or at least attempted to? I have massive problems navigating Youtube as it was close to 5 years since I last uploaded any videos (con photo compilations which felt pointless really fast) and the layout has changed a lot since then. xD My channel or whatnot is still really bare and I have no idea what I'm doing but hey, I just uploaded my first (non-commentary) gameplay video ever!

Yep, that's Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag.
 I'm sooo late to the party I know, I always am lol. But it's still a great game!

I started playing it maybe a month or so ago and at the beginning I was so overwhelmed as I had never played such a "brutal" game before or a game with any kind of stealth mechanics – I grew up with Pokémon and the like and I guess the most violent game series I liked was the Dynasty Warriors games. xD I died a lot in the beginning, like not even kidding, I had probably over 50 desynchronizations before I was done with the first two missions lmao. 

I was doubting for so long if BF would be "the right type of game" for me as I never played any previous AC title and had little interest in any other installment except just Black Flag, mainly for the pirate theme. I played it very slowly at first, going on and off with Monster Hunter World tugging at my attention but as soon as you got the ship, the Jackdaw, I've had a hard time putting the game away! I love it now, despite my rocky and not-sure-if-gusta start and I think I have finally gotten good at it... or well, not good. More like decent... or acceptable? Lmao I don't know but at least I'm progressing!
My best game moment so far was the first time when I got up to wanted level 4 and sunk that lv 60 man o' war with my Jackdaw lacking all of the elite upgrades but otherwise being upped as much as possible, although I think I didn't have the second best ram or mortars either. It was so close, so much adrenaline as I had somehow managed to get the man o' war and the frigate separated from each other so that I managed to pick off the lv 38 frigate first (it was hard enough as-is) and the man o' war appeared later at the horizon, alone. The health bars depleted really evenly at all times and it was literally a case of first (last?) hit wins and that was me. :O Holy fuck I regret so hard that I didn't know about the PS4 recording at all when I did that battle as I would have loved to have it saved – it was insane. Not gonna lie, the level 60 man o' war was the FIRST man o' war I ever sunk in the game. xD I didn't even know there were low-leveled ones in the medium difficulty areas... because I hadn't been to any yet, lmao. Still so fucking proud of that victory, if only I had known about the "last 15 mins are always recorded" thing... Oh and yeah, the video above is my third (successful) attempt at sinking the level 4 pirate hunter ships. But this time I had the elite hull upgrade so it's not as impressive I guess? It's still a hard fight and yeah, still on my first playthrough and learning.

Oh and yeah, in case anyone wonders what's up with my username not being Shiro Samurai on Youtube it's simply cuz KaamosWolf is my PSN nickname and has grown to be my gaming nick as well. I might change it if I ever learn to edit videos and put out some cosplay content there.

That's enough talk for today I think. Thanks for reading and/or watching my first gameplay video!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

[Sponsored] Review: Lashvillage Naturel 301 (Femme Classic) false eyelashes

Hello beauties!

If you've been following my other blog you probably know by now that LensVillage is one of my trusty collaboration partners; I've been reviewing their lenses since 2015 (I bought from them even before that!) and it's only until quite recently that they started carrying false eyelashes in their sortiment. Now I'm not someone who uses falsies much at all, except for cosplaying bishounen characters sometimes, but I couldn't let this chance slip by as I got the opportunity to review something new! 

The product I'm reviewing in this review were sponsored, but rest assured that I don't compromise my honesty nor true thoughts. This review is 100% my own opinion.
All photos are taken by me

Lensvillage has their own false lash brand called Lashvillage, funnily enough. The site says "Lashvillage lashes are made of 100% sterilized faux mink. Each lash strip is knotted and feathered by hand to achieve the highest quality." and that sounds pretty good to me. I'll admit I have zero to little prior knowledge of false lashes as this is literally my third ever pair, of which the two other ones are Dolly Wink lashes. I will have a hard time to compare these lashes with others as I don't have any proper understanding of quality norms and such. ^^" As a guy I just don't have all that many possibilities to wear false lashes unless I'm dressing up for one reason or another, lmao.

Lashvillage currently has five different pairs to choose from and I got number 301, which is called Lashes Femme Classic #301 on the site although the box itself just simply says Naturel 301. Whatever the real name is supposed to be what we have at hand is a pair that I feel suits its name pretty well – these feel like a pretty safe bet for ordinary yet glamorous lashes.

These lashes cost 8,50 dollars at the time of writing this review and my gut feeling says that it's a pretty decent price. I have no idea what random drugstore lashes tend to cost so I'm not gonna say so much more about the price. xD The package is really cute and elegant and has a window so that you can see what the lashes look like.

They are pretty soft to the touch and have a natural-ish shine to them. If I brush my fingers against the lashes they spring back to their original shape quickly enough. The lash count seems fine and the length of the lash itself doesn't seem to be absurdly long – I don't have to cut them to get them to fit my eye shape. I think these would fit most eye shapes and sizes. 
Lash glue is not included with these so you'll have to supply that yourself!

Eye makeup, no mascara.
With mascara.
With circle lenses, mascara and false eyelashes.
I think it's because of my inexperience but I had a really hard time trying to get these on. They just wouldn't stick (could be the glue getting old, hadn't used it in a really long time) and it took me several tries to just get one lash on. I had some trouble getting them to stay like they should and not do the "half of the lashes point downwards and other half upwards" effect, which sadly happened a bit anyway, despite my best efforts to avoid it. I have no idea if my troubles could stem from the fact that I have ridiculously thick and long lashes naturally (someone wanna trade?) and so the falsies have to, err, fight for their spot lol. It was impossible to get them on the lash line. Another thing could be my neverending eyelids somehow pushing them out of place or something, I dunno. Luckily once I got them on they stayed on and so I won the fight and looked pretty for the remainder of the day!

I feel like the lashes are long, feminine and they give off this kind of luxurious effect. I think these could be seen as natural-looking to most frequent lash wearers but yeah, as I've worn falsies below 4 times total in all my life I am still not used to how I look with them on and so I personally think it looks unnatural. :'D I also need to mention that these are really lightweight when worn, I don't feel them much and they aren't annoying in any way! I don't feel like they'll droop down as soon as I blink etc.

Here's some close-up photos of the lashes in different angles and such:

If there's anything that I feel a bit unsure about quality-wise it is that several individual lashes came off when I was trying to clean the glue residue (mainly peeling it off with my nails); it could just as well have been me being a bit too rough-handed or impatient but I don't know my Dolly Wink lashes didn't lose a single strand with similar treatment back in the days so I dunno really? I have too little prior experience to really be able to tell if this is normal or not and yeah, I apologize if I am not all that helpful but this is legit my first lash review ever. ^^"

Super close-ups on one eye:

So yeah, despite me having a hard time getting these pretties to stay on and some individual lashes coming off perhaps a bit too easily, I am satisfied with this pair. It's a really pretty lash pair and I'm happy I took the chance to try these when they were launched. Yes, this review is a bit late, sorry about that. I think I just need more lash wearing practice to make application smoother in the future. xD It's a super cute, elegant pair with a comfortable design and I think these lashes could be very versatile in their use – school, work, parties, special occasions or just for fun!

Oh and yeah, shipping from overseas took about 2 weeks. I can't remember the exact time it took but the shipment was in one of those plastic bags/envelopes.
I've never had any issues dealing with Lensvillage and I'd warmly recommend them to anyone who wants to buy eye fashion products. ^_^ Lensvillage is one of the better known online circle lens stores out there but now they also sell false lashes and I think they had some cosmetics as well. Also, you get free shipping on orders over 40 dollars right now, which is a pretty generous deal! Truth be told I've been raving about them even before I was sponsored (they were my go-to shop already back then, because of good shipping deals and sales) so I really mean it when I say that I totally approve of their store. o/

Thanks for reading and feel free to use discount code 15SHIRO for a discount at
LensVillage! Includes pretty much everything in their store. ;)

~ Shiro Samurai out.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

[Sponsored] Honest Rosegal online shop review!

Hello folks!

It took a while but I've honestly been busy with school and such, you know, hard times. I thought I'd finally get to do the review that I promised on the earlier wishlist post and honestly, this is the first time I'm doing a fashion review so bear with me haha.

So, Rosegal contacted me a while ago and offered a collaboration; I took a quick look at the site and liked it and then I also did some googling, as I always do before I accept an offer. I was really concerned that several sites claimed them to be a scam as being honest is extremely important to me when I do reviews. I was wiggling back and forth for a while before I decided on taking the bait as I'd get a chance to see for my own eyes what they're like.

Kindly note that the items I'm reviewing in this post were sponsored by Rosegal but that ALL opinions and text is my own. I do not compromise my honesty. Ever.


Shipping: I honestly don't remember the exact shipping time at all so I'm gonna refrain from mentioning that as I don't want to be terribly wrong, but it might have been around 2 weeks. Now I need to mention that I searched on their site but couldn't find any information about where they were located prior to agreeing to partner with them, which I thought was pretty weird. I ended up googling and found that they were from China, much to my expectations, and the package also confirmed it when it arrived. The shipment went through the Netherlands and I assume the courier was "PostNL" because that's what the printed label says. Not sure if they shipped from an European warehouse or if they shipped fron China and just repackaged in Europe and took a different carrier.

The package was this kind of light gray plastic bag and inside the items were packaged separately. All the small accessories were in their own small plastic bags and the sweatshirt and the pants were also separate.
I regret to inform that I am 100% sure that I took photos of the package before I opened it but I've checked through my computers, the camera's SD card and everything and they're nowhere to be found! I have no idea where the photos went but if I have to guess I think the files either got corrupted (happens sometimes) or I might have accidentally deleted them when I was making room for more photos.

Products: Rosegal offered me products for a set price total and I ended up picking one sweatshirt, harem pants, two necklaces and a fake leather bracelet. I'll add product links below while I go through each piece of clothing. ^^ Enjoy!

I'm sorry I don't have one of those fashionable
houses and fancy mirrors to take photos on, lmao.
The shirt I got was the Water Drop Printed Crew Neck Sweatshirt (in size L) and I must admit that it's stinking cute! Rosegal's online shop has an insane amount of products for sale, you can literally spend hours just scrolling page after page! Needless to say I had a hard time deciding on what I wanted as there were so many options to choose from. I eventually settled on this adorable whale shirt and I'm so glad that I did – in case you have no idea I'll just mention quickly that I've always been extremely fascinated by the sea, ships, marine life and so on and yeah, whales are no exception. This print is just irresistibly cute and colorful!

Whale print close-up.
The color is a really dark blue and I had a surprise when I saw that the sweatshirt is actually 95% cotton and 5% polyester. I was dead-set on it being polyester as I've come to assume cheap clothing, especially from overseas, always is chemical fibers. It's soft to the touch and comfortable and I was just overall positively surprised. I must mention though that I am not completely convinced that it really is almost fully cotton as the touch of the fabric is a bit, different – it's almost as if the surface could have been processed or treated with something to make it more, err, slippery or silky, I guess. If I wanted to be sure I could always do a burn test but I have no fabric scraps so oh well. Yes, I'm studying to become a tailor and we've recently had a course on how to tell different fabric types apart by burning them and checking how they behave...
I did not spot any poor sewing, weird seams or such – it seemed completely normal. I have not tried washing it yet so I don't know how especially the print will behave; I hope it won't flake, crack or anything.

Shirt worn. Sorry I was a bit tired. x)
This is the kind of clothing that I'd call a "fashion sweater" or "blog sweater", meaning that I wouldn't wear it for full days but mainly for photographing and such, to keep it from deteriorating too fast as I love the cute, water-spouting whale a bit too much for my own good...
The shirt's tag says it's made in China and should be washed in 30°C to prolong its life. I don't expect this kind of alternative fashion clothing to last very long as daily wear and so I use them gently.

The hem is rib knit...
... and so are the sleeve openings.
I got some slight red rashes at the wrists after wearing the sweater for a while, I think it's because the sleeve ribs are a bit tight. The overall fit/pattern is okay but quite snug, even the L size. As an European guy who's below average height (the shirt is marketed for men?) and has a smallish build it's still tight-fitting so yeah, China size it is.

Next up is the pants, which are actually my first harem pants ever. It's the Vintage Geometric Print Casual Harem Pants. Not gonna lie, I've been wanting to buy harem pants for years as I love the look of baggy, slightly eccentric wear. There were several prints to choose from but I picked these mainly because of the color and vintage vibes.

Weirdly enough there is no tush tag at all, meaning I have no idea how to care for these or what material they are and where they've been made. I would assume made in China at least but the feel of the fabric is like medium-weight cotton but the product page claims polyester, which has me confused. Again, a burn test would easily show which one it is but if it really is polyester then damn, that's a good copy. *shrugs* Whatever it is it feels nice and the pants are really roomy.
They actually only come in one size and funnily enough I was concerned that they'd be too small (China size is always a risk) but they are really freaking big, like really. When I first pulled them out you should have seen my face, it was this mix of confusion and horror. xD Like I was sure I'd be able to fit me and my clone in it at the same time, lmao. I'm not kidding, they're really huge! Much bigger than I expected, although I have no previous experience with harem pants so I can't compare with what's usual.

Notice the elastic waistband.
The feet and waist has elastics to keep them in place. There's two butt pockets as well.
These are super easy to wear and will fit quite literally anyone, although I feel like they're a bit on the tall side. I probably could pull them up all the way to my chest if I wanted but that would look hella ridiculous so nuh-uh.
I actually wore these out when I went to visit an outdoor market and I had no problem with biking in them; I thought it would be hazardous because of the super low crotch but it was actually fine. Yes, the crotch seam is of course super low, which makes the typical look of cozy harem pants. Fair warning though that in some unflattering poses/angles it might look like you're wearing a giant diaper for a second, haha.

And now we get to the accessories. I've been a metalhead for most of my life so of course I checked if there were anything cool for my tastes too, as I like both cute and cool stuff. I ended up finding the Punk Faux Leather Wolf Printing Bracelet, a brown fake leather wristband with a wolf design!

It's pretty straightforward and what you'd expect. There's a notable fake leather smell but I actually like the smell, haha. You close it with the typical buckle and strap closure and the whole bracelet feels pretty solid. It's made in China just like almost everything is nowadays although much to my surprise this was actually quite generous in size and adjustable on top of that. This bracelet should fit just fine for most people.

Bracelet laid out flat.
The wolf head print is on both ends so it's pretty sure to be visible. I think it's a pretty rad accessory for punk fans, rockers and others who dig this kind of accessories! It seems durable enough, considering the inexpensive price and so I have no complaints. I'll most likely wear it for concerts and such.

Next is the Artificial Gem Moon Round Pendant Necklace. A moon shaped necklace with a fantasy feeling to it. I actually bought a really similar one years ago from SheIn although I can't find it. I guess I chose this as a reserve in case I lost my original one, as I did like it.

The site says that it's alloy but that seems a bit... unspecific to me? Oh well. The chain's a bit on the short end (can't be pulled over head, at least not for me) and the closure system is the typical one you see on a majority of all necklaces. It closes with no issues, doesn't seem to be flimsy or of poor quality either. It's a beautiful necklace and the blue "galaxy ball" is eye-catching. I don't worry that it would fall apart anytime soon and I feel like it will bring a lot to my outfits whenever I wear it out!

Last but not least we have the PU Leather Anchor Pendant Choker. I know it's meant for women but who the fudge cares? Breaking gender expectations is fun. No but seriously, I picked this because of my marine fascination and yeah, I love anchors. The title says PU leather but that seems wrong to me, to be honest. It seems like fabric and has a soft, velvet-ish touch. It's not leathery at all.

I don't think I've ever owned a choker before but eh, gotta try something new every once in a blue moon! The pendant is super nice, no idea what material it is exactly but I hope that it won't rust. It's made in China too (surprise surprise) and was ultra cheap. For the price I really can't complain, it does it's job, looks nice enough and the closure system is the same as on the moon necklace. It's a bit snug so yeah, good thing I have a small build in this case because even just a slightly wider neck and it would have been unwearable so yeah, on that front it makes sense it's marketed for women.


That about sums it up for this review on what I got from Rosegal and my experiences and impressions! Thank you for reading this far. 

Quality ★★★☆☆
Price  ★★★★★
Value ★★★★☆
Shipping  ★★★☆☆
Customer service ★★★☆☆

Summary: I didn't have any trouble with their service or products at all and I'm happy with what I got! Everything was of generally decent quality (especially considering the price), the kind that you'd expect from inexpensive Asia based fashion shops – if you've bought from SheIn or similar shops you'll know what kind of quality to expect, although it can still vary a lot depending on what exactly you buy. "You get what you pay for" definitely applies.
My general rule of thumb for my own purchases is to focus on casual wear, like t-shirts and such, as that's much more likely to be as advertised and not a potential disappointment if the quality isn't up to par with your expectations. I certainly would think twice before ordering anything that I know is supposed to be expensive (let's say fancier dresses, suits and bridal stuff) but yeah, that's just me.
Also, I can't really say anything about their customer service as I did not have to deal with it.

Overall my experience with Rosegal is a positive one and I'd feel safe dealing with them in the future as well. I don't feel like I got anything of poor quality and even though the prices seem like a "too good to be true" case sometimes, I still feel like they're trustable and deliver products that match the stock images, at least as long as you use some common sense when shopping. I give major points for the absolutely massive selection of goods ranging from wigs and clothes to home decor as well – can't deny it's convenient to have everything in the same place.
I also feel a need to state that I am very well aware that, as a blogger and reviewer, that I'm more likely to be given their best service so yeah, I can't guarantee that they will give that same service to everyone. Any online website is always a risk, unfortunately. But my personal experience is a good one, based on this collaboration and the products that I chose. :)


Thank you for reading. Thank you Rosegal for this opportunity!
Shiro Samurai out.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Rosegal long wishlist!

Hello beauties!

I'll temporarily rise up from the dead as I have a collaboration with Rosegal coming up and I wanted to show you guys some of the neat clothes that they have on their site, in honor of the Rosegal 5th Anniversary. ^^ They sell a lot of different things but I tend to always check the tops (shirts etc) first and hey, they even have a men's section! o/ So yeah, here's my first wishlist with things that I really fancy and yes, it has a focus on shirts.



Octopus Claw and Galaxy Print Drawstring Hoodie

I'm not gonna lie, I'm very drawn to any kind of marine prints. When I was a kid I was crazy about Pokémon and... fishes and crabs. There, I said it. This is probably because my horoscope is Pisces but who knows, I've always been drawn to the sea anyway. Oh well, with that said I absolutely love these green galazy tentacles on this hoodie! I'd seriously wear the shit out of this hoodie, it's so fancy and what's better is that it's available in different colors!

Crew Neck Pirate Print T-shirt

I've always thought that this kind of printed "outfit" shirts were really cool and funky but I've never owned one, yet. I have a long-term fascination with pirates and vikings (both seafarers, possibly related to my marine interest again xD) and I think this honestly looks really rad. I wish I had this one!

3D Blood Wolf Print Men's Casual Short Sleeve Graphic T-shirt

Okay, I love wolves. Like I really do. I have a lot of t-shirts with wolf prints but you can never have too many, right? I think wolves are facinating and really beautiful creatures and I love the silhouette print on this shirt with a wolf howling at a bloodred moon. The red moon makes this shirt extra special to me as I used to go by the nickname "Verikuu" (lit. Bloodmoon) on an old forum that I frequented many many years ago. Yeah, I was that one angsty depressed emo kid with edgy nicknames. Still kinda am, lmao.

Crew Neck 3D Unicorn Print Galaxy Tee

I enjoy galaxy prints, just like a majority of millennials and 90s kids do. I also happen to like unicorns and other fantasy beings and I couldn't care less if your average guy would tell me that that's pretty gay or whatever – besides, it's perfectly fine to be gay! I'd wear this proudly, haters gonna hate but fuck yeah for embracing the feminine side! The print is really cool with the rainbow paint and the unicorn chewing on the shirt, haha.

Slim Fit 3D Warcraft Printed Round Collar Short Sleeves T-Shirt

 I love this sunset aircraft print! The colors are just lovely and despite it having a war theme I really dig it. Now I do agree that war is hell on earth but, on the other hand, I love reading about war history and heroic deeds and such. I also think that airplanes are extra cool and that does probably stem from me playing a lot of U.N. Squadron as a kid (aka Area 88, a Super Nintendo game) and then ending up loving the Area 88 franchise. I'm really fascinated by the concept of flying anyway and the soft pastel colors of this shirt really speaks to me.

Crew Neck Octopus Tentacles Print Tee

More tentacles! Sorry not sorry. I love the black and white color scheme, makes it look intimidating somehow and I swear I am thinking of Kraken when I see this. x) I just love the design, it's simple but yet really eye-catching! Black and white can never go wrong!

Gradient Color Printed Crew Neck T-shirt

Blue is one of my favorite colors and I have a weakness for gradient prints. I just love this because it's... different. As a young teen I had a period when I was fascinated by gemstones (yes, I even wore rings) and I think that part of me is speaking right now, hence why I picked this one out. I just think it's really cool and somehow pleasing to look at – I like how the crystals are so vivid-looking for reflecting light.

Round Neck 3D Logo Batman Print Long Sleeve Men's T-Shirt

The obligatory Batman shirt, because who doesn't love Batman? The caped crusader is definitely one of my favorite superheroes and this cool Batman logo galaxy shirt is awesome too. Simple and nice goes a long way and come on, nerdy shirts are the best!

Men's 3D Double Wolves Printing Short Sleeve T-shirt

More wolves! What can I say except that this is beautiful? I love the contrast and the art. I don't normally like to wear white shirts so much as it's a hard color to wear in the sense that it gets dirty easy and such but yeah, I'd do an exception for this one. It's just lovely.

Dragon Printed Harem Pants

The reason I'm not posting pants on this wishlist is simply because for me buying pants online is a nightmare. I would love to have more stylish bottoms but it's such a challenge to find something that fits and looks good. But hey, I have to admit that I've been wanting to try harem pants for a long time now and because of the elastic waist they'd even save me the hassle of fitting issues, huzzah! I really like the baggy, relaxed look and the Asian-themed print. It's really swag and I'd like this pair in my closet for lazy but stylish days!


Aaaaaand that's the end of my first ever wishlist! :D It was a lot of fun to do and I plan to do many more wishlists in the future. Do you like wishlists? I love window shopping when I'm bored, haha.

Also, if you got interested to buy something from Rosegal you can use the coupon code RGSallys to get the following discounts!

Order over 25$ = 3$ off
Order over 50$ = 7$ off
Order over 80$ = 13$ off
Order over 100$ = 15$ off

Thank you for checking this out and have a nice day! 
I will return with a Rosegal review later so stay tuned for that, yo. o/

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pokémon Ultra Sun for Nintendo 3DS!


Long time no see. I'm not gonna lie – I'm still really busy with school and stressed as fuck. I don't plan to become active again on this blog just yet but yeah, I wanted to show you guys that I've quite recently bought Pokémon Ultra Sun and I'm pretty excited about it. I bought it a few days after the release and that's because I don't want to miss the special Rockruff event that is available via Mystery Gift for early buyers of the game(s). This special Rockruff evolves into its Dusk Form and yeah, I really like Lycanroc so of course I want this special doggo before it's too late.

Here's some photos of the game:

Sealed in original plastic.
It's the Nordic version as I bought it in Finland (price tag is in euro). I haven't started playing yet, I just picked a name and look for my character and saved before the patch of grass that triggers the "choose your starter" cutscenes. I'll go with Popplio this time since I picked Rowlet in Sun.
I did notice already in the very beginning of the game that it's different from Sun/Moon – the world seemed more detailed and bigger? It's gonna be fun to explore the story and Alola again. Although I have yet to complete Sun, lol.

Side... or whatever you call it.
Game cart.
I've read that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be the last core series Pokémon games on 3DS, basically acting as the culmination of the Pokémon series – utilizing the 3DS system to its limits. It's understandable since 3DS has been out for a good many years now but, at the same time, it feels weird to think that the next core games won't be on a traditionally handheld game console. :/ No sorry, I don't count the Switch as a handheld since it feels more like a hybrid home console. I guess if the next main series games will be on the Switch then that's my reason to buy one, hehe...

Thanks for reading my blog! Now I'll disappear into the darkness for some more time... 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

I got a new apartment!

Hello hello ~

The title pretty much says it all – after more than 4 years I'm finally moving to a bigger apartment!? I'm so happy to be moving soon and I actually have less than two weeks to pack all my belongings and leave for my new home! I'll have plenty of room for both me and my future fur babies, can't wait. ♥ Yes, I'll get a kitten soon and he's so cute, ahhh. >3< Check out my Instagram for photos ~
I've been living in such a ridiculously small apartment for so long that I'm more than sick and tired of it but yeah, I'll spare you the depressing rant of how living in such a crammed place really affects your mental health in the long run. ^^" Needless to say I can't wait until I get the keys in my hand, whoop-de-doo! o/


And this is completely unrelated... but I found this fun site where you could make a list of all your favorite Pokémon listed by type and of course I did one! Some choices were really hard because of multiple favorites in the specific typing while others were really easy and some were like "but I don't have a clear favorite in this type group", lol.

Make your own here: http://www.cpokemon.com/seccion/herramientas/tipos/en/
I don't have any big favorites in Fighting, Poison, Ground nor Ghost so neither of those mons are high up on my favorites list but oh well, you have to pick something. Oh and yeah, I love Metapod. xD
My hardest choice was Fire because a lot of my top favorites are Fire type: Ninetales, Arcanine, Houndoom, Entei, Flareon, Rapidash, Moltres...

That's about it for this quick post, I'll post more once I move in and get my stuff sorted. So excited!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pokémon TCG blisters galore!

Hello peeps!

So I was at Närcon this past weekend and a majority of my con purchases consisted of Pokémon cards, oops. xD I bought two blisters from the con and one during our car trip down from a toy store (the Rayquaza one). Without much further ado I'll just post the photos!

Rayquaza XY Steam Siege blister pack.
Backside of the Rayquaza blister.
Yveltal and Xerneas blister packs.
The backsides.
I completely missed the Yveltal and Xerneas blisters when they were out in the "ordinary market", so to say. I bought them from Närcon from a seller who had mixed blister packs (mainly those with pins though), loose Sun & Moon base set boosters and random newer card singles. I didn't find any interesting card singles but I was tempted buy some of the pin blisters, mainly the ones with the bird trio and the beast trio designs.

So many boosters!
Despite the amount of boosters I mainly got crap; I'm so disappointed. :'( I was hoping for some good pulls but I kinda feel like that the only good thing I got was the Full Art (shiny) Mega Steelix EX...?

The foil promo cards: Yveltal, Rayquaza and Xerneas.
And here's my pulls pictured below.
I'm only showing the reverse holo and the rare card of each pack.

What even is this?
This sums up everything I feel right now.
And before anyone asks, yes, I legit got both of those Toxicroaks in the same fucking booster. >_> Meaning I got a non-holo rare and a reverse holo of the same exact card. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry... and then I got a third one in another pack, complete with a reverse holo Tangrowth to boot – one of my most hated Pokémons ever. ._. Wanna know why? Story time: you see, back when the Platinum Arceus TCG was the newest set I used to buy loose blisters in hopes of getting Arceus cards (I collect Arceus merchandise) and I literally pulled not one, not two, but three fucking Tangrowth Lv.X cards and it was the only Lv.X card I ever got from the set by my own hands. I was so fucking fed up with those and would probably have wiped my ass with that overgrown blue spaghetti monster had they not been Lv.X cards. So yeah, ever since then I've hated Tangrowth even more. :) Same thing goes for Tangela, it's following me everywhere too. #cursed

Whyyyyy did I have to get holo Clefairy? I already have it!!
I already got holo Ninetales earlier but it's reverse holo so it's fine. That freaking Farfetch'd though, what a dud. So many duds, to be honest. I was actually watching the online code cards at the end of each pack and just exclaiming my frustration to the world before I even went through the cards because yeah, you can (seemingly) tell from the online codes' design if you got a dud pack or not... :))

Full Art M Steelix EX. The only legit good pull.
So yeah, am I right in saying that this was pretty bad luck on my side? I'm not very knowledgeable about the value of the newer cards since I haven't been collecting actively since gen 3 and 4 cards came to an end. I must say that I'm surprisingly happy about the reverse holo Ponyta though, I always liked Ponyta and the artwork is pretty too.

That's all I have to say for this time. Now I'm praying that my unopened Volcanion box is good, which I'll also of course show here on my blog!