Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pokémon Ultra Sun for Nintendo 3DS!


Long time no see. I'm not gonna lie – I'm still really busy with school and stressed as fuck. I don't plan to become active again on this blog just yet but yeah, I wanted to show you guys that I've quite recently bought Pokémon Ultra Sun and I'm pretty excited about it. I bought it a few days after the release and that's because I don't want to miss the special Rockruff event that is available via Mystery Gift for early buyers of the game(s). This special Rockruff evolves into its Dusk Form and yeah, I really like Lycanroc so of course I want this special doggo before it's too late.

Here's some photos of the game:

Sealed in original plastic.
It's the Nordic version as I bought it in Finland (price tag is in euro). I haven't started playing yet, I just picked a name and look for my character and saved before the patch of grass that triggers the "choose your starter" cutscenes. I'll go with Popplio this time since I picked Rowlet in Sun.
I did notice already in the very beginning of the game that it's different from Sun/Moon – the world seemed more detailed and bigger? It's gonna be fun to explore the story and Alola again. Although I have yet to complete Sun, lol.

Side... or whatever you call it.
Game cart.
I've read that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be the last core series Pokémon games on 3DS, basically acting as the culmination of the Pokémon series – utilizing the 3DS system to its limits. It's understandable since 3DS has been out for a good many years now but, at the same time, it feels weird to think that the next core games won't be on a traditionally handheld game console. :/ No sorry, I don't count the Switch as a handheld since it feels more like a hybrid home console. I guess if the next main series games will be on the Switch then that's my reason to buy one, hehe...

Thanks for reading my blog! Now I'll disappear into the darkness for some more time... 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I'll take a break...

Hello hello ~

I'm gonna be honest. I don't have the energy nor time to manage several blogs right now (I have three) and so I'm temporarily gonna put all, except my cosplay blog, on a break until my life situation has calmed down a bit. My kimono blog has been quiet for quite some time now anyway. Truth is that I'm extremely stressed by school and some other real life matters right now and my anxiety has been getting worse lately as well. I'm tired and am struggling with deadlines and motivation...

Everything is shit right now.
Another contributing factor to my lack of online presence is the fact that I pretty much don't have working internet at my new apartment. Right now I'm at my mom's and that's why I can even write this post, lol. My mobile internet works as soon as I go out in town and that's the reason I am at least somewhat active on Twitter and Instagram and why I can play Pokémon Go – I recommend you follow me on those two social medias if you want to know what's up meanwhile my lifestyle blog will be on ice. Twitter is mostly video game ramblings while Instagram is for random aesthetic life photos and how I'm doing etc.

I have also gotten a new family member, a little kitten named Kili. Just check out my Instagram for cat news and photos for now since I really don't have the energy to blog about it as well. I might do a post about my cat life later on, whenever I get working home internet and feel better, but that won't be until next year at the earliest. Sorry.

I hope you can understand that I need to prioritize in life to get somewhere right now and I choose to do things this way, this time. Thank you for reading and see you later. 

And no, this is not a "this blog is dead" post, this just means that I'll take a break until January or such. I'll be back.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

I got a new apartment!

Hello hello ~

The title pretty much says it all – after more than 4 years I'm finally moving to a bigger apartment!? I'm so happy to be moving soon and I actually have less than two weeks to pack all my belongings and leave for my new home! I'll have plenty of room for both me and my future fur babies, can't wait. ♥ Yes, I'll get a kitten soon and he's so cute, ahhh. >3< Check out my Instagram for photos ~
I've been living in such a ridiculously small apartment for so long that I'm more than sick and tired of it but yeah, I'll spare you the depressing rant of how living in such a crammed place really affects your mental health in the long run. ^^" Needless to say I can't wait until I get the keys in my hand, whoop-de-doo! o/


And this is completely unrelated... but I found this fun site where you could make a list of all your favorite Pokémon listed by type and of course I did one! Some choices were really hard because of multiple favorites in the specific typing while others were really easy and some were like "but I don't have a clear favorite in this type group", lol.

Make your own here:
I don't have any big favorites in Fighting, Poison, Ground nor Ghost so neither of those mons are high up on my favorites list but oh well, you have to pick something. Oh and yeah, I love Metapod. xD
My hardest choice was Fire because a lot of my top favorites are Fire type: Ninetales, Arcanine, Houndoom, Entei, Flareon, Rapidash, Moltres...

That's about it for this quick post, I'll post more once I move in and get my stuff sorted. So excited!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pokémon TCG blisters galore!

Hello peeps!

So I was at Närcon this past weekend and a majority of my con purchases consisted of Pokémon cards, oops. xD I bought two blisters from the con and one during our car trip down from a toy store (the Rayquaza one). Without much further ado I'll just post the photos!

Rayquaza XY Steam Siege blister pack.
Backside of the Rayquaza blister.
Yveltal and Xerneas blister packs.
The backsides.
I completely missed the Yveltal and Xerneas blisters when they were out in the "ordinary market", so to say. I bought them from Närcon from a seller who had mixed blister packs (mainly those with pins though), loose Sun & Moon base set boosters and random newer card singles. I didn't find any interesting card singles but I was tempted buy some of the pin blisters, mainly the ones with the bird trio and the beast trio designs.

So many boosters!
Despite the amount of boosters I mainly got crap; I'm so disappointed. :'( I was hoping for some good pulls but I kinda feel like that the only good thing I got was the Full Art (shiny) Mega Steelix EX...?

The foil promo cards: Yveltal, Rayquaza and Xerneas.
And here's my pulls pictured below.
I'm only showing the reverse holo and the rare card of each pack.

What even is this?
This sums up everything I feel right now.
And before anyone asks, yes, I legit got both of those Toxicroaks in the same fucking booster. >_> Meaning I got a non-holo rare and a reverse holo of the same exact card. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry... and then I got a third one in another pack, complete with a reverse holo Tangrowth to boot – one of my most hated Pokémons ever. ._. Wanna know why? Story time: you see, back when the Platinum Arceus TCG was the newest set I used to buy loose blisters in hopes of getting Arceus cards (I collect Arceus merchandise) and I literally pulled not one, not two, but three fucking Tangrowth Lv.X cards and it was the only Lv.X card I ever got from the set by my own hands. I was so fucking fed up with those and would probably have wiped my ass with that overgrown blue spaghetti monster had they not been Lv.X cards. So yeah, ever since then I've hated Tangrowth even more. :) Same thing goes for Tangela, it's following me everywhere too. #cursed

Whyyyyy did I have to get holo Clefairy? I already have it!!
I already got holo Ninetales earlier but it's reverse holo so it's fine. That freaking Farfetch'd though, what a dud. So many duds, to be honest. I was actually watching the online code cards at the end of each pack and just exclaiming my frustration to the world before I even went through the cards because yeah, you can (seemingly) tell from the online codes' design if you got a dud pack or not... :))

Full Art M Steelix EX. The only legit good pull.
So yeah, am I right in saying that this was pretty bad luck on my side? I'm not very knowledgeable about the value of the newer cards since I haven't been collecting actively since gen 3 and 4 cards came to an end. I must say that I'm surprisingly happy about the reverse holo Ponyta though, I always liked Ponyta and the artwork is pretty too.

That's all I have to say for this time. Now I'm praying that my unopened Volcanion box is good, which I'll also of course show here on my blog!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

More Pokémon Sun & Moon TCG!


After the Solgaleo GX tin I got up my interest for the Sun & Moon cards and, one day when I was in a local food store, I decided to go check out what Pokémon cards they had. In this particular store the Pokémon TCG is located in the same place were all the children's toys etc are so yeah, it's a bit weird to walk in there because I'm so used to the cards always being near the cashiers or next to the magazines and manga pockets.

I was surprised to find that this food store, aka Ica Maxi in Sweden, was selling those big TCG portfolios (aka binders) for only 60 SEK when they're normally sold for more than the double, pretty much triple the price! Of course I grabbed one with me because why the heck not? :D It has Tapu Koko and Alolan Ninetales artwork on it too, it's nice! I also splurged and bought one of the blister packs too because it was a bit cheaper as well.

TCG Portfolio front featuring Tapu Koko.
TCG Portfolio back featuring Alolan Ninetales.
And some photos of the blister pack too, while I'm at it:

Vikavolt blister pack with Guardians Rising expansion theme.
Backside of the blister pack.
The blister pack I bought included a Vikavolt foil promo card, a Metagross design play coin, a code for the Pokémon TCG online game and three Sun & Moon set Guardians Rising boosters.

All of the contents laid out.
I always try to open booster packs carefully because I like collecting the empty packs because of the pretty artwork. The only one of these that I managed to get the cards out of without ripping it in any way was the Ninetales one (which was my fav so I'm happy it survived lol). Is it just me or has the booster pack material gotten, err, flimsier over the years? They always seem to tear along the middle back when I open the "flaps", no matter how carefully I do it – I remember that the older boosters rarely did that.

And here's my pulls pictured below. I'm only showing the reverse holo and the rare card of each pack, by the way.

My rare and reverse holo pulls from each booster.
I guess it's decent pulls but I'm a bit meh since I never really cared for trainer cards, lol. I'm more of a collector than a player, although I'm interested in learning to play TCG properly. I like the holo Mudsdale though so it's not too shabby. ^^ Although I must mention that I hate Probopass and I don't know why the fuck those Pokémons that I really dislike keep popping up for me everywhere?! xD Like when I scanned my first QR code in my Pokémon Sun game I got a frekkin' Tangela and it's one of my most hated Pokémons ever – I just never liked it, at all. Like, of all possible Pokémons I have to get Tangela first. :)))) 100% True story. The game was messing with me, I swear.

That's all for this time. Thanks for reading my blog!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pokémon TCG: Legends of Alola Solgaleo GX Tin

Hello guys!

Lately I've been getting back my interest in collecting Pokémon TCG again. I've been going a bit on and off with it ever since the Gen 3 and Gen 4 cards era came to an end but yeah, knowing me I can't completely quit it since Pokémon was such a major part of my childhood (both the cards and the games). It's incredibly hard to completely let go off something that had such a massive impact on who I am today and, honestly, I just love the thrill and excitement of opening boosters, okay? x)

For not so long ago I splurged and bought one of those new Pokémon TCG: Legends of Alola Tins (aka Spring 2017 Tins), namely the one with Solgaleo because it's my favorite of the two. I might get Lunala later, we'll see.

Solgaleo GX Tin, sealed.
The tin's design is really nice, I like the colors and everything. I'm really hoping for good pulls although I tend to have bad luck with tins in general. Here's to hoping!

But before I open the tin, here's some detail photos!

Solgaleo GX tin, front.
Solgaleo GX tin, sideview.
Solgaleo GX tin, sideview.
Solgaleo GX tin, back.
And now it's time to dig into the contents, I'm way too excited, haha!
I'm not yet super fond of the redesign of how the Sun & Moon cards look, especially when compared to the earlier sets but oh well, I guess I'll get used to them soon enough. The holofoil is weird. xD I'm such an old-school guy when it comes to Pokémon TCG, haha.

Here's what's inside the tin:

Solgaleo GX card!
All of the tin's contents laid out.
As you can see there's the Solgaleo GX foil promo card, an online code for Pokémon TCG and then 4 different booster packs. There's one XY BREAKthrough, one XY Evolutions and two Sun & Moon base set boosters.

And then it was time to open the boosters – the best part! :D I must say that I think I got some pretty rad pulls! I mean seriously, look at the photo below! I'm only showing the reverse holo and the rare card of each pack, by the way. Most people don't really care for the commons and uncommons.

My rare and reverse holo pulls from the boosters.
I'm so freaking happy I got holo Ninetales from the XY Evolutions booster, it's one of my all-time favorite Pokémon cards (base set cards bring me back to my childhood!) and also one of my top favorite Pokémons as well! ;A; Also, that Mega Mewtwo EX is pretty intense.
The only "dud pack" was the one with the non-holo Butterfree rare but oh well, no big deal at this point. I'm surprised I even got this good pulls because, as I said, I tend to get pulls that are nowhere near worth the money I paid for the damn thing lol.

So yeah, that's it for this post! Stay tuned for more Pokémon TCG posts coming up!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hejdå, mina sista gamla svenska sedlar!

// Sorry, this post is only gonna be in Swedish. //

Hej alla!

Detta må kännas som ett onödigt inlägg för dom flesta men jag är en sentimental jävel som redan nu har börjat utveckla en "det var bättre förr"-gubbattityd. :) Är detta nånting som hör till att vara bitter nittiotalist, haha? Nej men seriöst, som dom flesta vet så har de svenska pengarna bytts ut under de senaste åren till dessa nya... monopolpengar. Alla sedlar och alla mynt har bytts ut – med 10-kronan som det enda undantaget. Tack och lov för det, åtminstone nånting gammalt blir kvar...

Jag kommer nog aldrig att tycka om dom nya pengarna, to be honest. Tycker bara att de är så himla fula och ser ut som leksakspengar. Tur i oturen är väl att vi går hela tiden mot ett kontantlöst samhälle så jag slipper se dom dumma glatt färgade selfielapparna överallt, haha. Snubben på den gröna sedeln har ju en pedomusche dessutom.
Jag minns när jag såg en artikel om pengabytet första gången på Facebook, långt innan den trädde i kraft, och hur jag bara satt där och tänkte "snälla säg att det här är en fejknyhet." men så kom dagen då det hela blev offentligt och jag fick t.o.m. en lapp hem i brevlådan om det. Då blev man ju faktiskt lite ledsen i ögat. :'( 
Såklart vet jag att våra svenska pengar har bytts ut flera gånger redan innan jag föddes men jah, när man levt hela sitt liv med just dessa Selma Lagerlöf och Carl von Linné värdelappar så känns det overkligt när de sen en dag inte är värda mer än pappret de tryckts på. Alla minnen från barndomen när man fick godispengar från pappa under sommarlovet och sprang till närmsta kiosken, när en gammal familjebekant alltid tejpade fast en Carl von Linné-lapp i insidan på lösgodispåsen när man var på besök hos honom och så vidare... ♥

Så idag cyklade jag igenom hela stan för att hitta en insättningsautomat att lägga in mina sista gamla sedlar i – födelsedagspengar från farsan sen ett par år sen. Den 30 juni blir dom ogiltiga så hade lite bråttom att bli av med dem då jag inte vill bli 1500 spänn fattigare och typ ingen affär tog emot dem längre. Det visade sig att det fanns bara en automat i hela jävla stan visserligen, och den var i Ica Maxi. 
När jag klev av cykeln och plockade fram plånboken så slog det mig att jag aldrig mer kommer att se, äga, känna eller handla med dessa sedlar nån mer. Då var man ju tvungen att föreviga dem, för min egen skull.

Hejdå mina sista gamla sedlar...
Jag kommer att sakna er. ;_; ♥
När jag gick fram till automaten och sedelluckan öppnades så var det faktiskt legit svårt att sätta in pengarna dit. När jag tryckt på "fortsätt" och luckan stängdes så var det ännu värre. Där gick min barndom liksom. :< Ut kom ett kvitto att jag lagt in 1500 kr på kontot och så gick jag hem med en plånbok fylld av tomhet och kvitton. Kändes rätt tomt inombords också.

Jag är totally den typen som övertänker allt och så blir jag känslomässig av nästan allt också, särskilt om det är något som varit med en lång tid. Jag minns när jag var liten så var det den bästa dagen i mitt liv när jag fick en femhundralapp, det var så extremt mycket pengar då – jag kunde ju köpa ett nytt tv-spel för det, hela livet! Men sen så blev man "vuxen" och då behövde man börja göra tråkiga vuxengrejer som att betala räkningar, hyi vittu.

Jag minns första dagen jag såg en ny sedel in real life – det var på min arbetsplats, i biografen. Någon kund betalade med den nya 50-lappen och fy fan vilket liv det blev hos personalen sedan. "Kom och kolla, det är en ny sedel, har du sett? :D" lät det och hela tillhörande raddan. Men vi alla skrattade och sa att de såg ut som låtsaspengar. Men sedan kom det fler. Det var bara att vänja sig, alltmedan dom gamla pengarna sakta försvann. 
Tur för mig så har jag åtminstone lagt undan och sparat en hel drös enkronor hemma, särskilt dom äldre som är potentiella silvermynt och sen några som jag tror är speciella/ovanligare utgåvor. Dom får ligga och bli värdefulla med tiden och sedan nånting jag kan vissa framtidens avkommor att "såna här hade vi när jag var liten...", hehe. Har sparat gamla 50-öringar också, både dom bruna och silvriga!

Och så till sist så vill jag avsluta med denna härliga video:


Jag kommer vara den arga bittra lilla mannen ett tag till – och det får jag lov att vara. Tillsvidare får den oförändrade 10-kronan bli min nya religion och sista vän i kassans växellåda. För sanningen är att jag är just den människan som inte säger något men som innerst inne blir lite extra besviken när något jag minns från barndomen får nytt utseende, särskilt muminläskens etikett.

Hej hopp, gummisnopp!