Monday, May 22, 2017

Pokémon TCG: Mythical Collection Arceus


For quite some time now I've been looking for this particular Pokémon TCG box and I couldn't find it anywhere. All the physical stores that I visited had sold out (it's not the newest release) and I had to resort to using eBay's magical world because I couldn't find it in any online shop in Sweden/Finland either, except perhaps gravely overpriced. You see, I've been collecting Pokémon cards ever since the first ones came out and there's some particular Pokémons that I collect more than others – Arceus is one of them. I also collect the legendary bird trio, Latias and Latios and some others; it's mainly those that are high up on my favorite list.

Front of the package.
Back of the package.
I found a British eBay seller who had it for a decent price and, even more importantly, a cheap shipping cost. I could have ordered it from USA too but I don't want to risk getting customs right now since I don't have so much money to play around with.

This is one of those numerous Mythical Collection boxes that were released to celebrate 20 years of Pokémon. The Arceus box is the only one I got (at least for now) since Arceus is my favorite of the mythical monsters. 
All the TCG Mythical Collection boxes come with a special promo Full Art holofoil card, two Generations TCG booster packs and a collectable pin. There is also a code for the online TCG game and a little leaflet promoting the mythical Pokémon event (for Nintendo 3DS games) that has ended by now – it was running during a majority of 2016 and you could receive a mythical legendary to your X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire Pokémon games approximately once a month. I of course took part in the campaign and got myself some good shit because yeah, all you needed to do was to use Mystery Gift in the game and download the Pokémons (requires internet).

Top of the package.
Underside of the package.
One of the sides of the package (they were identical, save for placement).
I paid approximately 150 SEK for it, plus shipping. It's a bit cheaper than the recommended price, from what I've seen around here. Not like I complain!

There was no way to open the box without completely ruining it (or at least I didn't see a more gentle option) and so I had to rip it open at the sides to get to the contents. I'm that kind of person who tries to open stuff as carefully as possible, for some reason. :'D

Arceus card. It's pretty. ♥
Contents laid out, excluding the online TCG code.
Other side of the leaflet.
I considered using the other side of the leaflet (the one with the mythical Pokémon art) as a small poster and framing it, but we'll see. The size is decent enough to make it worthwhile and I like the looks of it and yeah, seeing how it's a 20 years celebration thingy I kinda want to do something with it, haha.

I'm really loving the Arceus collector's pin that came with the box! It's well-made for being so small (it's only approx. 2-3 cm in height) and the backside is fancy with a pokéball design. On the backside of the pin there's the usual trademark info and where it was made and when (aka 2016), you know, as well as a text stating "official pin". It's legit, in other words.

Exclusive Arceus pin, front.
Exclusive Arceus pin, front.
As I said earlier the box contains two boosters from the Generations Trading Card Game expansion. The booster art is random but I happened to get a Venusaur and a Blastoise design. I actually got Venusaur ex from the Blastoise pack so that was pretty sweet! The Venusaur pack had a non-holo rare but at least it was a Pokémon that I really like so I wasn't disappointed. It was Rapidash, if I remember right (and if someone wonders). ^^

Front of my booster packs that came with the box.
That's about all I had to say. More geeky purchase posts coming later!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A quick trip to southern Finland

Hello people!

Last weekend I went for a quick trip to southern Finland and, to be more exact, the Satakunta region. I went there to help out my friend Firith with a Japanese culture event in Eura's library but while there I also did some other stuff and had a good time. ^^

I started my trip southwards on Thursday, 20th April. I woke up early as shit on the morning, took my belongings and walked to the bus station on the other side of town. The bus took me to Oulu and there I stepped into another bus, Onnibus, where I'd sit for the next 8+ hours. I managed to grab a seat in the far back of the bus, which meant that I could lower the seat without having to worry that the person behind me would get angry, lol.
17:35 local time the bus arrived at Rauma, where Firith picked me up. He had told me that to recognize Rauma I should look for a stream flowing through the city and a Prisma and Citymarket really close to one another, but all I had time to see was McDonald's and a church, lol. Also, for some unknown reason I always imagined that his Ford Mondeo was red but it's actually a kind of weird sand-colored car, I don't know. xD We put my stuff in the car and walked over to the Hesburger before we left Rauma. I hadn't eaten since like 04:00 on the morning/night (non-stop sitting in a bus) and was really hungry. Fuck yeah cheeseburgers!

After the burgers Firith had some kind of boxing practice at a nearby gym and so we headed there. The car trip there wasn't ordinary though. You see, on our way there we ended up in a close encounter with a couple mooses – a female moose suddenly crossed the road a few meters in front of us, with a second younger one staying in the trench. Pikkasen kuumotti. Thank lord the calf(?) didn't follow or it would have bombed into the flank of the car. It's not like the first time it happens to me but it's always scary because mooses are some big-ass animals... and I'm not badass like Masa.
But yeah, we got to the gym in one piece, including the car. Firith started his practice while I basically just sat in a corner and watched him punch people meanwhile old Nightwish songs were blasting from the speakers and I was singing them from memory. It was the Century Child CD, which I hadn't listen to for probably close to 10 years and, even though I couldn't remember all of the song names I still remembered a fair chunk of the lyrics – memory is an amazing thing.

Once we finally got to Firith's place I dropped my stuff upstairs and I think the remainder of the day we just talked randoms and went to sleep. I got to sleep on his bed while he took the couch because it's so narrow. Good thing, because even in the bed I tossed around so much in my sleep that I hit down several items that were lying on the bedside table. Twice. I sleep like a starfish, don't judge me. :'D 

On Friday morning we prepped for the event and later on Firith took me to a nearby stable, as promised. I didn't know what to expect but it was really chill and fun. I'm just guessing but it was a small stable with some ponies so I assume it might have been owned by his friend, whom we picked up on the way. I had never met this friend before but she was really easy to talk to and really funny!

Firith's friend's dogs. Nakkeja.
We got to the small stable and I watched Firith and his friend brush and feed two of the ponies. I had never been so close to a horse –or a pony– before. That horse smell though. The ponies still had their winter coats on, if I recall right, and I actually tried touching them carefully and... I must say that they were a lot softer than what I had thought. ;_; So fluffy!
I feel dumb for not realizing back then that I maybe should have taken a photo of the ponies but oh well, no can do now. I did take a photo of one of the two stable cats; they were both surprsisingly social and really cute. I'm starting to really like cats. One of them just walked up to me, laid down and did this:

I need attention, meow ~
So stinking cute. ;_; This cat doesn't seem to have any survival instincts at times though – he laid down lazily right behind the pony and the pony was backing and hitting the ground with its hooves!
The other cat I don't have any pictures of but he also had a striped coat except that some parts of his body were completely white, really cute as well. This second cat also came and stroked/bumped my feet with his head, aww!

Once Firith and his friend were done grooming the ponies Firith's friend suddenly told me to sit in the wagon/cart thingy that she had attached to the pony. I was like "whaaaat? o.o" because I had not been told anything before we got to the stable. :'D I'm not sure if this was meant to be a surprise or if it was spontaneous but I must say that it was awesome to be pulled by a horse pony.
10 out of 10, would ride again.

And off we go!
We rode through open plains and a forest path in different horse gaits. The weather was nice and the whole experience was amazing and so relaxing. ♥ I want to do it again! I've always liked horses anyway and, at one point when I was really young, I wanted to take riding classes but it was too expensive. 

After the stable episode Firith took me for a quick visit to another one of his friends.  When we got back to his home we watched an episode of Vain elämää, mainly because it was Olli Lindholm's ('s singer and front man) day and I've liked their music since I was a kid. Both my parents like so I grew up with their songs, haha. 
At some point we went to meet Gure and on the same go we decided to go to this one "haunted house". Firith and Gure told me some experiences they had of this old house (I think it belonged to Gure's grandma or something, not sure) and it felt a bit spooky when we got there. It was dark and this house was on a field in the middle of nowhere. You could tell that they both were nervous about entering but we had to go there because they needed to cut a wig for the event and we had no other place we could do this in. As soon as the lights were on I didn't feel uneasy or threatened by anything – it just felt and looked like any other house that smelled like old people. There were even cookies in the pantry!
Then again, they both told me that the scary stuff happens after midnight and we were there earlier on the evening/night. I don't remember if it was Firith or Gure who said that they had heard scraping/clawing noises behind the walls after midnight etc... Spoopy time, bitch! :D

The remainder of the night me and Firith spent playing some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. He's quite new to the game franchise (and to console gaming in general) so I helped him out and did the whole MonHun senpai thing. xD

On Saturday we were busy with Euran mangapäivä (Eura's manga day), the Japanese culture event I mentioned. It was a 4-hour event and I worked there as a photographer and also acted as a second judge for the cosplay contest. I won't talk much about the event because, if you are interested, you can read about it over at my cosplay blog. ^^

Beautiful old dress on display at the library. Kansallispuku?
edit: se on Euran kansallispuku, "Euran emännän puku". :)
After the event we went to buy a pizza and back at Firith's home I started to get my stuff in order because I'd had to leave the same night; couldn't really afford to stay extra because I have school waiting for me. I had a night bus so we had some time to hang out and we played some more Monster Hunter and talked randoms for the remaining hours.

My bus left from Rauma at 22:55. Sleeping on a bus is so damn hard and thus, once I arrived at Oulu 07:05 on Sunday morning, I looked like the remains of a zombie apocalypse. My train to Kemi wouldn't leave until 12:27 and so I ended up walking to the train station (one of the few places open on Sunday morning) and there I spurgu'd for a couple hours. For those not in the know, the word "spurgu" is Finnish slang for a drunk and/or homeless man and sometimes they can be found sleeping at train stations and the like. So yeah, I got my first spurgu experience and it was... interesting. xD
Good thing the train station was mostly empty so early on the morning and I managed to sleep a couple hours before noisy people started gathering. Once it got too busy I got up and left for centrum to kill some time. I headed for Valkea shopping center and luckily the doors were open so I could sit there and wait, although all the shops seemed closed and like they wouldn't open until 11:00. I had to wait one hour before anything opened and I really needed to pee. I didn't want to pay 1 € to pee at the train station when there's free toilets in Valkea, lol.

I went to the toy store as soon as I was done in the bathroom. Nostalgy bit me and I bought some Pokémon TCG cards and then I had to start walking back to the train station again.

This was the only XY Evolutions themed blister pack left.
I opened it a couple days later at home (the suspense!) and I got a reverse foil Magikarp and holofoil Gyarados in the same booster! xD Opening these boosters felt so nostalic because it's like a upgraded rerelease of the very first Pokémon trading cards – the cards are otherwise updated but the original artwork from the very first cards is kept the same. The damage dealt by the attacks etc have been updated to be playable with the current TCG standards but oh my lord, just being able to buy and see the original cards in a new updated package, with the old holofoil etc is really something cool. ;_; I need to get more of these Evolution boosters...

Before my train to Kemi came I sat and waited for it outside at track 3 in the station. I noticed that in the distance there was an extra fancy VR train cart...

We are all pieces of art. ♥
I've never seen one like that before! All the other carts on the same train were normal. I wonder if there's more of them on other trains around Finland...


Okay, so that's pretty much all that I had to say. 
I might have forgotten to mention something but oh well. xD I got back home safely and it was a fun, albeit short, trip.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Self-made dog print jersey pants!

Hello hello ~

The past week I celebrated Easter at mom's and, while there, I continued working on my cosplay projects... but I also sewed something else this time. A couple days ago, on last Monday, I quickly made some comfy home lounging pants in a cute dog jersey fabric before going back home to my apartment. The fabric is from mom's former fabric store and it's so freaking adorable. ♥ ;A; We had the fabric in two different colors – red and blue. I went with blue this time.

Close-up of the print.
These only took like approximately an hour to make. Made them from a simple pants pattern and sewed the pieces together with a serger. Gotta love sergers. The finishing I had to do with a normal sewing machine (folding the pant legs). The top part of the pants is just a gray rib knit fabric. Oh and yeah, I didn't make any pockets – couldn't be bothered, lol.

Dog jersey pants!
There's always something different and fun about making your own clothes – you can be sure that no one else will have the same thing! I want to make even more everyday clothes in the future, especially alternative fashion styled – it would be so rad.

These are so smooth and comfy to wear around the house and could just as well be used as pyjama pants, if wanted. I can't get over the "London dog" print, as mom called it – it's just so precious with small cute dogs in all possible directions! Yes, I love dogs.

That's all for this quick post!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Stratovarius in Tornio's new Club Teatria!

Hello peeps!

This post is a tad late but my computer has been acting up lately; I'm currently waiting to get a new one because this old Mac is really worn and tired by now. ^^" But yeah, I went to see Stratovarius for the second time – yes, I've actually seen this world famous power metal band once before in Kemi, Finland, some years ago. Now they came to Tornio's newly opened Club Teatria and of course I went there because it's not far from me! 

Stratovarius singer and front man, Timo Kotipelto.
The concert was held on Saturday the 25th March. I went there a bit after the doors had opened (20:00 local time) but they didn't start playing until a bit past 21:30 so I had some time to spare. I went to sit down in one of the bars to kill some time; now I'm not really a drinker per se but I've started to like rum, fruity ciders and certain candy-ish liquors. 
I feel like sharing this one experience because it legit annoyed the piss out of me. :) You see, I bought a Captain & Coke (rum and coke drink) and yes, this was my first time ever ordering a drink from a bar. Now I of course didn't quite know what to expect, save for that it's expensive (7,50 €). The person ordering a long drink before me got asked if they wanted it with ice or not. I thought that "okay, cool" and went ahead and ordered. But before I had time to react to anything the woman doing the drinks had already shoved my glass full with 5+ bigass ice cubes. She didn't ask me if I wanted ice, which I assumed she would do because she asked the previous customer. So yeah, moderately annoyed I tried to say that I would have wanted the drink without ice because I have major problems with my teeth aching from drinking/eating cold things – but because I'm such a meek and humble person I just ended up being a doormat instead (bad self-confidence from school years etc, go figure) and kinda went with it. *shoots self* I wanted to complain seriously but I just... couldn't. I hate myself. I told her that I expected her to ask me too because she asked the previous person but all she answered was a flirty "you'll get the next one without ice~ ;)". I was just... baffled. Okay, now she couldn't have known but I don't drink much, one drink is more than good enough for me so it wouldn't do a difference. Why didn't she just apologize and take out the ice cubes?? Well, probably because it's a cheap way to "fill the glass" and fool the customer to pay more for less.
It probably wouldn't annoy me as much as it did if I hadn't been a poor student with cold-sensitive teeth (I always try to get drinks without ice, even soda) but yeah, now it did because I feel like I got unfair customer service. :/ So yeah, dunno what I'm trying to say with this but it just... bothered me. I don't think I'll go back there anytime soon...

Concert ticket.
Cost 30 € from the door, 28 € if pre-ordered online.
Before Stratovarius started playing I went to the bathroom; I really don't want to have that urgent need to pee in the middle of a good song. It has happened to me before and it sucks because yeah, if you have a good spot then you'll definitely lose it once you leave your place.
But hey, now a fun story! Or well, fun for me but probably not so fun for the one it happened to. :-DD Okay so, when I was in the bathroom I overheard how the guy in the stall next to me was trying to vomit. Like, the whole it's-coming-but-it's-not-coming thing, he kept spitting and gagging and I was there thinking like "what the heck dude, Strato hasn't even started playing yet and you're already drunk?". Self-control is a good thing, yo.

It's impossible to get all the band members into one single photo.
Okay so, a bit past 21:30 the concert started. I don't remember so well what songs they played and I didn't recognize all of them. ^^" I know the popular songs but otherwise I'm a rather casual-ish fan of the band. I mean, I do like them a lot (Timo Kotipelto is a metal god!) but I just haven't gotten familiar much of their stuff yet. I have so many bands I still need to check out, dammit. I've heard songs especially from the Polaris release and, possibly Elysium as well, but not really of the newer stuff. I'll definitely invest in their CDs in the future!

Kotipelto rocking it.
I was a bit sad to notice that there were no band merch to be sold anywhere. :( I had expected at least a t-shirt and CD stand but there was nothing. Man, I would have loved to get another metal band t-shirt into my collection. I only have one Stratovarius t-shirt (of course I wore it to the concert), it's one from the Polaris world tour in 2010 when I saw them for the first time at Kemi's Scandal Music Festival, if I remember right.
Sadly I don't have any Outfit of the Day photo to show what I was wearing but yeah, just some jeans, my aforementioned Stratovarius band shirt and a Sonata Arctica zipper hoodie with motifs from Reckoning Night.

This guy was so precious! He kept smiling all the time! ;A;
Admire the Hair God™.
I had a really hard time trying to get even decent quality photos. You know, indoor concert halls are dark and there was a lot of drunk people bumping into me all the time. The stage lights went everywhere and when you for once got that perfect opportunity/angle then, of course, someone has to wave their hands in a way so that it ruins the whole picture. :) So yeah, the photos are not of as good quality as I'd like but I'm posting the decent ones here anyway because come on, Strato-fucking-varius! \m/ Concert memories, eff yeah!

This is my only stage photo on which the keyboard player can be seen.
Timo is 48 years old and still as awesome as ever.
I must mention that Timo Kotipelto has amazing stage charisma! His presence is huge and he's totally into it; you can tell that he loves what he's doing. He's fooling around with the other band members whenever there's a singing gap (very pleasing to watch!) and making sure that the audience is with them. A really versatile and powerful singer who can go from slow emotional ballads to high-pitched screams – it's no surprise that Stratovarius is one of the best known early power metal bands (founded 1994) that has had a major influence on many other younger names in the power metal scene. They are pioneers within their genre and served as idols and a source of inspiration to many bands who came after them, for example Sonata Arctica.

I need more metal concerts in my life. \m/
Do you know that feeling when you're in the front
and the singer looks at you? #instantmancrush
I remember when they played the last song and walked away. The audience started doing the whole "we want more" choir (seems to be tradition? xD) and then we finally got some old songs once they came back, which took a while. I mean fuck yeah, I had been waiting for Black Diamond, Distant Skies and Forever. I remember how mister Kotipelto asked, in a joking voice, if anyone had even heard these songs (because they are so old by now) and a lot of people shouted loudly! It was awesome.

Is it weird if I want to touch his hair?
I remember Timo asking if there were any Swedes
in the audience and then saying that there's one on the
stage as well – this guy!
I remember Timo saying that they were kinda focusing on playing songs that they hadn't played live a lot, but sadly I don't remember the names of a majority of what was played – they were really good though. One of the songs he said they had only played live once before, now that's pretty cool.
Oh and by the way, I remember once when I saw Sonata Arctica live for some years ago and they played their magnum opus, White Pearl, Black Oceans, live holy fudge was I in heaven back then because that one is rarely played live either! I even remember Kakko saying it.

Timo's hands were always somewhere. He does a
lot of gestures while singing, it's cool.
Can I just go back in time and listen to it all over again?
The last song they played was Hunting High and Low. A really good finishing song that probably everyone knows. The audience got to sing the chorus together with Kotipelto, which was super fun! It was really energetic and everyone were super excited and singing along what they could. Afterwards all band members stood together, bowed and walked away. 
There would have been some programs after the band but a good chunk of the visitors left, including me. I came to see Stratovarius and I don't really care for some non-Strato midnight programs cuz I'm a boring person, lol. Not really boring but I wanted to go back home and had quite a distance to walk.


That's about it for this concert post. If you ever get the chance to see these guys live then go for it! They're awesome and yeah, no idea how long they'll still be active so I don't want to be the one regretting it afterwards if I had skipped this concert, especially now that they were close to me. So yeah, Stratovarius rocks my socks and go listen to them now if you haven't already. 
Horns up! \m/


Nope. Not really out just yet. 
Remember how I said it was hard to get good photos? Well, you see, I got some photos that were so bad that they were hilarious and I couldn't possibly keep the laughs only for myself soooooo... here you go!

Bonus photos!

That face is nightmare fuel... :'DD

Sorry not sorry.

Shiro Samurai out... for real this time.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Piki – the dachshund mix breed!


Last weekend I was at my friend's, Sacchan's, home to help out with taking care of the animals while her parents were away on vacation. The animals include two cats and a dog. I mainly helped out with walking the dog now that he's getting really old and can't always hold himself as long as he used to, poor thing. :'( It was a fun weekend and being around animals makes me really calm and happy ~ 

While there I took the chance to photograph Piki, the dog. He's a 13-year-old dachshund mix (dachshund and brittany) who, despite his age, is still really energetic and playful! I'd never have guessed that he's actually so old based on his behavior he's still like a young dog mentally and can walk really far with no problems.
Piki's real name is actually Pasi Pellervo but my friend's dad didn't think that it fit the dog so they just call him Piki instead. I'd assume that the name comes from the fact that the dog is all black and in Finnish when something is pitch-black you say that it's 'pikimusta'.

Photographer & Model: Shiro Samurai
Model: Pasi "Piki" Pellervo

Anyone who has photographed an animal probably knows how hard it can be to get good photos, especially if the model just doesn't want to be still! Piki didn't seem too keen on cooperating and understandably so, it was cold outside and his fur is pretty thin and he's not used to a camera either. I didn't want it to take too long so I just snapped some photos and hoped for at least a few lucky shots.

As mentioned above Piki is of a quite uncommon crossbreed. At least I think so, dachshunds are common but I don't think that I've ever seen a brittany in real life (or at least 100% recognized a dog as one). ^^" His father was a dachshund and the mother brittany.
Piki definitely has the signature long dachshund body with the short legs, although he's notably taller than any purebreed sausage dog dachshund
– wither length approximately 31 cm. Piki still has the webbed feet though, just like ordinary dachshunds do!

In the litter Piki was the only black puppy all his siblings were of a chocolate brown color and he was the last one left. Nobody seemingly wanted him... until the owners called my friend's dad (they were some kind of friends) and asked if he was interested in a dachshund pup. The dad's first answer was "not interested" but then they said that there's a black puppy left and then, suddenly, the answer changed to "we'll come take a look". :'D My friend's family are all metal fans and really awesome, tbh.

The few signs that give away Piki's age is that he has some gray/white fur around his mouth area, almost like a little beard! Sacchan's dad tends to joke and say that Piki is molding, lol. I really hope that this cutie won't be leaving us anytime soon. ;_;
One cute thing that happened during the photoshoot was that whenever I tried to take off the snow around Piki's mouth he would instantly push his nose into some nearby snow and boom – a new snow beard! I'm not sure if Piki wanted to censor his aging signs or what but it was adorable and slightly annoying at the same time because yeah, I would have wanted at least one snow-free pic but oh well. xD

Below are some cute dog stories:

• When Piki was younger the family used to go on snowmobile trips in the forest and, because he doesn't have a thick fur, he used to go inside Sacchan's dad's jacket so that the head would poke out from the front!

• During his puppy days Piki would make himself a nest out of Sacchan's mom's hair. He would mess it up until it turned into a big cozy bed and then go sleep in it. So precious! ;A;

• On forest trips he'd go inside someone's rucksack/bag and hitch a free ride!

• When Sacchan was young (approx. 10 years) Piki once went into her school bag, on the morning before school, and refused to go out.

And here's some not-so-cute dog stories:

Sacchan's family was driving back home from a trip to Lapland (northern Finland) and Piki was in the backseat of the car. At some point he took a sudden ninja dump, on the floor of the backseat
– no warnings, nothing; it just came out of nowhere. Okay, so Piki is a smart dog and thus he came up with the clever idea to try to hide the poop he took a blanket from the backseat and laid it over the pile of shit in an effort to cover it up sneakily so that he wouldn't get scolded for it. xD Too bad for him shit smells and it was noticed. 10/10 for the effort though. Sneaky clever bastard.

• Once Piki puked in the hallway and, again, tried to cover it up – this time with one of Sacchan's hoodies.

Sacchan's godmother had been visiting for a while and one day they headed out to town. Said godmother had her jacket on and started digging in its pocket; s
he felt some sort of dry object in there, wondered what the heck it was and took it out it was dried-up dog poo. Just don't ask me how the heck Piki managed to snipe-shit into a fucking jacket pocket out of all possible things, especially because he's so short and the jackets are on a hangar in the hallway. I just can't even. xD

• Last year Piki became made a legend. You see, during every night there's always one family member taking him into their room because Piki can't be alone in the house over the nights. This fateful night it was Sacchan's little brother, Joni. So yeah, Piki was sleeping in his room, just like usual, and the door was closed over the night. Suddenly Joni woke up because of a horrible smell and yes, it was the smell of shit.
Now you'd expect that from such a small dog there wouldn't be a lot of poop but, let me quote Joni's own words in Finnish, it was a 'ripulivaltameri' – literally a diarrhea ocean. :)) He spent hours cleaning up the mess and, on the morning when I woke up (me and Sacchan were sleeping in the caravan outside, I was visiting) and went into the house for a bathroom visit I saw Joni just standing there, moping the floor; I asked what had happened (because it smelled funny) and he told me the story and said that he could only do three swipes with the mop before he had to change the water – that's how shitty it was, pun intended. He even told me, in this hilarious yet unamused story-teller voice that once he had been washing up the shit he, after a lot of vigorous cleaning, had finally found 'Atlantiksen kadonneen kaupungin', aka the lost city of Atlantis, aka he rediscovered his room which had been buried thoroughly in supernatural amounts of dog poo.
In a way I'm both really happy and disappointed that I didn't get to see it. Ever since then the 'diarrhea ocean' has stayed as an inside joke between us three. #paskahuumori


So as you can see Piki has done some mischievous things, just like all dogs do. :'D He's still a cute little slightly moldy wiener dog that I can't help but love anyway. He might be half deaf by now (and with weakening vision because of age) but it doesn't slow him down and sometimes I wish I was even half as full of life as this dog is, haha. Precious little-old Piki, I hope you'll live many more years.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Panthers Tear Forge cosplay lecture at school!

Hello people!

Today, on 8th February which also happens to be a Wednesday, we had some quite unusual lecturers arriving to my (former) school. After lunch, local time 12:30, the lecture started a cosplay group called Panthers Tear Forge arrived from Oulu, Finland, to talk about cosplay!

I was super stoked because I had been the one recommending my teacher to invite these guys to our school and it finally happened and so, of course, I had to attend it even though I've recently switched back to my old school again. Luckily this particular lesson, held by Göran on Wednesdays after lunch, is open to the public meaning that anyone interested in lectures about what happens around us and in the world is welcome to join.

I must mention that I woke up later than I was supposed to and thus I was in a hurry to get to school in time (I only had 30 minutes), which also meant that I forgot to take with me my SLR camera. Yes, I'm kicking myself for it because I had to resort to my crummy cellphone camera instead. Bad photos are still better than no photos at all but yeah, I'm sorry about the poor quality.

Lecture time ~
As someone who is a cosplayer I found this lecture really interesting, especially because I've been interested in learning to make armored outfits properly. The lecture was held in Finnish but one of the teachers translated it into Swedish for those students who don't understand Finnish; I'm bilingual so for me it was not a problem but I did notice that the translator (one of the teachers) left out some pieces of information, most likely unintentionally because he had no previous knowledge about this hobby and thus some of the terms were unfamiliar to him; the translator is also blind so I understand that he had a hard time explaining about the different materials used and what was going on in the video clip etc. I honestly can't blame him for that, he did a good job and the important things got across. ♥

Humorously simplified version of how to use foam. :'D
Seeing how me and my brother were likely the only ones with previous knowledge about cosplay I must mention that PTForge did a good job with explaining the basics and making the lecture simple to understand, even for the 'normies'. The lecture also included humor and was generally casual and fun, not heavy at all to take in; I never found myself getting bored during the hour that it lasted. I think they did a good job at conveying what cosplay is and how you can make your own costumes and get into this geeky hobby.

PTForge's contact information and social media channels!
It was really nice to get to see some of the in-progress helmets up close (we had some props circulating the classroom) and see how they're built! It's amazing what you can do with simple sheets of foam, glue and a heat gun.

After the lecture everyone could ask questions and take photos of the PTForge members who were dressed up for the occasion. I snapped some photos of the super cool Halo cosplayer!

I stayed after the lecture to talk with the group members and we talked about conventions, costume making and even secret plans about starting up a new convention in the future. Huehuehue ~

All in all I'm really happy that these guys bothered to come to my school. I just wish that some of my other geeky school friends would have been present but I didn't see them anywhere. :'( They missed something hella cool, man.