Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ink & Sword – New lifestyle blog arrives!

Hello dudes and dudettes!

 ~"So, what is this?"~

I finally ended up making a new fresh lifestyle blog and yes, this is my third one, help me someone OTL because for a while now I've felt like there are some things I'd like to write about that doesn't really belong in neither of my two other blogs that are dedicated for my cosplay and kimono adventures, respectively. I don't have any set plans for how this blog will turn out to be but I do plan to write more or less about important happenings in my life, geekiness, fashion and probably a bit of school and work stuff too. Basically, it's going to be one hell of a lifestyle blog!
Then again, I might not be the most extravaganza person in this Earth to read about but I'm not really your average young man either frankly, pretty far from that. Oh, and speaking of which I should maybe introduce myself!


Most people probably know me as Valkoinen Samurai (aka "White Samurai") but it's fine to just call me Kai as well, if long internet names aren't your thing. Personality wise I fit into the calm, silent and honest type of humans. I'm just another guy who is reaching out for his many dreams and who gets a shitlot of lemons from life for now but hey, one day I'm going to squirt them all back in life's eye and win! *insert evil victory laugh here*
Oh, umm, yeah. I don't know what more to say about myself; I swear that whenever I need to describe myself I get the oh-so-lovely brain blanks. Oh well, whoever actually ends up following my ramblings might hopefully at some point figure out what kind of human I am so I'll leave the rest a mystery surprise for now ~ me, lazy? noooo

~But hey, what's with the name of this blog?~

Okay, so now when you know at least something about me and the purpose of this blog I could finish it off with telling how come I ended up naming this blog a more poetic thing like "Ink & Sword" instead of the painfully bland and everyone-would-have-seen-it-coming "Valkoinen Samurai's Life".
Well, first off, I'm an artistic and creative person who produces things with his left hand a lot yeah, I'm left-handed, badamtssh.
Things like art, writing and poetry are activities that I greatly enjoy and also very important to me so I figured "Ink" would be a nice all-in-one symbolic word; basically what is needed to leave a lasting line of infinite possibilities on paper. "Sword" is there because it's a strong icon of a fighter's spirit and in my case I am constantly fighting to reach a life that I can enjoy to the fullest. After all life is a constant challenge; a battle in which it is inevitable that you both lose and win but one thing's for sure you won't get anywhere if you don't even have the will to fight for the experiences that are yet to come!
So with that said I will carry my sword high to get one step farther each day and I will leave a trail of inked beauty to prove I was there. "Ink & Sword" means pretty much this to me strength of will, beauty of what you can create and a desire to live a good life and never give up.

With all that deep stuff out of my system you are welcome to enter more like, read a piece of my everyday life now, provided to you by this humble blog not. :-D If you are still interested after all that mumbo-jumbo, that is. But have a thanks for your time at least hahah!

Now I'll leave for the day more like, it's friggin' past midnight so goodbye to you all!
Valkoinen Samurai is out!

// EDIT: Nowadays it's Shiro Samurai, since I changed my nickname slightly. Meaning is the same though. //


Hasaki Tsuki said...

Woah... now this was beautifully written :')
Looking forward to see what this blog will turn into ;)

Joel said...

oon oikeestaan odotanu millon alat kirjottaan enemmän lifestyleblogia ! : D

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Ohmaiglerb joku jopa odottiki tämmöistä! :'D Olen syvästi otettu.. eiku. xD Mutjoo siis tosi mukavaa kuulla että kiinostaa!