Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hi guys!

So my birthday is today and well, back on last weekend's Saturday (8th March) I went to my twin's place and had a mini party with Sairu-chan as the only guest and Hasakitsuki of course, although the latter can't really be considered a guest because she lives with me haha. I would have wanted to invite one of my childhood friends but he couldn't come so oh well. Maybe another time ~
But about the party there's not really much to say. We all decided to wear a wig and colored contact lenses because it's 20% cooler and come on, we're all cosplayers and looking mainstream is boring! >8D I don't have any pictures of our outfits but I do have a picture of the ready-made cake that bro bought and our fabulous cake.. slicer...

When you don't have a cake slicer you use a steak spatula. :'D YOLO!
Except for the cake, cinnamon buns, chocolate bananas, cookies and fruit candies that we ate we just majorly derped around and had fun. Having fun included playing some Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP which ended with a dickhead Khezu plushie spinning you spin me right round baby~ on the ceiling. It was a beautiful sight.

Just.. don't ask.
Okay, with the earlier party behind I'd also want to mention what I did today on the actual day. I wore kimono because I can (pictures here!) and Hasakitsuki made some Japanese food onigiri with instant miso soup. A bit later we had some matcha drinks and green tea mochi with it. Yum!

Tofu overload in the soup but when the package has been opened
you have to use it within two days..
Dessert time!
I also got some gifts from Hasakitsuki and both are fluffy ones! The first gift is an anime character plush (because Hakuouki <3) and the second one a plushie wyvern from Monster Hunter again with magnets... which is now faithfully guarding my fridge and throwing fireballs at intruders ~

Saitou mini plushie from Hakuouki because, well, we are so
similar that it's not even funny. xD anime alter-ego
Also one of my favorite characters!
... but it's small and adorkable adorable and stuck on my fridge!
(there's magnets inside the wings)
Nothing more to say, it has been a great day! I'm off to geek somewhere else now namely in front of my PSP! See ya!


  1. Sounds like a cool party, too bad I live so far. And happy birthday to you and your twin as well.

    Also damn that food looks good. You're a lucky guy, I tell you.

  2. Kuulostaa siltä että oli kivaa! Hyvää synttäriä! :)

  3. Hyvää synttärii ! : ) toi tofukeitto näyttää hyvältä !


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