Friday, March 7, 2014

Just some gifts from Thailand

 Hello! A quick post today!

Not so long ago mom was in Thailand to celebrate her birthday and when she returned from there she had bought gifts for me, my bro and Hasakitsuki. This is what I got!

The can is some Thai tea mix and the yellow long bag to the right is Chinese mango green tea. I'm very curious about tasting these because I really like tea and new taste experiences are fun!
Also those two bags above the can are dried ingredients/spices for two different Thai foods Tom Kha Gai and Tom Yum Kung. I just need to add the chicken/shrimps, coconut milk and some other stuff and of course the rice. I love Thai food and I know that these two in particular are good (I've eaten them in Thailand before) so I really want to try 'em out soon as well.
Except for the tea and food ingredients I also got some stuff that aren't on the picture namely mango flavored jelly candies (it's a mini-size pack) and a black t-shirt with a print of two wolves fuck yeah wolves! being close to each other. It's cute but I haven't gotten around to wearing it just yet. SOOOOOOON.

Byeee ~

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