Saturday, March 22, 2014

Make your crêpes 20% cooler!


Now I'm gonna share with you what I had for dinner today but I'm gonna do it mega-speed edition feat. photos tell more than thousand words because well, I'm lazy. Deal with it.

Okay, everyone ready? It all started with this:

Preparations complete
See where this is going? Yep, everyone knows...

Soon my love, soon...
Until you make it special edition that is sweet red beans paste, ohoy!

The thing in the can, thing in the can! (Okita wanted to be on the pic..)
... smear all that yummyness on!

Don't need to put as much as I did though... xD
Then just roll the fucker and enjoy!

Isn't it beautiful? *Gwonam voice*
Yep, it's perfectly normal crêpes (svenska: plättar, suomeksi: lettuja) but instead of using jam, icecream, sugar or whatever inside just put some red beans paste in the middle and have your not-so-mainstream crêpes with a touch of Asia. According to me it's surprisingly awesome! *thumbs up* Try it! :'D

Bye bye!


  1. Ja jos haluaa vielä epä-mainstreamiyttä vielä pidemmälle, voi letuista tehdä kakun ja aiheuttaa paljon hämmennystä (kokeiltu on. Reaktiot vaihtelivat väliltä "MITÄ TÄÄ ON!?" ja "TÄÄ ON PARAR IDEA IKINÄ!"

    1. Oi oi oi ku kuulostaa jännältä. xD Lettukakku, hmmm pitäiskö kokeilla...

  2. Because that's how you do it when you're tired of mainstream-ness! :)
    Red beans paste is usually found in Asian desserts or sweets (like dorayaki or mochi) but this is an interesting cultural mix ;)

  3. Red bean paste is awesome. In Japan I had one of those fish shaped fried things (taiyaki) that had red bead paste and those were so good!

    Also, check out if you already haven't because it has so many awesome Japanese recipes.

    1. That sounds awesome! I'd like to try one someday. xD

      Oh, haven't seen that site before! I'll check it out, thanks!


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