Friday, April 11, 2014

A day in Luleå


Yesterday I traveled to Luleå because I had something to do there. Because I live a fair distance away from this city I had to drag my ass out of bed early and turn my nose towards the new bus station in town. I went to Luleå with Hasakitsuki because it's no fun to be lonely lonely, I'm mr. Lonely, I have nobody~ and who says no to company anyways? Herp derp ~
So yeah, we biked to the bus station, sat there for about 45 minutes and molded in the morning emptiness until the blue double-decker bus arrived.

Random bus outside the bus station. No, it's not blue and thus not the one we boarded.
On board the bus the journey through nothingness began. Yeah, I totally live behind God's back or something and I'm not even half-kidding. Oh, and if you hadn't figured by nothingness I meant to say that we traveled for 2,5 hours and the only things we saw were a few villages and, well, gloriously varied landscapes. Let me demonstrate for you with a few pics taken from the bus:

More fieeeeeelds and foreeeeeeeests...
And don't forget the tractor eggs!
Yeah, extremely exciting views. I know it's exactly what you always wanted to see, fucking pines and birches as far as the eye can see. That's northern Sweden for you and bara-pa-pa-paaa we're loving it. If you are lucky you might spot a pack of reindeers or an overgrown 20% more dangerous reindeer aka a moose but that doesn't happen everyday. Actually we saw some reindeers on the side of the road but of course of all possible times it had to be just when we took out our PSP game consoles and decided to play one single quest and BOOM ERMAHGLERB REIHNDIRS ON DE ROUD AND WE MISSD DEM, FNUCK. It's so standard, as soon as you put away the camera something actually photograph-worthy shows up but lolnope.

Oh well, we arrived safe and sound at Luleå bus station and I had to hurry to find the place I needed to go to. I eventually found my way there and everything was fine and dandy again. When done me and Hasakitsuki went to stroll around in the city and our mission was to hunt down a pizzeria.

We found an awesome looking cathedral instead.
We didn't eat the cathedral. Our search for a (cheap) pizzeria continued but seemingly pizzerias are an endangered species in Luleå city because we just didn't find one! What the actual fuck, normally pizzerias are one of the first things you find?!
When we finally found a pizza place it was actually an Asian restaurant and when we got to look at the menu the crave for pizza disappeared into thin air. I wonder why, I'm certainly not fond of Asian food, no no, not at all.. pffrth. Filled to my throat with Thai green curry we rolled into Smedjan a shopping center.

I didn't end up buying anything but when we went into the game store I saw that there were some used consoles for sale. There were among others a Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Game & Watch handhelds, Gameboy Color, Playstation One, 8-bit Nintendo and a Sega Mega Drive! The geek inside me was happy, so much retro stuff! It was tempting I tell you. *grabby hands*
After satisfying the gamer inside me we went to sit in a cafeteria and the main reason at least for me was to ease the pain of my screaming feet. Yeah, I had been test-wearing "new" shoes (actually used, bought from a second-hand store) for a coming cosplay and oh dang my feet got blisters and for some reason my right foot hurt a lot more than the left. I dunno why. Good to know at least so that I pack with me reserve shoes for the actual con day when I have to wear these things. Save for the blisters they are comfortable to wear though. The trip back home started after the cafeteria break and that's about it.

Thanks and bye, I will survive!

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  1. Meillä noita valkosia kutsutaan lehmän muniks : D


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