Sunday, April 6, 2014

Duudsonit tulivat Rakentajamessuille!

(title: The Dudesons came to the builder's fair event!)

Today I woke up and got ready to go to the Rakentajamessut builder's fair in Lakkapää store in town. Main reason see Duudsonit/The Dudesons in real life. 

Duudsonit on scene (Jarppi to the left, HP to the right)
For those not in the know Duudsonit are famous from their own Finnish tv-program; it's a small group of guys who do hilarious, crazy and totally out-of-their-mind stunts and shit.
In the program they would go on a mission to "help" random people with problems for example a family with a cleaning freak mom and well, the Duudsonit would go to the family's house, stay there a few days and try to fix things. Thing is, their way of fixing things is very over-the-top, plain madness and it seems like they would always make things worse at first (the cleaning case: turn the house into a landfill and activate rage!mom) but in the end their shenanigans actually end up helping the family. It's an absolutely glorious and hilarious show. Everyone should watch it, especially if you like more extreme humor. Huge entertainment value! xD

But yeah, enough advertising. So I went to Rakentajamessut with Hasakitsuki, mom and stepdad. I don't remember when exactly the Duudsonit show was but pretty much instantly when we got to the place me and Hasakitsuki went inside to find the stage that they would perform at. I found my way pretty close to the stage so I could see pretty well. When the Duudsonit came on scene aka Jarppi and HP everyone knew shit would hit the fan stage. Their first shenanigan consisted of warm-up exercising. On the face. With a fucking huge elastic ribbon. See where this is going? 

Yeah. This. Totally this.
Yeah. Jarppi pulled it super tight and slapped it right into the face of HP. The audience actually added to this the more noise we made the more the elastic got pulled! HP's face was gold when it slapped, it must have hurt. xD Jarppi commented something that HP's face looks like that when he takes his morning poop.
The second bout of madness was just as crazy.. and painful. HP had invented some sort of pressure tank gun, he didn't know really if it would work or not because it was crappily constructed with random wires hanging out (surface installation lol) and stuff. So the goal was to hit Jarppi with it and well, Jarppi had a beautiful 10 points round target mark on his stomach and he took security measures to protect another dear body part. HP kept aiming on Jarppi's face even though Jarppi said he shouldn't do it. After a moment of back-and-forth "DON'T AIM AT MY FACE DANGIT" HP fired. Nothing happened. HP fired once more. BOOOM! The ball came out fast as hell and hit Jarppi spot-on. He doubled over and laughter spread everywhere. :'DD

Jarppi aiming (sorry for the wrong focus, camera didn't want to cooperate)
Next one they invited 3 volunteers from the audience to the scene. It was three younger peeps and they did this thing on which you have a pole on the ground, put your forehead on the pole's tip and spin around it mega-speed until you can barely stand anymore. The goal was to stand still like a statue afterwards. Every contestant got a Duudsonit cap as a prize.
The final shenanigan of the Duudsonit show, which, by the way, was part 2 (we missed the 1st and 3rd one), was crazy. As always. Jarppi got the wonderful idea to use a staple gun and fasten papers on HP's tongue. Of course he took the one with the biggest longest staples he could find in the Lakkapää store, it's no fun otherwise.

HP feat. stuck papers
HP trying to sing. It didn't work.. at all. xD Hmmblgdssjh
After this HP went to take out the papers and then the audience could line up to get autographs from the duo. I lined up even though I had no idea where exactly the line even was. Oh well, at least it moved forward slowly and after some time I could see the Duudsonit signing table.

Writing autographs on cards
I swear every time I though it would be my turn next a new group of small kids pushed their way in front of me. It was annoying but I didn't care that much.. until I noticed that there was only two autograph cards left on the table. I crawled my way in front of the table, reached out my right hand and hoped I would be lucky enough to get handed one of the last cards.. and I did get one, booyah!

So swag. much cool. wow.
With the autograph in hand I went to search for mom and stepdad and found them pretty quickly. They said that they would leave now and unless me and Hasakitsuki wanted to stay and watch the third Duudsonit show then we would have to walk back home. I wasn't to keen on that because there was a cold wind and I wasn't dressed all that properly either and well, it's a long walk. So yeah, we choose the car ride back home and thus missed the final Duudsonit show. I was curious what they would have done but oh well, at least I got my autograph card. :D Also I don't enjoy being in a huge crowd either..

That's it, I'm 'sploding off somewhere else now, ciao!

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