Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Grilled fish balls with rice


Not so long ago I received a new electronic table grill from my dad. The reason I wanted this thing was because the common kitchen in the building where my apartment is (there's a bigger kitchen that all who live here can use, it's kind of a youth apartment building) has a very unreliable oven; sometimes the grill mode will work and sometimes not. Also the oven itself is very dirty to begin with and just not sure if gusta. For example, a few days ago when I made a pancake I had some black shit falling down from the oven into my pancake... so fun not to try and get rid of the black intruders afterwards when it had semi-glued itself to the pancake. Blah.
Needless to say I rather have at least my own grill so that I don't have random black shit falling down on my sausages and other stuff I'd end up grilling, like... fish balls. Yeah, fish balls. No, I don't mean the Swedish canned fish boulders balls which taste like a baseball bat but the Asian counterpart the smaller, round, squishy and awesome ones. I've eaten a fair lot of fish balls when in Thailand. Yeah, I gave these Asian style fish balls a round on the grill (which I used for the first time) and they turned fabulous!

Grilling time, grilling time ~
The grill seemed to work just fine and so the fish balls were slowly getting color. I must say it was hilarious because after a while the fish balls started making these squeeky whistling sounds; I have no idea how to describe it except that it sounds like someone is constantly whistling with a high pitch and running out of breath but still keeps on but it was overly funny. The sound quickly got named as the "fish ball orchestra". It was glorious. Food and entertainment in one, win-win if you ask me! :'D
Oh, and after a while on the grill the fish balls grandma-ized and turned all crumpled. It's normal. You have to make sure to grill them properly so that they are not raw before consumption...

When the fish balls are done just eat them with white rice and some chili-based sauce. It's aroi mak mak!*

* = Thai language for "very delicious"

Nothing else to say, see ya!

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