Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pokémon TCG: Legendary Dragons of Unova Collection

Yesterday I had some stuff to do at Luleå and so I went there with Hasakitsuki. After I was done with the main reason I traveled there we went to the shopping center Smedjan. We checked the Game store and well, I was subject to some geeky cravings of mine namely Pokémon trading cards. I actually stopped collecting the Pokémon cards after the 4th generation (main reason: lack of space and cash) but the interest is still there, along with the childhood nostalgy and this time I just couldn't pass it up...

.. and that's how this thing ended up coming with me back home:

Pokémon TCG: Legendary Dragons of Unova Collection

So this box includes 3 figures (Kyurem, Reshiram and Zekrom) along with 3 special foil promo cards (Kyurem, Reshiram and Zekrom again) as well as 4 Black & White Series booster packs.

Foil promo cards
Flash photo just to show that yeah, it's holofoil indeed :'D
Unova dragon trio Figurines attached to their respective platforms
I must say that the promo cards and figurines are really cool! I love dem dragons.
I opened the booster packs and it's quite funny because I got Porygon-Z in a booster with art of Porygon-Z on it. :'D I also got White Kyurem in a booster with Black Kyurem haha.

The rare () cards I got!

But that's about it, I'm geeking out of here!

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