Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teriyaki chicken with Soba noodles


Today I had teriyaki for the first time; chicken teriyaki with soba noodles. I actually cheated a bit because I had bought one of these ready bases to which you only need to add meat and rice/noodles..

Soba noodles
Chicken teriyzaki with soba noodles.
(sorry about the crummy presentation lol)
I must say it was pretty good although I've tasted better stuff.. some thai foods, for example.
One thing was a bit funny though; while I was preparing the food I took a small spoon and tasted the sauce pretty directly after I started heating it and my first reaction to the taste was that it tasted like beer or something. xD I don't know what's wrong with my tastes but I didn't feel this same taste later when the food was done, hah.

That's it for today, see ya!

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