Thursday, May 1, 2014

Walpurgis celebration

 Hello hello!

On 30th April and 1st May we Finns and Swedes celebrate Walpurgis (Vappu in Finnish, Valborg in Swedish). I follow the Finnish traditions so a few days before the celebration I went to mom's place with Hasakitsuki and Jäätynyt Enkeli. We made donuts and sima, a special drink that we have in Finland for Walpurgis that is made out of two different kinds of sugar and lemons, mostly. It's fucking awesome. <3 Homemade one is the best; the ready-made ones you can buy in stores barely taste anything like the real deal, don't be fooled.

Homemade sima and a donut
Yesterday on 30th April our trio dressed up in cosplay; in Finland Walpurgis is a sort of carneval event and people dress up funnily perfect excuse to cosplay in town! 
When we went to the shore area we just happened to be there just in time for the Swedish May bonfire! Yep, Swedes light a huge bonfire to celebrate Walpurgis.

May Bonfire
It's a pretty nice but short event. Walpurgis is cool because it's okay to be goofy and the stuff you get to eat is awesome, especially the sima drink. I would drink it all year round if I could, that's how much I like it haha. Oh, you wonder what sima tastes like? Dude, I'm sorry but..

Sima tastes sima.

With that said I'm out of here for today. Ciao ciao!

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  1. Walpurgis is really awesome <3
    And I must admit, sima tastes sima. Perfectly explained.


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