Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vampire Princess Miyu and what I've been doing lately

I haven't written in a short while here but as you might have figured I've been busy because the summer con season has started and I traveled to Desucon in Finland. After said con I suffered the usual con hangover and spent a long time writing my con summary. :D

I must say though that during the con I started watching an old-school anime named Vampire Princess Miyu which I marathoned the remaining episodes yesterday of. It's an 26 episodes long anime and I watched episodes 3-7 during my Desucon stay (I missed the two first episodes because I was showering) and the remaining ones yesterday. My first impressions of the show was that it wasn't all that good it certainly hasn't aged as well as some other old shows have but I ended up warming up to it and in the end actually liking it surprisingly much!

Picture found from the depths of Google.
Vampire Princess Miyu is about a Guardian, Miyu, who's destiny and purpose is to hunt down and send stray Shinma to the darkness. Shinma are some sort of supernatural beings that can hide in human and animal bodies but take on their monstruous true form when cornered; they manipulate and destroy human lives. Miyu is a vampire and thus immortal and she is sort of forced to keep her distance from humans because it will only bring her pain in the long run. She should not get attached to human emotions or it will hinder her duty as the Guardian. Larva is her trusted companion who once was an evil Western Shinma but now fights on Miyu's side.

Most of the episodes are, well, episodic stand-alones and can be watched in any order because they go by the "monster of the week" formula. In the last episodes stuff starts to fall together and it gets pretty interesting. I must say that this show is surprisingly gloomy and sometimes even outright cruel and creepy; it constantly keeps a brooding and haunting mood. It's a bit slow-paced though and because most of the episodes really don't do much for the plot it might not be for everyone.. and you might need to be of the more patient kind to watch it through. But I tell you the end is quite rewarding if you like this kind of series. Also don't compare the anime too much to more modern works or you'll be disappointed; there are some re-occuring still animations, moments when the picture won't change for several seconds on screen and several cases of everything in the background not moving at all and stuff like this. But I just got used to it very quickly and I'm not the one to be bothered by old/bad animation quality anyway. It felt like the final episodes had a quality jump though.

Except for watching anime I've received a shitlot of rhubards from the school nurse (she is awesome, like a second mom to me) which I peeled, cut and froze. Now I can make rhubarb soup and pies for a long time to come, booyah!

Also on 12th June I had a visit to the hospital in Umeå, Sweden. It's very important to me and I've been waiting for this moment. Basically I went to talk with a doctor who will eventually help me with getting my life in order and it all went very well. I'm relieved and happy to finally have come even this far and can't wait to progress further. I ended up having to do a blood test and donated some blood for science and I was shit scared but it went okay in the end. I just happen to have some sort of trauma from back in early 2011 when I had a rather bad case of double-sided Mycoplasma Pneumoniae and needed to take a blood test twice from my arm; the first time it was fine but when they had to redo it it hurt like living fucking hell. Ouch. So yeah, when someone approaches my arm with a needle I panic. -_- But enough of that, it's things I have to deal with when they happen.
Oh, and at the hospital I saw some fairly interesting stuff, like this one historical memorial plate:

The plate is saying "In this hospital hurt soldiers from the Finnish wars 1939 1945 were treated" and the bottom is a thanks message. I'm interested in history so when I see this kind of stuff I stop right in my tracks. It's cool to see that Sweden back in the day took care of Finns in need. <3 It makes me all kinds of happy because I'm tied to both countries (born in Sweden but have Finnish parents) so when they cooperate in important ways I get some inner manly tears flowing, even if it was a long time ago.. except for when it's about ice hockey championchips, then Finland is the one and only! >8D

Khrmm. Yeah...
That's about it for now, I'll write more when something worthwhile to mention happens again! See ya!

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  1. Nice to know things are going quite smoothly with the doctor visits.
    (Wow, your school nurse sounds really sweet!)


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