Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hakuouki manga and keychain!

A quickie post this time! ;)

Yesterday this cool addition to my manga collection showed up in the mailbox, all the way from Japan!

Front cover
Random page
It's not like I can read Japanese yet but as the huge Hakuouki fan I am I just couldn't resist buying this second-hand from a Swede who currently lives in Japan! Huge motivation to learn the language. eiku xD I'm quite the item collector anyway, especially when I'm deeply into a fandom. *coughnotobviousatallcough*

I also bought this cute little fellow fairly recently:

He is just too cute, that smile! x) Okita please.

That's it for now, bye ~


  1. Tuon lukeminen vois olla helpompa jos kanjeissa olis furikanat, mutta näyttää ettei siinä ole. Good luck with that xD

  2. Perus. xD Mulla ei varmaan oo viel yhtään japanilaista mangaa/doujinshia missä olis furit, hupsistakeikaa. :'DD

    1. Haha :'D en tiä sit onko niissä yleensäkkää, en oo ikinä japaniks mangaa ostanu (yhhhh miksi olin tyhmä enkä ostanu highspeediä japanista ;__; )


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