Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First snow and Black Bullet

Today on the morning, when I woke up and looked out of the mirror, I saw this:

It's snowing. MOTHERFUCKING SNOWING. I mean, it's 24th of September, it's snowing like mad and weather is still veeery slightly above 0 °C. Sure that I live high up in the north.. but still. >_< I guess it's time to put on the fur hat... *grumble*

Oh well, a few days ago I also marathoned Black Bullet, a pretty new anime. The decision to watch it was really sudden and random Hasakitsuki saw a cosplay wig for one of the main characters and fell in love with it and just had to know what series it was from.
The anime is 13 episodes long and finished airing on July this year.
So, what is it about?

Picture from MyAnimeList.
Black Bullet is set in a near future Japan where viral parasite monsters called Gastrea have almost defeated mankind. The remaining human cities are protected by huge Monolith pillars, infused with Varanium, that keep Gastrea from entering.
Our main hero Rentarou Satomi is a gun-wielding boy living near Tokyo who is part of the Civil Security organization an organization specialized in fighting against the Gastrea. Rentarou's companion is Enju Aihara, a 10-year-old girl who can fight Gastrea effectively, because she's not fully human herself. This pair takes on dangerous tasks together to defend humanity. Yeah, in a way it's similar to Attack on Titan..
   Personally I enjoyed it surprisingly much. What bothers me though is that the ending felt a bit rushed and there was a friggin' weird cliffhanger. This so needs a second season to be explained. Oh, it needs a second season anyway because so many questions were left unanswered! *spoilers, highlight to read* Why exactly did Rentarou choose to do those bodily changes to himself? What will happen with Enju's high corrosion rate? Why did Kisara turn all dark and weird in the end? *spoilers end* So yeah, I'm expecting a second season or else I will not be amused. :C Need to know!

Otherwise I must mention that after Tracon (13-14 September) I caught a bad case of the con flu. Long time no see, huh? It has been at least five days now. Getting really tired of this shit, I just want to be healthy again. ;_; This flu or whatever just doesn't want to leave me in peace, I swear. I have a more or less constant cough (which gives me throat pains if I cough violently a lot), occasionally stuffy/runny nose, my ears feel blocked and my voice is almost completely gone and has been for a few days now. The weird thing is that I don't have fever, except for the first day when it went to 40 °C close to midnight. After that I haven't had anything above 38 °C. Such a weird flu. My taste is normal as well. One of the first days I seemingly hurt my throat from all the coughing because it was really painful to swallow anything and I was coughing up blood-streaked phlegm. Outch.
But yeah, the school nurse came home to me and checked my ears and breathing. Seems to be fine but she thought she might have heard something off when I breathed in deeply the first time though. But seemingly the other times were fine so she's not sure if it was just a derp or what. Oh well, I'll head for the health care center if it gets worse. So far it's pretty okay, if you ignore the amount of phlegm I have to cough up every minute as well as the cough itself. Bleh.

That's about it, see you later alligator!
Shiro Samurai goes back under the blankets...


  1. Oh, I really hope you get well soon! :( You must be feeling like Okita...
    I also enjoyed Black Bullet surprisingly much and I want to cosplay from it! I hope they make the second season soon! :'D

  2. Black bullet oli joo ihan hyvä, mulleki tuli SnK siitä ekana mielee :'D samat fiilingit kyl lopusta, toivottavasti kakkos kausi tulee nopsaan että noihin spoilerikyssäreihin vastataan!

    Ja paranemisia sinne, lepää ja muista juoda riittävästi! Kosteus auttaa yskään ja nuhaan noin ylipäätään, yks hyvä konsti on esim. höyryhengitys, laittaa lavuaariin kuumaa (ei kiehuvaa!) vettä, pyyhe päälle ja laittaa pään pyyhkeen alle ja hengittelee siellä.


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