Sunday, October 5, 2014

Finally Naruto!


So I've finally caved in and started watching the Naruto anime.
Yeah I know, I'm ridiculously late to the party but better late than never, neh? ;)

Picture from MyAnimeList.
I felt like watching Naruto is one of the things you kind of "have to do" to be considered an anime geek, so yeah. xD It's so popular that it should be part of the general education lol. I almost felt stupid for not having watched it. x) Sure that I knew some things but still, haha.

So far I've seen 19 episodes of the first season and that means I've just finished the Zabuza arc. Man, that arc was a feels-jerker. :'( I tried so hard to keep in the feels at the end but damn... I don't admit anything. I didn't cry. Not even a little. Nope.. :'(

Oh oh, and one thing!
The first time I heard Shikamaru talk in the classroom I exploded. Imploded. All over the place. I mean... that voice. I RECOGNIZE THAT GODDAMN VOICE OH GAWD. 
My brain probably did a triple-double-backflip-ultimus and all my recognization radars were standing high. *heavy breathing* 8C
I'm not mistaken. I can't be mistaken about this voice and where I've heard it before!!

You mean to tell me that this guy...

Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)
 Is this guy?!

Okita Souji (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan)
I fucking died.
So hard. 
Oh my gosh.
I'm not even kidding, I had to stop the video and go backwards and hear Shikamaru talk again and AHSGHJDSGAJKF;DSHK IT IS OKITA'S VOICE. Goddammit! XD 
Now I can't take Shikamaru seriously, he'll never be the same to me. I only hear Okita talking my favorite character. <3 He turned into a ninja. :-DD höhöh
Oh boy, this is gonna be an interesting watch... a lot of brainbugs incoming...

I can't get over it... I really can't...
I'm doomed.


  1. Oh I love Naruto but I only read the manga now sadly.
    But I hope you do a cosplay form that series sometime in the future. Would be fun to see you make one. If you find someone you like to do will say.

    Also how the hell do everyone recognize voice actor like that?? O_o
    It feel like I am deaf or something like that XD

    1. Yeah I know I want to do someone from Naruto! So far I've been thinking about Kakashi or Itachi. But I don't know yet, I like Iruka-sensei as well. We'll see when I get further. ;)

      I'm actually not very good at recognizing voice actors. Sure that there's a few I recognize but most times I have no clue. xD It's fun those times when you do recognize a voice though, makes the anime experience so much more fun lol.

  2. MÄ TIESIN ET MÄ OON KUULLU OKITAN ÄÄNEN JOSSAIN muussaki ku Bakumatsu Rockissa! Oonha mä siis ton jätkän MAL-listan tarkistanu, mut jotenki Shikke onnistu jäämää huomaamatta :'D

    tästä tuli vaa mielee millonha mä oon viimeks kattonu narskaa ja missähä mä siinä ees meen...? :'D Tykkäsin ekasta kaudesta, mut sit jossai vaiheessa kiinnostus lopahti ku sarjaki alko menee vähä alamäkeen. Kuulemma se tosin nykyää on parempi.

    1. Joo mä tiiän että Okitan voice actori on Bakumatsu Rockissa myös. Ajattelin katsoa sen animen koska se nyt kuulostaa olevan sen verran WTF-luokkaa että pakko katsoa. xD

      Aloita taas katsomisen! Usein pitkissä sarjoissa on joku kohta jolloin se ei oo yhtä hyvä.. mutta mitä mä tiiän niin Naruton nykyisestä kohdasta ainaki kuulee vähemmän paskaa ku Bleachin nykytilasta. xD Bleach vissin mennyt ihan höpöksi mutta Naruto ei. :S

  3. I also cried at the end of the Zabuza arc. ;_; It's impossible to hold in this amount of feels.
    Okita became a ninja. Try to live with it. It was so pretty when your Okita-radar reacted. XD
    I'm happy to finally watch Naruto with you! :D


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