Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pokémon X & Y Shiny Gengar event!

Sup everyone!

A few days ago, on 27th October, I traveled to Luleå. One of the things I did while there was visiting the GameStop store. It's the closest one from where I live and it's a 2 hours bus trip away lol. Man do I wish we had a proper game store in my hometown; there's like over ninethousand clothing stores but not a single gaming store, what the fuck. OTL

So, I had seen online a few days prior that right now there's an event going on in GameStop stores in Sweden for those who have Pokémon X or Y games you can get a special code for free from the stores that lets you download a Shiny Gengar into your game and it's holding its Mega Stone to boot! Friggin' sweet! <3

I totally went into the GameStop store and asked for a code! Moahaha ~

BOOM! Shiny Gengar event code coupon! :'D
A photo of the backside.
HNNG can't wait for the release of the Ruby & Sapphire remakes! >w<
The only ironic part is that I don't even have Pokémon X yet and neither do I have a 3DS lololol. :-DD The reason for this is because I'm waiting to buy the New Nintendo 3DS (yes, it's the console name, so creative...) when it launches in Europe. If the NN3DS haven't released before the code expires then I'll just buy the game and borrow bro's 3DS to download it, huehuehue. I'll make it work somehow. :)

That's all for this time! Sayonara!

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Psycho Cat said...

Yay for free stuff need to see what the new 3ds is about.
But yay I do have too 3ds one is XL size and it is the Pikachu version also XD