Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vision derp = True


I should have posted this earlier but honestly, I forgot. :'D So you see, earlier this month on the 16th October I went to an optician to have my vision checked. I had booked the time prior to walking in there, of course.
For the past few years I've noticed that my left eye sees things far away with a slight blur and over the years it started bothering me more and more. I guess it slowly got worse and this year it has been especially noticeable; I have problems reading stuff a set distance away and it's just plain annoying. I have to squint with my left eye to see things farther away.. or I close it completely and just look with my right eye because the right has better vision. I've kinda got used to doing this when my left eye was screwing up my vision; I just closed the fucker and then I could see better. lol

But yeah, at the optician's I had a free check-up (totally the reason I decided to go now and not earlier they had a vision check campaign that was free for the whole October!) and turned out that my sight was actually better than I had feared! I was prepared that my left eye would have -1.00 or something but it was only -0.50. :D It felt worse, haha. Then again, I did guess a lot of the letters on the screen and seemingly guessed right trolololol. My right eye isn't perfect either but it was only -0.25 so nothing that bothers me one way or another.
The optician said I don't need to buy glasses just yet if I don't feel the need for it (read: don't have the cash for it) so I won't do it until a bit later, I guess.

What's both funny and bothersome is that when I look at circle lenses available in prescription now the smallest available is -0.50! Yeah, I totally don't even have the option to get my better eye corrected. xD Not like my right eye is annoying, I'm just pointing it out that if I decide to use prescription I can only wear one lens with correction, lolol. Oh well ~

See ya later!

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