Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween / Fantasy makeups!

Hello and Happy Halloween to everyone! :D

So over the past few days I've had a weird makeup experimenting spree and I've done some quick tests of different more or less Halloween-themed looks. I only used basic stuff that I already had at home so yeah, a good majority is eyeshadows - yep, even all the black parts.
I've never done anything remotely close to this before so yeah, it's not very pro at all. I suck with makeup haha. I mostly did it for fun and because I was bored. :'D

The first look I tried was inspired from a lot of different stuff kabuki, corpse paint and a bit of Titans.. I guess. xD *coughattackontitanhypegoingoncough*

I used my most tangled and destroyed wig; I wanted it to look kind of messy and unkempt. I didn't bother dressing differently so I didn't change what I was already wearing, just added that random white fabric... that shirt is my most Halloween-ish anyway lol. Oh, in case you noticed yes, I'm wearing different color contacts on each eye. Here, I'll show you a close-up!

Flash photo
On the (viewer's) left is Dueba Volte Brown and on the right is Dueba Volte Green.
After I was done with this look I threw away the green contacts because they had technically expired. I always feel sad throwing away my eyes. ;_;

The next look is very hastily done and I'm sorta ashamed of it because of that. ._. It's a lot messier than I wanted it to be but oh well, I did it for practice for a possible more proper makeup look I want to try in the future.
This one is inspired by crows.

I wanted to wear black contact lenses for this, but I don't have black ones currently, so I didn't wear any. On this one I also continued the makeup below my face, just for the hell of it. I wanted it to look a bit cartoon-y.

The third and final makeup look is inspired by these kind of gothic-ish dolls, slightly creepy perhaps. I tried my hands on making a kind of sad-looking face.

This one look reminds me a bit of Ulquiorra from Bleach; it makes me wonder if I could pull him off? x) Oh, and the super noticeable eyebags are totally intended, I even put some eyeshadow under my eyes to make it more obvious, hohoho. Also the contacts I'm wearing are the Princess Pinky Orange Werewolfs.

But you know what guys?
The best creepy look is still the one you get with the least effort after all the frustration to wash off the makeup on your face.. and only succeeding partly. lololo


No comment. xD

That's about it for this time. I think I will try out more different fantasy/spooky inspired makeup looks in the future too, it was fun! If anyone has any suggestions on what you'd like to see me try then send them this way! :D

Shiro Samurai waves bye!


  1. If you ever do Ulquiorra just so you know I will haunt you down, and just fangirl so hard. I mean you will looks so <3 T^T <3 I have no more words on that matter.

    Also I really like the first look =D And the other ones was really interesting.

    Good work.

    1. Thank you! I'm kinda considering to cosplay him. :D He's my favorite of the Arrancars I think.

  2. I... I just fell on my ass. O_O
    Seriously? Y U do this when I'm away? TT^TT
    It's amazing, all of it. I don't even have words, only tears. ;A;
    Keep it up!! I'd love to see more of this! <3 I love all of these (even the bonus. :p)
    What color is your hair now? O_o

    The first one looks so clean... and smooth... did you use primer?
    I really f*cking love the wing design on the crow one. I died a little. ;A;
    And the creepy doll one makes you look really sad. Challenge complete. x)

    Do more of this please! <3

    1. My hair is its natural color, like on the bonus pic.

      Honestly, no I didn't. xD I didn't use shit; couldn't be bothered with any pre-treatments lolol. Just happened to have flattering light I guess, heh.


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