Thursday, November 27, 2014

Me, myself and tentacles (Blooper plush)


On 25th November I headed to Luleå and after I was done with my main business in the city I headed out to go check the game stores. First up I visited Gamestop but they didn't really have anything interesting or well, they did, but I can find the same games for cheaper online. I did ask for a second Shiny Gengar event code while there that I gave to Jäätynyt Enkeli, because I already had one but he didn't. The guy giving it to me said that it was the last or second to last one they had left, phew!
After visiting Gamestop I headed over to Game, the other nearby gaming store. While there I saw a shelf with a lot of different Super Mario character plush dolls and some were really cool! There was everything from Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to a big Goomba, Baby Peach and Luigi with his trusty Poltergust 5000! Above them was a backpack shaped like Link's shield from The Legend of Zelda too! :D Oh I swear while there I just wanted to buy half of the stuff or something lol.
BUT. I kept digging in the shelf for other plushies that were a bit hidden behind/under the other ones and then I found something special it was white, it was flat and it had eyes that stared at me with big diluted pupils. I saw it, it saw me and we knew that we were made for each other at this moment. I just couldn't possibly have left it there it was calling me. Love at first sight, we were inseparable.

le Blooper plush. <3
What was love at first sight as well was the price. Yeah, Blooper was one of the cheapest plush dolls they had, if not the cheapest. But. This was also the moment when I was incredibly out of cash and so even 150 149 SEK felt like a punch in the face... or should I say wallet? But of course this was when my life was saved and I happened to remember that "hey dawg, I have a present card for this store!" and yep, said present card contained 150 SEK of value. :D So yeah, I was digging in the dephts of my bag and praying that I had been a clever boy and packed the present card with. Luckily I found it there and so it came to be that Skecon sponsored me tentacles! :'DD

"How come" you maybe wonder now?
Well, back in summer I attended Skecon, an anime convention. While there me and Jäätynyt Enkeli signed up for the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! tournament and well, we crushed everyone and got first prize! Said first prize.. prize.. included the aforementioned present card hence why I got a free Blooper plush sponsored by Skecon. xD 
Curious about Skecon? Read about my experience here: Skecon summary :D

And lastly I'll post some more pics of the Blooper mascot plush. I swear I can't get over it, it's so cute and.. squishy. xD I'm really happy that it has this kind of loop so that it works as a keychain too (and it doesn't even have a risk to fall off!), I'll totally hang it from my bag!

Blooper out of its package.
Blooper's backside.
Tush tag and paper tag (backside) close-up.
You can hang it from a bag! :'D
(nevermind the key, I needed something with a ring so that I
could fasten it and the key was the one I found first)
Sorry for the yellow crappy light but my apartment's light kinda sucks and now when we are heading towards winter it's getting dark/night really fast in here; I don't have many hours of sunlight anymore. :'( I wish it wouldn't get dark so fast, stupid polar night approaching. :C

Oh oh, Hasakitsuki also bought a mascot Super Mario plush! We couldn't resist! >w<

Cheep Cheep!

That's it! Back to sea again, bye!

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Jäätynyt Enkeli said...

I saw what you did there! >8D

Reading this post really makes me wanna buy a Super Mario plush too! >.<