Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas presents 2014

Hello everyone and a belated Merry Christmas to you!

I spent Christmas at mom's as is our tradition. I went there with Jäätynyt Enkeli and Hasakitsuki on the 23rd and slept over until 27th. But this time we weren't the only guests my big sister and her boyfriend were there too! It was nice to see her again and meet her new partner. :)

As far as Christmas goes we had porridge on the morning I didn't get the almond, good Christmas dinner (even though I'm not very fond of most Christmas foods) later on, watched the Swedish Donald Duck Christmas cartoon, ate chocolates as well as way too many bakeries *pats stomach* and just spent time with my family. I don't know why but this year it felt like 24th December went by reaaaally fast. D: I forgot to drink the mulled wine aka glögg/glögi but maybe that's for the better lately I've grown some weird really bad intolerance to mulled wine and by this I mean that if I drink any it doesn't take more than maximum two minutes and I'm vomiting all over the place and feel really sick. :'( I had no problems until the last few years and now as far as I know there is only one mulled wine brand that I can drink without problems it's a Swedish one that is simply called "God Jul glögg"; it comes in a green glass bottle with red around the neck and an etiquette with a gingerbread heart on. No idea why but this one I can drink safely hahah. But let's not get into puke stories now... *khrmm* 

Instead I'll show you what I got for Christmas!

Sorry for the bad light but the lamps in my apartment suck and well, it's polar night. 
I got the obligatory Christmas chocolates (I always get either Geisha or Enkeli chocolate for Christmas xD), shoe grips, a water kettle, two receipt books sushi and thai food, a grooming kit and a nostalgic Rölli towel. <3 I also got some money (both SEK and Euro) and there's a few more geeky presents that I haven't received yet. :) Oh, and if anyone wonders Rölli is a Finnish very popular children series/cartoon that I grew up with; it's among the same chart of nostalgy as Pokémon and Digimon is for me.

I took very few photos of Christmas this year so I don't really have anything else to show you this time around. Maybe next Christmas! Bye!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Mochi and dried fruits!


Some months ago Hasakitsuki went to visit her family in France and while there she bought some Japanese mochi from a cultural festival/fair with Japan as an invited country. There were seemingly a lot of stands were people were trying to sell you tourism stuff as well as some stands with Japanese food and sweets. Too bad I stayed in northern Sweden so I didn't get to experience this thing it seemed cool from what she told me! Oh well, maybe some day.. I wish we had this kind of stuff up here too...

But she did bring some sweets back up to Sweden from the festival!

Ever since I first tasted mochi I've been kinda addicted to it! It has a weird but funny consistency and it's just so good! I've tasted several different flavors even the fruity ones but this time Hasakitsuki brought with her some special flavors I've never seen before! Gotta taste 'em all!

Except for getting mochi from Hasakitsuki my dad has also fairly recently returned from a trip to Thailand. It has kinda turned into a tradition by now that every time he visits he will bring me and Jäätynyt Enkeli some packs of dried fruits from Bangkok's airport. xD They are super good, om nom nom!

I do miss Thailand. I've been there several times in my life (at least five times by now, probably more) and the last time was already a couple of years ago; feels like forever. I really want to go there soon again! Actually, I want to go anywhere abroad as soon as possible, been having the travel fever for a while now goddammit. xD


Monday, December 1, 2014

Blood test horrors

Hi guys.

Early on the morning today I headed for the health care center in town to do some blood tests. Of course the night before I had been forbidden to eat anything past 22:00 and of course I had to stay up way too late because I couldn't fall asleep. :C Well this naturally contributed to sleep deprivation and feeling ill (and hungry!) while walking all the way across town to the health care center.
When I got there I noticed I had been way too early! There was still 45 minutes to go and so I took a nap on the chair-couch-thing. When it was finally my turn I ran away I entered the lab room and I'm not gonna deny I was scared. :'(
But yeah, this time it went fine. But what wasn't fine was that they had to take quite many tubes and by the time it was the last one I was feeling so bad it wasn't even funny. I was shit pale, had problems breathing, my head felt clogged and slow, had problems talking, blackening vision and hard to keep my eyes open, cold sweat and the whole package. Yeah, I just felt like puking, rolling in the puke and then fainting. x_x

And of course I had to sit on the chair that just happened to be defective for the day and so when they needed to get me to lie down ASAP or I'd faint the goddamn chair that I sat on didn't go down! This only made my situation worse and after an X amount of nurses appearing and the one who stung me uttering "voi paska" someone finally came with a moving bed. Well, I moved over to lie on the bed and was taken to some kind of observatory room, I guess. There I stayed for at least 30 minutes before I felt good enough to stand up again. I even stole got a nurse's meal banana to eat...

When I finally could leave the health care center I made my way to a nearby food store where I bought the most sugary bakery I could find lol. It was like a cinnamon bun but with no cinnamon and saffron instead. Oh, and a bottle of Dr. Pepper.
Back home I changed into pyjama and proceeded to sleep away half the day (went to sleep around 10:00 and woke up somewhere around 17:20 something, oops) because I felt so weak.

Soon I have to sleep again. OTL Bye!