Thursday, December 24, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie premiere!

Hello geeks ~

First of all, don't worry since this post doesn't contain any movie spoilers. :) This is just a (bit late) post about how fun it was to work at the cinema in town during the Star Wars movie's world premiere. Yes, if you didn't know then I am indeed a volunteer worker at the cinema and yes, it's hella awesome!
As a geeky person few things are better than getting to work in a place were I can combine my hobbies *coughcosplaycough* with the work itself! And hey, I even get to watch movies for free (if I work during said movie's showing, of course) so it's not like being a volunteer doesn't yield me anything in return save for the always appreciated working experience. ;) Yay!

Okay soooo... as the geek I am I sewed a Jedi robe during a weekend and the rest of the outfit I threw together from stuff in my closet, including a vintage kimono for the outer robe. I dare say that it's not half-bad for a "closet Jedi", don't you think? It could be better but it could also be a looooooot crappier... :DD

Mirror photo in my apartment. Sorry about the messy background...
The reason for dressing up was of course that I'd go to work in a Star Wars themed costume for the Star Wars movie because why the heck not? And to top it all of it was well-received too! I mean, I got some really nice comments during both the days I worked during a Star Wars showing (16th December and 20th December) one of the most memorable being a lady saying to me, while I was scanning tickets on the second day, something like "people in costumes, now the mood is on top!". I also overheard an adult guy saying "woah, cosplayers!" in this surprised voice; I'm actually surprised myself that someone in this little town even knows the word, lol. There was also a young guy whom I recognized from my school who, once he saw me, started beaming out stuff very excitedly like "oh my god look, it's Obi-Wan Kenobi!" and such. I just smiled – didn't want to say that I'm just a random Jedi because I can understand that there were some similarities. x) I'm actually a bit surprised that he didn't seem to recognize me at all, even though we've talked on multiple occasions and been in the same art class for over half a year. *shrugs* Speaking of characters – another guy earlier also came up to me and asked if I was Obi-Wan or Luke Skywalker, to which I replied that I'm actually not dressed as a specific character. I realized afterwards that I could have pulled a shitty pun with my name – I could have said that I'm Obi-Wan Kainobi, LOL.
There was also a young kid in a fur hat who walked up to me in a really confident, proud, over-the-top way and asked me with a sneaky grin and with eyes that shone of excitement "are you a Jedi?". When I answered "yes" he did this childlike doubting squint with his eyes (still smiling), as if he was planning to check my authenticity, like one might do with Santa Claus. All in all it was way too cute, goddammit! x) He said "I have a question for you, I'll be back soon", winked to me and walked away with the same air of determination. He later came back and asked a question regarding Darth Maul and the movies and I mimiced his speech patterns, did a sort of bro/cool guy sign with my hand towards him and said "let me think about that one ;)", hahah. Too bad I didn't see him after that so I didn't get to answer...

I think that's about all that I have to say for this round ~

Friday, December 4, 2015

Depend regnbågspincett (tweezers) + Lyko store mini review!

Hi there! ~
This here will be my first review when it comes to beauty products, tools and accessories! Yay! o(^◇^)o

I've been on a lookout for good tweezers for a pretty long time now and I finally, after a lot of searching, found something that sounded promising! I don't know if these goodies has an "official" name but on the site I bought them from they were just called Depend regnbågspincett (click to get to the direct link on the site!), which translates to "rainbow tweezers". Depend is the brand name and I do recognize it because I once, many years ago, bought some dark blue nail polish from the same brand – for the sake of cosplay, haha.

As you can see these tweezers came in a little plastic storage pouch that they fit snugly in. It takes some squeezing/pulling to get them out, actually. xD There's also a small silicone-ish tip protector for the metallic ends that you can just slide on – I think that's great because they are sharp.
Be careful while plucking hairs or you might pinch your skin and have it bleed. Also, you really don't want to accidentally poke yourself in the eyes with these either. It would hurt.

Brand: Depend
Type: tweezers
Material: metal
Length: 9,5 cm
Width: 0,5-1 cm (metallic tips 3 mm wide)

So I've been using these for about a week now and, well, I must say that it's no wonder why they won a best in test at Veckorevyn in 2010! This rainbow tool is amazing in every way possible and I'm more than satisfied with the purchase. These are actually my first tweezers ever and I surely won't be changing them anytime soon... nah, screw that – I'll probably never need any others, unless I lose these or something lol. And then I'd be a sad man.
Before buying these I've been occasionally borrowing tweezers from people around me – ranging from my brother, friends and even my mom. Most of the tweezers I've tried have felt either clumsy to hold, not precise enough and/or the grip itself (once you catch a hair and start to pull it out) isn't strong enough.
But guys, these Depend rainbow tweezers are seriously a godsend! They are very comfy to hold in my hand (aren't sliding/turning around etc), lightweight, extremely precise and pulls out hairs like no one's business!

Because the ends are angled it makes it easy to reach those otherwise hard-to-get small hairstrands etc. These also have a very solid and strong grip, so once you catch that unpleasing hair you will get the fucker out on the first try, eff yeah! o/ This is such a big deal for me because I hate it when, with some tweezers, you have to retry/aim at the same hair for like 3-5 times before it finally goes off and that's because the tweezer ends just glide once you start pulling the hair out, even if you put enough pressure to keep the damn thing closed during the whole process. It just makes the whole procedure frustrating and wastes a lot of time in the long run... ._. I want things to go smoothly and effectively.
So yeah, that gliding (aka not strong enough grip) issue is memories away with these funky rainbow pieces-of-awesome!
Oh, and these are so powerful that your eyes might start watering if you rip off several hairs at once, which is totally possible with ease, by the way.

I also must mention that I love that these are multi-colored, like omg yes! *_* It's such a nice and refreshing color pop in your makeup bag! Oh, and even though mine are blue & violet these do exist in other color variations too. ;) The color is actually another reason why I totally wanted these over some other tweezers, lol. Gotta be fabulous ~

All in all these do feel really solid, durable and sure to last me for years. They're a really good deal at only 79 SEK! Heck, I'd be willing to pay more for these if needed because they're seriously that good. Yes!!
There is really no reason why you shouldn't buy these if you need some good tweezers because hey, these killer babies from Depend have everything on their side: design, precision, quality, performance and even the price! You can't go wrong!!

Regarding the online store where I bought these from, Lyko, I want to mention that everything went smoothly. My order arrived straight to my mailbox in like 2 working days (note: domestic shipping within Sweden) after ordering and paying for the product. It came in an ordinary bubblewrap envelope with the store's logo on it. I really have nothing to complain about and I would definitely order from them again if I find something that I need from there. :)

That's all for this time! I hope this was helpful to someone out there ~
Thanks for reading and bye! Shiro Samurai out.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

MH4U gaming moments part. 1 – Death by Konchu

Hello geeks!

I just need to tell you about what happened to me today (26th November) while I was playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. xD This is too good not to share!!
I got to experience one of my most ridiculous, frustrating, shameful and at the same time hilarious carts (aka deaths) that I've ever gotten on a Monster Hunter game so far!

So yeah, I was hunting an Azure Rathalos in the Volcanic Hollow area. I played a Dragon-type Insect Glaive but it's not like it matters so, yeah. At one point the Rathalos did the homing poison claw attack at me (you know, the one on which he flies in mid-air, turns to his target and suddenly swoops down rapidly with his claws) and it took like half my health bar. This attack always poisons your hunter so, unless you have the armor skill Poison Negate, you better have your Antidotes and/or Herbal Medicines ready.
I instantly scrolled to the Antidotes and drank one to get rid of the poison that was ticking away at my health. I have a bad habit of taking the Antidote before using potions, which has led me to cart more than once. By the time I'm still in the drinking animation (drink & flex!) the blue fucker targets me again and does ANOTHER POISON CLAW SWOOP.  
U kiddin' me bruh?? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) 
By some miracle (thanks, hunting gods) I survived with a a couple few pixels of health left but yeah, I'm poisoned again and back to square one – except with less remaining health than before. ._.

You think it ended there ? HAHAAH NOEP. :DD

You see, I was panicking because of super low life so I did the bad habit again quickly pressed to take another Antidote and... guess what? You ain't gonna believe it but this seriously happened!

Konchus are kinda cute.... BUT WE ALL HATE THEM.
I kid you not, this totally happened today and I don't know how I should feel about it. I mean, Konchus are so annoying (and they fuck you up!) but this is so bad that it's good LOL – first time a Konchu kills me. ;_; 
I don't know if I should be mad, cry, laugh, feel ashamed or feel like I just lost all credibility as a good hunter. I've played 700+ hours on MH4U and closing in on 2000 hours on MHFU...

So... yeah. ._.
Anyone else got steamrolled to death by a Konchu? Share you stories! x)
Thanks for reading and Shiro Samurai says byebye!
Pssst, who wants me to write more "gaming moment" stories in the future? :D

Huh...? You want more?
Uhmm, fine. 8C
B-b-bonus story!! 

Once in MHFU, aka Freedom Unite, a couple years ago or so I once took a Guts activating hit (Guts is an armor skill that makes you survive a fatal hit with like one pixel of life) by Rajang Furious George and then I shouted to my hunting pals "guys, I'm aliiiiiiive! :DD" (we were playing through Local Play) and before I had time to do anything else a Vespoid came –surprise motherfucker!– and speed-dived into me and.......... cart. *roll roll roll*
I didn't even have time to see what direction it came from! Fucking Vespoid. xD
Yeah, that's my most hilarious MonHun cart part 2, lol ._. I'm sure I have more of these but I can't remember them right now.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Self-made fantasy "armguards" made of recycled leather!

Hello guys!

I should have done this post a lot earlier but I kept forgetting and then I was incredibly busy...
You see, at school a couple or so months ago I made myself a pair of "armguards" (or whatever you want to call them) during sewing class. I mainly made them just for fun while I waited to start another cosplay project. The thing is that these are super simple, completely handsewn and made solely out of recycled leather fabric scraps that my school had likely salvaged from to-be-trashed furniture. Yeah, these arm decorations are economic and environmental-friendly, haha. :'D

My one and only progress photo. The glove to the right is finished, left
one ready to be sewn shut.
What I did was basically cut out two identical rectangles out of scrap leather and then I took another piece of a differently colored leather fabric and started cutting out a ton of scales in different sizes. I sewed on the scales on one edge of the brown leather in a pattern I decided on.

Finished glove, upper side.
Finished glove, bottom side.
The only thing making these hold their shape and actually be, well, arm covers, is that there's two stitches keeping them shut – between these two stitches my thumb goes in. I'm bad at explaining so I just took a photo show what I mean. It's the one below. :)

Close-up of how the armguard is "closed"/hold its shape.
Yeah, those two stitches are the only ones making these things keep their shape and not just being decorated rectangles. I wanted these to be simple because even simplicity has its charm!

Crummy mirror photo showing how it looks when
both arm covers are worn.
I plan to use these for some of my alternative fashion outfits in the future and maybe even for some cosplay or something – who knows?
But seriously, it's cool and makes me happy to think that these used to someone's couch back in the days, haha. I really support re-using fabrics and other materials instead of always buying new ones – let's give old things new lives and new purposes! Our Earth will thank us in the long run.

Shiro Samurai leaves for today! See ya!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rurouni Kenshin & Sengoku Basara rubber straps!

Hello hello ~

I'm just gonna do a speed-post because I wanted to show you guys these super cute rubber straps that I got as gifts from a new and awesome friend of mine, Ronja.
We were just one day talking on social media and she randomly asked me if I liked samurai series and my answer was of course a sounding "HECK YEAH!" because duuuude, that's like my favorite genre when it comes to anime and manga! x) She then sent a photo of the package of the Rurouni Kenshin one and asked if I knew the series and I was like in my mind all "OMMMMGGGGGG I DOOOOOOOO~" because hrrrng, I love RuroKen! ;u; The other series she said was Sengoku Basara and I was like yes-yes-yes because hell, I've been working on a Masamune Date cosplay for years now. Eternal cosplay project lol.
We both attended Kitacon and that's where she gave me these three! I think Ronja said that she had bought some big pack of random keychains online and then got these, in the lot, and thought that she'd rather give away them to someone who actually knew the series. xD

Sorry about the crummy light on the photos. It's called polar night (aka way too little daylight time) and I only had my shitty yellow apartment light to use...

The boxes featured Masamune Date and Mitsunari Ishida.
(note: the top is opened)
Backside showed what characters were possible to get.
I would have wanted Masamune the most, since he's my favorite, but I'm pretty much fine with anyone. x) I've seen both seasons of the anime and I own Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes to Nintendo Wii. I sadly haven't played the newer games and thus I don't recognize the newer characters.

Both were safely inside small plastic bags.
I got Maria Kyōgoku (left) and Matabee Gotō (right).
Just to show the backsides.
I actually didn't recognize these two since they are new characters first shown in the Sengoku Basara 4 game. I had to check up their names on the Basara wikia and based on their quick description it seems like Maria Kyōgoku is the type of character who firmly believes that she's better than others (ironically she was in real life an early Christian converter...) and Matabee Gotō is a bit crazy in his head; he has a severe case of "I need to show this guy that I'm worthwhile so I'm gonna make a list of people I want to kill and then go kill them" going on. xD He's basically the guy who failed a few times too much and it went way over his head (and pride), made him snap and enter a desperate killing spree. I might be wrong but this is the impression I got of the characters from the little information I found on a quick check.
I'll be hanging them both from my everyday/school bag so that I give off some geeky vibes, woop! o/

I also got a Rurouni Kenshin rubber strap!

So cute packaging! ;u;
I guess the top box says the available characters..?
This time I was hoping for either Kenshin, Soujiro or Sanosuke but once again I was fine with anyone because I love the damn series too much to be picky about who I get! The amount of joy I felt when I pulled up (from a plastic bag as well) a cute chibi Sanosuke Sagara was almost too much to handle – I was so close to squealing and making totally unmanly sounds lol.

Sanosuke Sagara! He's soooo cute!
Oh and yeah, in case anyone wonders all of these rubber straps are approximately 6 cm long and 4 cm wide. :) Banpresto is the maker of the Sengoku Basara straps and Media Factory is behind the Rurouni Kenshin one.

I think that's about all. Thank you Ronja!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Monster Hunter Orage manga!

Hello fellow geeks ~

If anyone remembers I bought second-hand the complete set of the Finnish release of the Monster Hunter Orage manga from the Arctic Comics Festival. As far as I know it's not very known that there exists a Monster Hunter manga so yeah, I thought I could take some photos of it and tell a little about what I thought about the manga?


First up I'll give you all some photos of each of the four volumes, showing both sides of the cover!

First volume, front and back. (Finnish edition)
Second volume, front and back. (Finnish edition)
Third volume, front and back. (Finnish edition)
Fourth volume, front and back. (Finnish edition)
It was years ago I last read manga in Finnish; I've mostly moved over to reading manga in English online. Sometimes Finnish translations are good and sometimes they feel a bit... less good. You know, like it's chunky and clumsily translated and it all just ends up feeling goofy and off I can say that Monster Hunter Orage suffers from occasionally clumsy translations that just don't feel right with me. But the general translation is easily forgiven because it's not the worst offender and well, it's honestly not always bad either. But seriously, when I first started reading the manga I was instantly put off by the super retarded translations of the different weapons and items – why couldn't they just keep the original English names? Why couldn't they just had kept for example the weapon type Gunlance as simply Gunlance and not translate it into "tuliasekeihäs" (lit. firearm lance) which sounds so stupid. ._. Bowgun has been translated to "jousituliase" which does still mean bowgun (although 'tuliase' is literally firearm) but sounds equally dumb as the Gunlance translation, nonetheless. All the bullet shots for the bowguns and all items like Whetstones, Lifepowder ("Elämänpöly" sounds so bad) etc have been translated as well and it just makes me go WHY??? (╯°□°)︵ ┻━┻ It actually just makes me confused because I'm soooo used to the English names...
Almost all the Finnish translations regarding items in the MonHun world just irk me greatly and makes me wish I had read it in English instead lol. And yeah, this is coming from a major MonHun fan who has played different games in the series (Freedom Unite and 4U) for a total of soon 2000 hours.. and still counting. 
Oh, and someone please tell me what the fuck is "yhden käden miekka"?? >_> (lit. one hand sword)
I want to mention though that some of the weapon name translations are at least passable; Dual Blades has been translated to "kaksoismiekat" which literally means 'twin swords' – not bad. Long Sword is "pitkämiekka" which still means exactly the same and is at least okay. But Great Sword is "jättimiekka" which would mean like 'giant sword' and that just sounds stuuuuuupid. You see, "jätti" is the word for something humongously big so yeah, it just comes off as silly to me and it's hard to take seriously.
Ah, and one last thing! Finnish doesn't have a word for wyvern so the word for dragon is used instead, which is "lohikäärme" and literally means 'salmon snake'. Yeah, it's true. xD So yeah, it feels clumsy because MonHun universe makes a distinction between wyverns and dragons and there's sub-categories to them too – Elder Dragons, Bird Wyverns, Brute Wyverns etc. Having everything being clumped together as 'blah blah lohikäärme' just feels... off.
Sure that the Beast type monsters were called "blah blah peto" instead but it didn't sound the best in my ears either; "hammaspeto" was Fanged Beast and it's literally 'tooth beast'. xD Would have been better with like "torahammaspeto" or something because that's more like Fanged Beast. The word for both fangs and teeth is pretty much interchangable in Finnish so yeah, because of that the word "hammaspeto" just makes me think of some toothfairy gone horribly wrong lol.

The partly cringe-worthy translation aside it was way too tempting to buy this set as it only cost me 8 € and all the books were in good condition. As a MonHun fan I just couldn't resist now that I actually found someone selling the complete set! (earlier I only ever found loose volumes second-hand, most commonly only the first two)
Oh, and in case someone doesn't know, the artist who gave us Fairy Tail is the same who has drawn Monster Hunter Orage – Hiro Mashima. Personally I don't like the art style (one of the reasons I haven't watched/read Fairy Tail lol) but I got used to it and well, I have to admit that some of the monsters were drawn in a cool way.

Photo of the manga when it was still bundled together.
Showing the sides, or spines..? Whatever they're called.
Regarding the manga itself I must say that my first thought was that the main character, Shiki, looked like the offspring if Naruto and Luffy from One Piece ever had a child lol.
I personally thought that most of the characters were annoying, flat and boring. Sakuya was probably the least annoying one and then followed by Curlos, but Shiki and that Long Sword-wielding girl got on my nerves many times lol. The characters were predictable and cliché and I just didn't really get any kind of emotional connections to them; it felt like they were all really plain and underdeveloped but, well, you can't expect much from a manga that only has 4 volumes anyway. *shrugs* I'm not saying that the story itself was bad, it's just that I didn't enjoy the characters most of the time – I guess I was expecting a bit more?

But yeah, the character cast is basically this:

Shiki (main male lead): Your typical hotheaded, loud and very obnoxious guy who fights for his friends and has a super-rare weapon that everyone and their grandma is after. Never gives up and always wins the fights because he wants to protect his friends. He also screams "OHHH GREAT MAAAASTEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR!!!" and "UOOOOOOOOORRRRRGHRRG!!!" more times than you blink your eyes in one day...
Ailee (main female lead): Tsundere girl with trusting issues because she was naive as a kid and then punished for it; she genuinely trusted a group of assholes who wanted to do illegal stuff and caller her their "comrade", even though they never gave two shits about her. Because of this she hates the word 'comrade' and acts all tsundere on Shiki and refuses to be his friend/companion. She later surprise surprise gets over herself and starts considering him and the rest as ~important comrades~ to her.
Sakuya (supporting): A blacksmith who is determined to create the best weapons. She lived alone, since her father disappeared, in their smithy where she made weapons to fight off a nearby monster. She learns that her father was killed by said monster and once she bumps into Shiki and Ailee they kill the beast together and she decides to join their group. She's the kind girl with big boobs who ends up being just a background decoration as soon as her story has been told.
Curlon (rival): Shiki's rival who's also nicknamed "The Prince". A guy who wants to be better than Shiki at any cost. Comes off as a cold selfish elitist but he is also someone who doesn't know his grammar lol. He even teams up with the main bad guy to beat Shiki but surprise again– suddenly betrays the bad guy and shows that he's not actually a pure-blooded dickwit. He also has a crush on Ailee but she first dislikes him and later just gives him the friendzone treatment. Oh, and he ends up fighting together with Shiki in the end because OHMAIGAWD FRIENDSHIP POWER!! – who seriously saw that one coming?

Ehrrm. Yeah. Doesn't sound very original, now does it? :'DD

All the front covers lined up together.
Same as above but with the back covers.
Oh, and I don't know what's up with the fourth volume's cover – it has those weird pale stripes on both the front and back covers. I'm guessing they are some kind of printing errors because they were also on a couple of the manga pages... :/ The printing is a bit messy at times too, especially on the fourth volume; there's some "phantom images" in the edges (aka where there's supposed to be nothing) on some pages, as if there's been a printing mistake so you can see faintly unrelated images (earlier pages?) in very pale ink outside the actual panels of the page.

About the monsters we get to see both new ones created solely for the manga like Naco Agul, Delma-Ioprey, Gilkuza and Myo Galuna, but we will also find many familiar faces – Rathian, Kushala Daora, Yian Kut-Ku, Diablos and Plesioth, to name a few. Most monsters are only shown in a couple panels at most and then never seen again and not name-dropped either (and, if the name is said it's not always complete for example they kill a Bullfango to make "fango stew" in the first manga) so yeah, if you have no prior knowledge of MonHun universe it might be very confusing. Personally I obviously had no problem recognizing all the non-original monsters that showed up because they were from Freedom Unite's cast.
Oh, and this manga is supervised by Capcom, in case anyone wonders if there were any ties.

Naco Agul – a monster made only for the manga.
We get to see the hipcheck fucker Plesioth!
... and a very badass looking Diablos.
Let's not forget the Rathian's backflips!
But the manga also gives us some oddities – care for what
seems to be a fossilized Khezu?
There's one thing I really want to mention though! The main point of the story is that Shiki and his friends are out to hunt a legendary wyvern known as Myo Galuna, "The Last Star". It's described as a shining dragon that no one has seen and thus its whereabouts and looks are clouded in mystery. There is an old legend about it appearing when the stars cover up the night sky Myo Galuna will appear between heaven and hell and will destroy everything on the planet. The thing is that there is a creepy-looking skeleton wyvern called Gilkuza (also shrouded in mystery and unbeatable at first) that is undoubtedly linked to Myo Galuna and, well, this instantly made me think about the connection between Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I'm not gonna go into too much details because I don't want to give even more spoilers for those who haven't read the manga but yeah, Gilkuza works as a sort of gatekeeper of sorts and is sealing Myo Galuna's true location.
Even though the monsters don't look the same it feels as if the manga-only Gilkuza and Myo Galuna inspired Capcom to re-use the basic concept of them and remake them as the two Magalas later on. I'm assuming that the manga came out before 4U since it gives many hints, especially on those side-story comic strips and well, all the monsters in the manga are from MonHun's second generation. I just find it interesting that Gilkuza and Myo Galuna are like light & darkness and linked together, just like Gore and Shagaru Magala; I just can't think that it's pure coincidence...

And finally I'm just gonna show what some random pages look like ~

The main character, Shiki.
The hunting team got beaten up...
"Go forward like a stormwind."
Showing the village and, yes, that's a map and double-yes, that's
a hotspring with an adorable Felyne sign.
Kelbikinis. Why is this not a thing in the games? lol
So yeah, while I personally found the characters to be of the more annoying sort the story was okay. It's really nothing special or anything that you've never seen or read before but it is a nice read for those days when you just want to read something that doesn't make knots in your brains and demand a lot of concentration. The story is simple and quite straight-forward and there's barely and surprises or plot-twists – and those that there are feel a bit too sudden/unrealistic and well, the rest are of the sort that we've seen a thousand times before.
But yeah, even though I'm ranting quite a lot about it (then again, the Finnish translation is partly to blame) it wasn't all bad! It's not like it was a chore to read and I did enjoy some chapters quite much actually. I'd still recommend it for MonHun fans since it does give a refreshing alternate take and expansion of the Monster Hunter world. :) I mainly read it for the "omg MonHun as a manga!" thing and yeah, it was cool to see it adapted into comic form, even though the manga does take some liberties and invents own rules and quirks to the hunting world. It's worth checking out at least, even if just for an one-time read.

That's about all that I have to say. Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Damage on my New Nintendo 3DS XL?!

Hi guys!

This post is a bit late but I wanted to make it anyway. You see, I've had my New Nintendo 3DS XL in use for a bit more than half a year now and well, the console itself has already started taking some damage. :( I don't know when exactly it started happening but the paint on one of the corners peeled off and revealed the "inner flesh". I was surprised when I first saw this because I had never experienced it on any of my other handheld gaming consoles (GBC, GBA SP, NDS, PSP).
For some reason only the right bottom corner is damaged; the rest are fine. I don't know how it happened but I guess it has something to do with acidic body fluids building up over time and, yeah... ._.

This is what the damaged part looks like. Notice how the "peeled off" area
is bigger/wider the closer to the corner it is, but the damage continues
to approximately mid-way.
As you maybe can see the silvery area is where the "paint" newly peeled off. It turned black within 24 hours. The black areas that are visible on the photos are older.

This shows the color change between the old black areas and the new silvery one well.
The metallic blue color itself is a very thin layer, seemingly. It came off easily by just scraping it with my finger on the areas where it was already loose. Oh, and the "paint" seems to fairly easily glue/stick onto itself once flaked off. It's also very frail and will tear really easily once it's not on the console anymore.

The paint about to go off.

The "paint" on my finger. It's super lightweight and thin.
I'm wondering if anyone else has had this same thing happening?
I guess you could prevent it by washing your hands often but I didn't think about it back then because yeah, it never happened on any of my other consoles – then again, the New 3DS XL does have a different surface too. I mean, I never saw my fingerprints so fucking clearly on any other console!! D:

This bothers me so much lol. Fingerprints galore.
Oh well, even though I dislike that it took damage so soon (not even a year has passed dammit!) it's only to accept it. :/ I've also noticed that my L and R buttons have gotten slightly worn so they don't always respond. My C-stick also seemed a bit stiff lately, especially when tilted to the right; I have to press it harder and occasionally use my nail to press it downwards before it moves the camera properly.

I guess that's all I have to say. Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Monster Hunter 10th Anniversary pouch for N3DS XL

Hello peeps!

I'm gonna do a quick merchandise post today. ^_^ For not long ago I ordered from eBay's wonderland a carrying/protective pouch for my New Nintendo 3DS XL. From what I've noticed (and been told) both the original 3DS XL and the New 3DS XL are approximately the same size, which means that I don't have to worry about fitting issues. For some reason I haven't come across protective cases specially labeled as being sold for New Nintendo 3DS XL so, yeah, for a while I was really worried that there wasn't anything because all the 3DS XL cases never mentioned if they would fit the New 3DS XL. That started to get confusing.

So yeah, being the big Monster Hunter fan as I am, I of course was drawn to the MonHun themed ones that I saw. Most were plain (single color etc) and boring but there were some with Pokémon design and some with Youkai Watch and, of course, Super Mario as well. But Monster Hunter was for me the only one, haha.

Front art.
Back art.
I found this Monster Hunter 10th Anniversary pouch to be the coolest looking one. :> It's of course an officially licensed item that was sold in Japan. I bought from a Japanese seller; I think it arrived within 2 weeks, if I remember correctly.

In original package.
Backside of package.
It has a lot of different monsters (many of the flagships from the different games) on the front and back images and it's really colorful. The pouch itself is on the soft side and seems to be made of some kind of PVC or at least leather-ish fabric...? It's smooth to the touch and has a semi-matte shine when light hits it.

Showing the side. It closes with zippers around.
The pouch came with some shape holding foam inside that I removed. It holds its shape well even when it's empty, but it will still easily be pressed down if slight pressure is applied.
And yeah, it closes with zippers. The zippers (or at least one of them) is a bit chunky to get to move past the corners so I have to be careful, so that I don't try to pull it by force whenever it gets stuck. It does feel like it shouldn't break that easily but I'd still rather be safe than sorry lol. I've killed so many zippers during my lifetime, oh lord...

This shows the "backside" of the... err, side.
Seen from above aka the pouch is standing up so that the zipper side is against the table.
Inside it's pretty basic stuff. The game console is to be put on the bottom half and on the top you have a holder for three games.

What the pouch looks like inside.
There's place for some game cards!
Actually my New N3DS XL doesn't just fall into place like a Tetris block. I have to slightly lift/widen at least one of the four edges and press down the corresponding corner of my game system so that it fits into place. Yeah, the fit is snug but it's at least sure not to move around unneccessarily when you take it with you in whatever bag you carry the pouch in. It feels safe and secure when the game console is in its place; it's nicely "locked" in place. I'm just hoping that the case itself is not actually pressing on the L or R buttons...

Placed my New Nintendo 3DS XL in there.
Oh, and the "innards" of the pouch are soft. It also feels like the spot that is meant for the 3DS to be on has some extra cushioning around it –very likely for protecting against potential hits and keeping it in place better. The bottom is shaped like the console (aka rectangular), even though the general shape of the pouch is more rounded at the corners; it's noticeable if you look at the bottom on the first photo on which I show the inside, especially at the far corners. I'm sorry if my explanations are hard to understand... OTL

But yeah, I'm using this one especially for when I'm traveling to events, traveling abroad or wherever else from now on. :) I will still prefer to use my soft fabric "slide in" Monster Hunter 4U pouch for school days and/or whenever I need quick access to the 3DS to check StreetPass hits etc.
The package's front has a lot of monster icons on it! *_*
That about wraps it up. Thanks for reading!