Thursday, January 1, 2015

Celebrating New Year 2015 twice!

Belated Happy New Year to everyone! <3

This didn't quite turn out as planned but I somehow still
like it, hahah. XD
During the year shift I actually had the luxury to celebrate new year not once but twice. You wonder how that's possible? Well, it's because I happen to live between two countries with different timezones Finland is one hour ahead of Sweden. ;) So yeah, I totally first went over to Finland together with Hasakitsuki and le bro Jäätynyt Enkeli. We went to Rajalla shopping center that's obviously in the border and there we arrived 30 minutes before midnight and year shift Finnish time that is.
There was a totally awesome fireshow at the border!! *O* My photos don't do it justice at all because my camera kept being an ass and I had to resort to flash photos...

But here's at least a few pics so you get an idea of what it was like!
Sorry about the photo quality!

Firshow beginning *insert mighty Chinese song and moves here*
The guys even threw and juggled with multiple of those flame staffs high up in the air! o_O
There was also this woman who at one point used a fire chakram that she danced with!
 Towards the end of the show all of the three fire artists (two guys, one girl) used different sparkle rocket shooter thingys (no idea what they're called, sorry! xD) and oh boy without exaggerating it was among the coolest performances I've ever seen!!

They just took bigger and flashier launching equipment and spinned it around so graciously, it was magical. The sparkles blasted high up and all over the performers and it was just such an amazing sight that I have no words my eyes are unworthy! xD At some point there was so much smoke around that you only saw the sparkle blasts amidst the thick gray air and I started coughing. </3 But it was so worth it!!

When the fireshow was over the countdown to New Year began and to make it even cooler the fireshow performers had this kind of bright glowing spinnable sticks that read the countdown and then the text "Happy New Year" in Finnish, Swedish and English as well as "2015" and pictures of fireworks.

The quality is shit but this was the only photo I managed
to take of the countdown performance.
3... 2... 1...
Happy New Year 2015 Finland!!

There were of course more cooler/bigger fireworks too but my camera refused to cooperate and by this time my fingers had turned all shades of blue and were about to fall off (they friggin' hurt!) so I kinda just ragequitted. XD It was kinda raining/snowing and moist outside, my camera wasn't always responding and my fingers lost precision control, oops. Also my memory card got filled and I didn't want to plow through 2000+ pics and choose which ones to delete while there was a fireworks display in front of me. Also the delay when taking flash photos made me miss photographing all the best moments. -_-

After the fireworks were done and Finland had entered 2015 we time-traveled back to 2014 and one more hour to go before New Year Swedish time!
There was a I assume Swedish band playing a rock version of Euphoria along with other famous songs and soon enough we got to see the fireshow again!! It was mostly the same with a few different tricks/moves and more sparkle launcher action! 8D
After that it was countdown again and time for a second celebration in...

3... 2... 1...
Happy New Year 2015 Sweden!!

As per usual when it's about Finland and Sweden there is a need to compete and see who is the best of course it applies to firework displays too just as well as it does to ice-hockey championships.
Even though I'm Finnish at heart I have to admit I'm sorry Finland, but this time Sweden had better fireworks. x) Sweden just had more of the flashy and big fireworks (like on the photo above!) and it felt like it lasted a bit longer too. So cool, I had a blast hihi!! >w<

I already know that 2015 will be a very big and important year for me when many things will finally happen, things that I've longed for my whole life! <3 I really can't wait! I'm so excited to see what this year will bring with it changes, events, promises, experiences and adventures!

Thank you for the past year and let's embrace the current one together! Bye bye!


  1. Meilläki oli Helsingissä jotain tulishowta, en vaa nähny siitä juur mitää ko se oli ihan toisessa päässä aukeaa ku mihi me oltii jääty TT__TT Ilotulitukset oli kyl hienoja!
    Hyvää uutta vuotta sullekin!!

    (ps. ja haluutko neuvoo tyhmää et miten ton facebook sivu linkin saa tonne reunaa :'D)

    1. Höh, ikävä ku et nähnyt kunnolla.
      Kiitos kiitos!

      (joo voin mä auttaa, tuu Faceen niin yritän sieltä neuvoa! En tosiaan oo varma muistanko miten sain sen tonne... xD)

  2. Happy new year 2015, pretty boy! ;p <3
    You've got amazing pictures here! I'm happy you had a blast (hoho) and I agree that the fire dancers are amazing! :O
    You have my best wishes for 2015, I hope that you will be very happy with what this new year brings! <3


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