Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pokémon nostalgy waves, sadness and reunitions!

Hiya hello.

A few days ago I got lost in Tradera aka the Swedish equivalent of eBay and then I suddenly remembered a horrible experience from my childhood while browsing the site. I remembered that one fateful day, many years ago, when I was spending summer vacation at my dad's in southern Sweden. Yes, prepare for a story about a day of my life ahead.

It was during this time when Game Boy Advance especially GBA SP, which I had was still fairly new and everyone were playing Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen etc. Back then I used to carry my GBA games in a bag around my neck and well, during this specific day said bag had been washed and it was hanging to dry somewhere; meanwhile I had put all my GBA games on the table thingy in the room me and Jäätynyt Enkeli used to sleep in, aka where the Gamecube was. Yes, it was the gaming room.
Now, you see, me and bro weren't the only kids in the house dad's wife has two kids that were only a few years younger than us and we used to play Gamecube together a lot, back in the good old days. Ah, "Big Big" in Mario Kart. <3
So yeah, remember that I had put all my games on the table while I waited for the carrying bag to dry? Well, this decision was one of the biggest mistakes in my childhood life... AND I REGRET IT SO FUCKING MUCH. EVERY DAY. AAARGRGHGHHG!!1! *heavy breathing*

Guess what happened? :-DD

This one day the two other kids had invited their friends over for some Gamecube gaming. I didn't know said friends but little did it cross my mind that my room was invaded by kids of which at least half were complete strangers, I wasn't there watching over my belongings and most important of all I had my most precious games completely visible on the table. I should have known better!! 8C 
Well, guess.
When the kids had left for the day and I came back into my room I noticed that... both my Pokémon games were gone!! ;_; WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY---
It was Pokémon Sapphire and LeafGreen the main reasons I even had a GBA. What makes it worse is that Sapphire I had even bought with my own money, which, of course, meant either birthday or Christmas money because I almost never got money otherwise; I had been saving up my cash for Sapphire and LeafGreen was one of the last Christmas present from dad a few years prior. To make matters worse both games I had played a lot and I had some really good and rare stuff in them and well, they were my favorite games back then. GUESS IF I WANTED TO FIND THE THIEF/THIEVES, FORK THEM, GRILL THEIR SKIN ON AN OPEN FIRE AND THEN EAT IT?? 8C I was really sad but even more so I was boiling angry and just wanted to find the bastard who basically stole several hundred hours of playtime, irreplaceable memories and joy and just something that belonged to me. Fucking dipshits, if I only knew where you live I'd haunt you forever.. 8C It sucks because me and bro always played Pokémon games together (best childhood gaming moments! <3) and suddenly my games were gone and he still had his. :< Actually, his FireRed was "stolen" too but we later found it in a place he never put it in.. and his save file had been erased.

So yeah, ever since then it has always bothered me that my collection wasn't complete; all my childhood treasures weren't there. :C It felt like there was a hole inside me that needed to be filled back again.
And so, a few days ago, I saw that someone in Tradera was selling LeafGreen and Emerald for fairly cheap. I decided to bite and buy them even though they were used. 
Thing is that I absolutely wanted PAL/EUR versions of the games and obviously authentic ones. The amount of bootlegs floating around... It was too much to ask for new/sealed games because those cost ass and, secondly, weren't the Europe versions which I wanted. :< So yeah, I had to settle for used ones at least it was better than nothing, even though it will never be the same because they weren't the ones I originally bought and played for hours, the ones tied to all the memories... I had to start on a blank again. Hnng my shiny Rapidash and Magneton, all gone! ;_;

Yeah, so today I got an envelope in the mail with two retro games that I've longed for so long. ;U;

It's time for some nostalgy gaming! ;w; <3
I know that I bought Emerald even though I originally had Sapphire. Why?
Well, I would have wanted Sapphire but ever since I read that there is a bug in the game that makes it so that Latios/Latias will always have set Nature and IV's that suck, well, I decided to buy Emerald because in this one the bug was corrected. Yeah, I freakin' love these two Pokémons. Also Emerald has some extra stuff that Sapphire doesn't have. *coughbattlefrontiercough*

Now it's time to go back and play these two babies all over again; I've missed playing the GBA games for so long, hnng! </3

See ya around the geeky districts, bye!


FankiKitsune said...

I just don't get it how someone dares to steal somebody's games. O_O Did you even tell your mum and/or dad about it?

Shiro Samurai said...

Me neither, my conscience wouldn't even allow me - I'd feel horrible because games are almost always precious to people, especially gamers and well, they aren't exactly cheap either. I don't understand how someone can be so wrong in their head to steal from someone else... :C

I did tell dad (maybe told mom later too, don't remember) but I think he only said that there's nothing to do because he didn't know either who of those kids actually stole the games; I'm pretty sure there were at least two. I tried asking both the kids who live at dad's but they didn't know either, so I guess their "friends" stole the games when both of them were out of the gaming room (aka my room) or whatnot...

FankiKitsune said...

Hmph... Poor luck. I hope that someday you'll find those bastards and we can have a great BBQ Party~~ Brainzzzzzzz 8D

Hasaki Tsuki said...

The stolen games is a horrible story. I feel very sorry for you because said games can never be replaced, but I'm also angry that someone even dared steal them! Didn't the kids have any common sense, or respect? This is outrageous.
I hope that you can make new goods memories with Emerald and LeafGreen though. :)