Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pokémon themed wordplay gifts!

Hello guys!

Today me and Hasakitsuki received some small joke surprise gifts from Jäätynyt Enkeli. I didn't see it coming at all but he had made this kind of Pokémon themed wordplay cards, it was awesome!

I got a Surskit themed one and Hasakitsuki got the Koffing themed one.
Both wordplays are in Swedish but I'll provide translations!

"It's sour but hopefully it doesn't taste SURSKIT"
note: Surskit literally means 'sour shit' in Swedish, no joke. XD
And here's the other one!

"Tired? Take it chill!
There's always time to catch a KOFFING"
The SURSKIT one I was prepared that it would be some kind of sour candy but the KOFFING one was tricky. At first I thought it might be 'coughing' but that didn't seem likely at all. I mean, if we assume that both are candies I don't exactly think that cough medicine tastes good enough to be considered a treat... xD

Both joke presents together!
We opened 'em up and what did we find inside? :-DD

A sour watermelon flavored Swedish straight candy cane!
Hasakitsuki's coffee chocolates!
Ah, "Coffeeng". Clever. xD
Nothing else to add, surprise present are fun, w00p! o/

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  1. Oh I thought Koffing was easy in away to guess, yours on the other hand, was more tricky for me. But your brother is awesome and creative with this one love the idé of it.


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