Monday, January 12, 2015

Saving a little bird!


The 12th January started as any day.. until Hasakitsuki came home from her studies and when I opened the door I saw that she didn't have her fur hat on it was on her hands and in it was a frozen poor little bird, barely moving. :'(

The bird is a Bohemian waxwing, also known as Tilhi in Finnish and Sidensvans in Swedish. It's one of the prettiest small wild birds that we have up here in the north, if you ask me. It's fairly common here and during winters you can see it eat rowan berries.

Hasakitsuki moving the seems-dead-but-is-alive bird from the hat into a cardboard box.
She had found it on the ground close to the bus stop near our apartment; it was almost -30 °C outside. The bird had just been lying there all alone, likely on the brink of death. Surely it would have died had no one noticed it... 
   Hasakitsuki decided to be a bird savior and took it with her back home to Jäätynyt Enkeli's apartment, where we are currently hanging; the poor thing didn't resist at all. There I called my stepdad who's a bird watcher and quite knowledgeable about nature stuff and he said to put it in a some kind of box with a lid so that, if it gets better, it won't fly all over the house and be impossible to catch. He also said to try feeding it some rolled oats or berries and maybe put a small cup of water for it, even though it seemingly doesn't need to drink much at all.
We moved it over into an Angry Birds cardboard box and put some paper napkins in the bottom.

At some point we also tried to figure out if it was a male or female bird and it seemed to be male, according to the quick research we did still not sure and so we named him Sir Bird. :'D I'm sorry if you're Miss Bird! ;_;

Sir Bird in his Angry Birds box after he had recovered enough to "sit up".
For the first five or so minutes it barely moved at all, just breathed. :c We put some food (fruit musli with rolled oat) and water to the birdie but realized pretty quickly that it didn't care about them. After a while Sir Bird finally sat up and started to come around. It started moving slightly in the box and so we decided to try putting some red- and blackcurrants in the box instead these it ate up immediately!
So we kept giving it more berries because it seemed to have a black hole as a stomach and we took turns watching over it, making sure that the lid was open enough to let in light and air but not enough to let Sir Bird fly out. It would have been easier if I had had my cage here lol; I used to have several pet birds as a kid because I've always been fascinated by these flying critters. Yes, I'm a bird lover.
Oh, and of course during the whole thing we all were very careful with our hygiene, in case the bird was sick.

Seeing how it was freezing cold outside mom called and recommended that maybe it's better to keep the bird inside over the night and let it out the following day because the weather would be a bit warmer, hopefully.
   Sir Bird doesn't really seem to be sick or hurt though so we don't know how come it was in such a bad state when Hasakitsuki found it maybe it had eaten too much rowan berries, got a bit drunk on them (not sure how true this is but it seems to be a common belief/rumor with some truth in it over here) and then flew into the glass walls of the bus stop, lost consciousness because of the hit and fell into the snow. Maybe.

Several hours after we first took the bird in it started showing signs of being able to fly and so it broke free from the box while we were making food for ourselves. It flew around a bit in the apartment but it kept flying into the windows, oops. We caught it in the fur hat and decided to set it free a bit earlier than planned because the bird seemed to have no noticeable problems flying. I've had a pet bird once that with age lost the ability to fly...

The bird caught in the fur hat, ready to be put free.
We let it go fly away on the balcony. It was so hard to let him go though, as soon as he was outside he went to sit on the windowsill outside and watched us, almost as if he regretted breaking out of the box and just wanted to get back into the warmth again and have some more berries. ;_;
He just sat there, motionless, looking into the apartment... I felt so cruel. *heart breaks* I had to knock lightly on the window to get him to fly away because otherwise he might have sat there until he froze to death again; poor thing, please be alright... </3

Sir Bird outside on the windowsill, looking back inside.
"Hey let me back in again bro, I want more berries!" xD
It was still cold but at least now we've done what we could and given it a second chance at life. Best of luck to you Sir Bird, I hope you will survive on your own now. <3
Bye bye!

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  1. I'm really happy that we took care of Sir Bird. <3 He's so cute! I hope he's okay now. :)
    This is really good for your hero training too. ;p


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