Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hakuouki makeup bag!

Chu chuuu ~

Lately I've been having a need to buy some small geeky makeup bag for my anime convention needs. Always when I go to a con I carry with me some makeup for eventual fixes and touch-up needs during the day. Thing is that I have nowhere to put my stuff so I end up with random eyeliners and shit all over my bag in random pockets and then I never find what I need. :'D So yeah, buying a "travel size" makeup bag so that I'd always have everything in one place has been on my mind for a while already.
Sure that when I travel to cons I take my main aka big makeup bag but no way in hell would I take this whole thing with me to the actual con days! Just no. It's way too heavy and takes way too much space in my con bag and during cons I'd rather have as light packing as possible I don't enjoy carrying with me more than what I need and hey, I'd rather have a little extra empty space just in case I end up buying something from the con's Dealer's Hall. Yeah.

Yep yep, so once again I browsed eBay for my needs and lo' and behold I found a seller selling a Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan makeup bag and an officially licensed one to boot, jackpot! The deal had been set I want this thing. No, I need it, goddammit. 8C
A click on the 'buy it now' button and I'm playing the waiting game again... until it arrives. Didn't take long; packages from Japan always arrive surprisingly fast for some reason ha ha ha.

And there it was my pink makeup bag, with handsome samurai guys, for all my manly makeup needs. <3 eiku
Fuck being mainstream-manly when you can be fabulous-manly hohoho ~

Front picture. <3
Flash photo.
Yep, it seems to be some kind of vinyl fabric.
The artwork is really pretty and of good quality. The bag seems to be made of vinyl or PVC or something like that. It seems surprisingly sturdy and it keeps its shape well. The bag closes with a zipper on top and said zipper opens very smoothly too, it doesn't get stuck or anything.

Underside of the bag.
Front of the tag.
Back of the tag.
When I first opened the bag there was a plastic insert inside.
Inside the bag is a logo of the company that Hakuouki belongs to in the corner Idea / Design Factory & Otomate as well as a "folder" where you can put some thin and/or flat stuff that you want to separate from the rest, handy!

Inside of the bag. Notice the pink flap, it's the "folder".
Height of this makeup bag is 10 cm, width is 17 cm and depth is 4 cm. All measures are approximates. I hope I did this right.. xD But I know that the best way to scale something, so that everyone understands, is to put your item next to a banana!

Banana scale edition!
Unluckily all the bananas I had were smaller than average but this one was the biggest of the bunch still a bit smaller than your usual yellow curved fruit. ;) But yeah, you get the idea of the size of this thing...

This makeup bag might look like it's not gonna fit a lot of stuff but thing is that I just wanted something smaller and geekier to carry around the necessities in I mean, I don't need my whole makeup arsenal at the actual con! Not like I have a shitlot but yeah, you get the point. So yeah, for me this bag is more than enough in terms of how roomy it is; I can cram in my most necessary cosplay makeup into it and be on the go! o/

It fits everything that I'm likely to need for
during-the-day cosplay makeup fixes, wuhuu!

I think that's about it for this time! See ya laterz!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hakuouki complete set of GIFT mascot rubber straps!


Some time ago I ordered from eBay some Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan anime mascot rubber straps. I'm a sucker for these, okay? ;n; I couldn't decide which characters I wanted so I ended up going yolo and bought the complete set, 6 pieces!

This rubber strap set is made by GIFT. Authentic.
Material is PVC.
Height: 4,5 cm approximately
Width: 2,5 cm approximately.
Attachment is by a metallic ball chain.
The characters are as follows:
Toshizo Hijikata
Hajime Saitou
Souji Okita
Toudou Heisuke
Sanosuke Harada
Chikage Kazama
All characters are featured in their Japanese clothes. 

 But now, photos! :'D

They came packaged in plastic with a
cardboard backing for protection.
I opened the bigger plastic "bag" that the rubber straps were in and then I put all of them up on the table. They're all still in their individual small plastic pouches.

They're all so cute aghjdsgjhjd;dhk ;w;
Flash photo.
At first I had thought that I'd only keep my favorites but................... yeah. Good luck with that. :'D The more I look at them the more I can't part with any of them anymore. x) They're just all way too adorbs to sell hahaha! I would regret it so much if I sold even one of them... sobs...

Just to show the backside.
From the same seller I also bought a separate western outfit Harada strap for Jäätynyt Enkeli. His favorite is Sannan but since there barely is any Sannan merchandise he picks Harada as second choice. This one is also made by GIFT but it's from a different set.

Sanosuke Harada (western version) rubber strap!
Harada in his western wear is just as cute as the rest! At least I can give him away because I know that bro takes good care of all geeky merchandise! I should have checked for other characters from this set too...

Not so much more to say, sayonaraaaaa ~~

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pokémon TCG: Next Destinies – Legendary Bird trio!

Whazzap? ;)

Even though I stopped collecting Pokémon TCG since the Call of Legends set I still, very occasionally, want a few cards from some of the newer sets. This mostly gets limited to specific Pokémon that I love and collect cards on most notably Latias & Latios as well as the Kanto Legendary Bird trio. Yeah, of course I mean Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres!

I was randomly checking Tradera the Swedish equivalent of eBay when I stumbled upon this one seller I used to buy Pokémon TCG from, back in the days. I was filled with nostalgy and decided to browse his Tradera store and I found that he was selling some of the new Zapdos and Moltres holofoil cards, yoink! :'D I couldn't resist, they weren't expensive either and I know that this seller is awesome.
He didn't have the Articuno from the same set though and so I bought it from another seller on eBay because it was overpriced on Tradera.

Some days later all the cards arrived! *w*

Pokémon TCG: Next Destinies Legendary Bird trio!
Flash photo to show the holofoil better.
I did buy another Zapdos card from this one Tradera seller as well, even though it was from a different TCG set Legendary Treasures.

Flash photo ~
I'm not used to the new card's different holofoils. xD I still like it though but maybe I'm biased because I like the old holofoil better haha. Nostalgy. </3

With my geeky needs of the day filled I'll head out of here! Bye ~

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tales of Symphonia Kratos Aurion rubber strap


I got a Kratos Aurion (Judgment outfit) rubber strap from Jäätynyt Enkeli not so long ago because he had a double. I'm also a big fan of the Tales of Symphonia video game ah the memories of playing it on the Gamecube <3 and while I've played Tales of Phantasia I don't really know much of the other games in the series. Symphonia is by far the one I know the most of and thus the one I hold the most dear as well it's such a great game, hnng! ;A;

Kratos is my favorite character if you count the playable ones but Yuan is a close second too bad that he doesn't get much screen time. :< I was happy to receive this one from bro and I'll be sure to hang it from my convention/geek bag when I'm done with it, moahahaha...

The rubber strap is approximately 5 cm long and 3 cm wide, excluding the strap itself. It's really cute and well-made! It makes me wish that there existed a Yuan strap, buhuhu... y u no merchandise?

That's that, see you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Finishing old studies and starting new!


On 2nd February I started school again this time to finish what I had left from earlier school studies that got screwed over because of.. reasons. Things are now straightening up though and I feel like I'm slowly recovering the spirit to study as well. I really need to get a grip and finish what was left undone so that I can get complete grades and actually, hopefully, get a job in the future. *gasp*
So yeah, I paid a visit to my former school and went to return in the school books that I had used on previous years. I then took contact with the teachers whom I had uncompleted stuff with and now I'm waiting to get answers from all of them through mail.

Goodbye pile of old school books! </3
Meanwhile I started in a new school (it's a 3-months "trial period" first) in town and took some additional courses there more art and redesign, basically. Immah crafty boy! We'll see how this goes.. but first I'll focus on finish off the old undone tasks from my previous school.

Oh, and today on 3rd February I had a study visit thingy to a potato factory *coughoutinenspotatiscough* with my new school. I swear that in the 30 minutes or so of the guiding tour in the factory I saw more potatoes than what I had ever seen and ever will see for the rest of my life. XD Just... so many potatoes... o_o It was a crazy amount I tell you, oh lordy lord.

But before we were allowed to go into the food-is-being-made-here part of the factory we had to put on this kind of protective clothing, you know. I ended up getting a lab coat sized XL, because everything else was taken. Ei helvetti. xD And then we had to put these blue plastic things on our shoes and this... hat thing.. which made everyone look like mushrooms.

"Moi, olen sieni. :-DD"
(horrible cellphone selfie feat. killer glare)
Not so much else to say for now. Time to get back to school for a lil' while longer ~