Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Finishing old studies and starting new!


On 2nd February I started school again this time to finish what I had left from earlier school studies that got screwed over because of.. reasons. Things are now straightening up though and I feel like I'm slowly recovering the spirit to study as well. I really need to get a grip and finish what was left undone so that I can get complete grades and actually, hopefully, get a job in the future. *gasp*
So yeah, I paid a visit to my former school and went to return in the school books that I had used on previous years. I then took contact with the teachers whom I had uncompleted stuff with and now I'm waiting to get answers from all of them through mail.

Goodbye pile of old school books! </3
Meanwhile I started in a new school (it's a 3-months "trial period" first) in town and took some additional courses there more art and redesign, basically. Immah crafty boy! We'll see how this goes.. but first I'll focus on finish off the old undone tasks from my previous school.

Oh, and today on 3rd February I had a study visit thingy to a potato factory *coughoutinenspotatiscough* with my new school. I swear that in the 30 minutes or so of the guiding tour in the factory I saw more potatoes than what I had ever seen and ever will see for the rest of my life. XD Just... so many potatoes... o_o It was a crazy amount I tell you, oh lordy lord.

But before we were allowed to go into the food-is-being-made-here part of the factory we had to put on this kind of protective clothing, you know. I ended up getting a lab coat sized XL, because everything else was taken. Ei helvetti. xD And then we had to put these blue plastic things on our shoes and this... hat thing.. which made everyone look like mushrooms.

"Moi, olen sieni. :-DD"
(horrible cellphone selfie feat. killer glare)
Not so much else to say for now. Time to get back to school for a lil' while longer ~

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