Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pokémon TCG: Next Destinies – Legendary Bird trio!

Whazzap? ;)

Even though I stopped collecting Pokémon TCG since the Call of Legends set I still, very occasionally, want a few cards from some of the newer sets. This mostly gets limited to specific Pokémon that I love and collect cards on most notably Latias & Latios as well as the Kanto Legendary Bird trio. Yeah, of course I mean Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres!

I was randomly checking Tradera the Swedish equivalent of eBay when I stumbled upon this one seller I used to buy Pokémon TCG from, back in the days. I was filled with nostalgy and decided to browse his Tradera store and I found that he was selling some of the new Zapdos and Moltres holofoil cards, yoink! :'D I couldn't resist, they weren't expensive either and I know that this seller is awesome.
He didn't have the Articuno from the same set though and so I bought it from another seller on eBay because it was overpriced on Tradera.

Some days later all the cards arrived! *w*

Pokémon TCG: Next Destinies Legendary Bird trio!
Flash photo to show the holofoil better.
I did buy another Zapdos card from this one Tradera seller as well, even though it was from a different TCG set Legendary Treasures.

Flash photo ~
I'm not used to the new card's different holofoils. xD I still like it though but maybe I'm biased because I like the old holofoil better haha. Nostalgy. </3

With my geeky needs of the day filled I'll head out of here! Bye ~

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