Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tales of Symphonia Kratos Aurion rubber strap


I got a Kratos Aurion (Judgment outfit) rubber strap from Jäätynyt Enkeli not so long ago because he had a double. I'm also a big fan of the Tales of Symphonia video game ah the memories of playing it on the Gamecube <3 and while I've played Tales of Phantasia I don't really know much of the other games in the series. Symphonia is by far the one I know the most of and thus the one I hold the most dear as well it's such a great game, hnng! ;A;

Kratos is my favorite character if you count the playable ones but Yuan is a close second too bad that he doesn't get much screen time. :< I was happy to receive this one from bro and I'll be sure to hang it from my convention/geek bag when I'm done with it, moahahaha...

The rubber strap is approximately 5 cm long and 3 cm wide, excluding the strap itself. It's really cute and well-made! It makes me wish that there existed a Yuan strap, buhuhu... y u no merchandise?

That's that, see you!

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