Sunday, March 15, 2015

Little birthday 2015


So, my birthday came and went on Durrsday Thursday 12th March but I had the actual celebration on this weekend's Saturday, aka yesterday. We didn't really have a party per se, just a small celebration with me, my twin bro Jäätynyt Enkeli of course, Hasakitsuki and Sairu-chan, as well as mom and stepdad who paid a quick visit. I don't know, birthdays just kinda lose their magic effect when you aren't a child anymore and expecting a lot of presents from everyone lol. Now my birthday felt almost like a normal day, except with cake! :'D

Yep, this was our cake homemade by mom. <3
It was a really good cake with a chocolate coating! Inside was the usual jam and banana filling. Man, I love cake...

As far as presents go I got something.. heavy.. from mom. I had no idea what it could possibly be when she handed it over lol. With it also came the, now customary, letter with a birthday card and money inside, woop!

What is this thing? D:
I also got from Jäätynyt Enkeli the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Testicles Turtles movie on DVD. Back at last year, when it was in the cinema, I had wanted to go watch it but it just didn't happen. Glad to get it now so I can finally watch it! If only my Playstation 2 would still be alive so that I had a movie player...

The presents from bro, mom and stepdad!
Okay, so the metallic Moomin box is a joke gift from mom and yeah, it was the heavy mystery present. She always says that I'll forever be her dear baby and well, this time it was literally. xD Baby food desserts in the can trolololol. Oh and I'm actually surprisingly happy with the Spongebob congratulation card le parents actually bought it completely randomly because it was funny-looking and well, they had no idea that as a kid I used to go watch Spongebob Squarepants at my childhood friend's house after school so yup, it has a lot of nostalgy value! :'D Very funny coincidence!

Okay, so what did I get from Hasakitsuki then, you maybe wonder?
Well, actually nothing less than the New Nintendo 3DS XL game console! Ohmaiglab!

This thing. <3
Ah, finally I actually buy/get a new game console quickly after its lauch! I feel a bit spoiled hehe.. I've been playing on my original/phat Nintendo DS all this time and yeah, I mean the very first fat Nintendo DS that was all the rage back in the days; I never even upgraded to the Nintendo 3DS when it first came out, oops. I'm forever retro lol and I have so many old games yet to even start playing. But I really wanted the New 3DS for the Pokémon as well as the Monster Hunter games, especially. Now I just need to somehow finish Freedom Unite so that I can start on 4 Ultimate...

Otherwise during this little party we did little out of the ordinary. Save for the cake time we just talked a bit about the future and when mom and stepdad left we played some video games and then we went and ate hamburgers at Max. Way to go, celebration dinner... *thumbs up*

Not so much else to say, see ya!
I might make a post about the New 3DS later.

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