Sunday, March 29, 2015

Monster Hunter Tigrex Plush Cap

I bring to you today a quick post about a fabulous Monster Hunter Tigrex Plush Cap!
 Let's go!

First off, I got it as a gift from Jäätynyt Enkeli and well, I hadn't seen it coming at all!
This soft Tiggy Tigrex is just absolutely glorious, for lack of better words. xD My first reaction to it was a "what the fuck?!" followed shortly by "OMG IT'S AWESOME". Go figure!

Yes, it's exactly this thing the Tigrex that gives your poor hunter shit-strokes and buttrapes us all at some point in the game but oh lord... this thing. Sure that Tigrex is scary and you just don't want to fight it because it damages like hell and has the speed of a demon when raging (at least in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, that is) but you must admit that this plush cap is some sort of cute...

Blah blah blah...
I'll just get right to the photos and then you can try to figure out how it's worn!

Inside a plastic bag.

Detail photos!

Close-up on the eye.
Jaw feat. teeth!
Nose close-up.
Ear close-up.
Yep, it's some kind of plush cap thingy that you wear on your head. It seems to be a "one size fits most" but it does have some adjustment option in the back so that it's sure to fit. I do have a rather big-ish head and well, it feels pretty roomy on the default setting, so I assume that it would fit most people if you just adjust it if needed.

Size adjustment thingies!
Oh and of course I took some photos of the tags!
This thing is authentic Monster Hunter merchandise!

Tush tag.
Paper tag, front.
Paper tag, back.
Okay, so it's definitely some kind of funny headwear and guess what? You don't wear it in the usual fashion! You see, the jaw actually goes around your own jaw so it looks like your head is inside its mouth, yummy. You better have your Poisoned Meats ready or your weapon or this Tigrex's gonna close the drooling gap...

So you wonder how clever you look while wearing this? 
I'll sacrifice myself and demonstrate!

Raaargh! ... or something.
Notice the cushioned upper mouth.

This is definitely a geeky and goofy addition to any Monster Hunter fan's collection! It's super soft, well-made and guarantees a laugh or two! Great fun to wear when hunting with friends too!
The next time you go on a hunt you put it on, activate rage mode and then you shall feel the power of the Tigrex within, rawr!

See you at the base camp!
Shiro Samurai waves bye!

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