Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Northern lights and things happening!


During the last few days I've had a lot of exciting stuff happening and I'm just really happy right now. <3 Today I finally got to start a new chapter in my life one I've been longing for so long! Yes, I finally got this far on my journey and I couldn't be more excited about what changes the future will bring! Looking forward to this new beginning!

Oh, and yesterday night I saw northern lights! I haven't seen them in a few years which is a big disappointment because hey, they aren't supposed to be rare where I live. :/ It's just that I've magically managed to miss out on them every time...
Oh well, yesterday on 17th March, a couple hours before midnight, they finally showed up! I took my camera with me but I had major problems getting even a decent photo. Either I just didn't find the right camera setting (I never photographed a dark sky before..) or I was lacking equipment but, whatever the case, I still got at least some photo proof. I apologize in advance about the blurriness and photo quality.

Photo time!
(all photos are unedited)

Most of the northern lights were faint in color, thin and disappeared quite fast; a few lingered on for a while leaving a light green area in the sky. There were a few brighter ones and some that did cool shapes but most were these thin moving lines that came one at a time or had the shape of some kind of arrow light burst. It was a bit disappointing because the whole display didn't last very long (maybe 30 minutes?) and just when you thought that now the real show would begin then it ended. :C Oh well, I'm still happy I got to see northern lights again because last time feels like forever ago!
They are so pretty. <3

Bye bye!

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