Friday, March 20, 2015

Solar eclipse!

Hello hello!

Today, on 20th March 2015, was a solar eclipse. It was visible from Sweden, Finland and the rest of Europe along with a bit of Africa and so. It passed over the northern Atlantic, which means that living in Sweden and watching it made the sun "disappear" to about 90% at most.. or something like that.
It was total in Svalbard (Norway) and in the Faroe Islands.

Actually, I only got to know about this on the evening the day before, thanks to Jäätynyt Enkeli. I called mom and asked her if she could ask my stepdad what I could use to watch it sunglasses weren't an option and watching it with your naked eye would damage it very quickly and thus be a huge no-no. Stepdad had planned to watch it through a welding helmet or a bit of welding glass.. which gave me the thought that my school might have something similar...
So yeah, on the morning of 20th March I sent a text message to my main teacher seeing how I'm in a school focusing on creativity, music and crafts I thought it likely that there would be something that I could use to watch the solar eclipse with. The eclipse would start approximately at 10:00 Swedish time and it would be at most during 11:05. Of course I didn't want to miss it because it would be the best one Sweden would see in several decades!

When I got to school on the morning I went to look for the teacher; I found him quickly in one of the classrooms and he said that there was a pair of these special solar eclipse watching glasses on the table they had come with the school's prenumeration on the Illustrerad Vetenskap magazine - it's a science magazine. Yes!

Okay, so I had two options if I wanted to watch the solar eclipse without destroying my eyes:

Option 1 Special glasses.
Option 2 welding helmet.

When the clock struck 10 students started checking the sun taking turns using the glasses and as soon as I told my teacher that I had a camera with me he showed me where to get the best view of the sun in the school building; we went downstairs to the passage corridor thingy. He also fetched me a welding helmet from somewhere (the glasses were upstairs in the classroom) and told me that I could go ask for a tripod from this one guy called Ismo, if needed. I got the tripod, put it up and noticed quickly that closing your eyes and snapping a pic normally just didn't show a shit the sun looked just as round and ordinary as ever. To get the sun to show that a part of it was hidden I needed to cover the camera's lens with either the glasses' filter or the welding glass. This was a bit tricky to get to work because the focus kept changing itself before my camera would cooperate enough to take the photo but hey, at least it worked, even though I didn't have the best lens for this shit; I have no zoom lens or anything so I just used the default one and cropped the photos...
Because of the slow shutter speed it was hard to get photos that were clear and even more so because duh, the sun is shit far away. :'D 

But I put together a collage of the photos I took during the different phases!

View at full-size.
Sorry about the graininess and all but hey, better photos than no photos. Oh, and the photos on which the sun is yellow/red-ish are taken through my camera with the special glasses and the photos with the sun in green are taken through the welding helmet's glass.

Flash photo of the sun when the eclipse was at its most.
I went outside with the helmet and snapped this with it on.
Photo taken at the end of the eclipse.
This was a lucky flash shot taken with no filter/glass over the
lens. The sun somehow cast reflections on the window that
showed the eclipsed shape.
It was a really cool phenomenon to watch I hadn't seen a solar eclipse in years! It's somehow so mystical, almost scary when a short moment it's dark during daytime!

I'm happy that my school didn't mind letting all the students watch the eclipse during school time, we even stopped class for it. Jäätynyt Enkeli also showed up in my school, I was a bit surprised. xD Then again, he has studied in here too a few years ago...

Oh well, I have nothing else to say really, see ya!
I hope you who could watched it too! ;)

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