Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You're kidding me, right...?

Oh geez, this isn't happening. Curse my bad luck...

Okay so yeah, guess what? ._. Some of you might know that since I got home from Desucon Frostbite an anime convention in southern Finland held during 13-15th February I caught a nasty case of the dreaded con flu. I had high fever for almost a complete week and was more or less sick for most of the remaining month and well, when I finally got healthy and fresh again it lasted for... approximately one week. Because guess what happened then? :-DD Yeah, you nailed it I GOT FUCKING SICK, AGAIN.
Oh man, this ain't happening!

Yep, so now I'm sick again. Luckily at least I have no fever, save for the first day when I had 37 C° on the night. But oh lord is my head all stuffy 'n heavy! My ears are more or less constantly "locked" and I can't unlock them by doing that one move with my mouth, ya know. It doesn't do shit. :c Also my nose is all clogged up beyond all hope and sometimes I'm forced to breathe through my mouth because of this, urrgh. My whole head, all in all, just feels like a big bag of bricks or something. Well, at least I don't have the horrid cough I had last time.. friggin' influenza or whatever it was...

But seriously, what's with getting sick twice in a row anyway?? It really blows!
And it blows even more because, well, my birthday is, like.. tomorrow. Fuck.


  1. Happy birthday! Really sucks to be sick though. I hope you'll feel better soon. Drink a lot of tea and take it chill.

  2. No siis itsehän oli 2013 traconi jälkee kipee käytännössä seuraavat puol vuotta, aina iski uus flunssa heti ku toinen loppu, sillee about kerran. That sucks balls man

    Ja hyvää synttäriä : D


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