Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cute Hakuouki toothbrushes!

Hello there!

Today I thought that I'd do a quick post about some especially adorable toothbrushes – yes, it's Hakuouki edition! *µ*
All of these three were purchased from a Japanese online store some time ago and, actually, only the Okita one is mine the remaining two belong to Jäätynyt Enkeli and Hasakitsuki. The price each was around 580 yen, if anyone is curious. Psst, these were gifts from Jäätynyt Enkeli!
The ones we have together are the Okita, Yamazaki and Saitou versions but other characters were available as well: Harada, Hijikata, Toudou and Kazama. Each character had a different color (Hijikata being violet and Kazama gray, for example) and they were all in chibi art style and super cute! ^o^

Without much further talk I'll show you what they look like!

All three of them together, in
original packaging.
So they were all of course individually packed in this kind of triangle-shaped plastic tube.
These have a slightly smaller size than your average toothbrush, but, what they lack in size they make up for in cuteness!! ♡ These toothbrushes are almost too nice/special to use... ;o;
All character toothbrushes feature white and light pink sakura petal designs, as well as the character's name in kanji.

Information in the back of the package.
In terms of color they all have bright and wonderfully pleasant colors – Saitou is a calm shade of blue, Yamazaki is a soft blue-green and Okita is summery green!
They all have two different artworks – one smaller in the front and a bigger one (always with closed and/or smiling eyes) in the back.

Okita version!
Yamazaki version!
Saitou version!
As you can see they are all undeniably adorable, aren't they? :'D
If you wonder about the weird reflection-distortion-whatever thingy on the front pictures it's because the shape of the toothbrush's plastic is rounded.

I must also give a special mention to Yamazaki finally appearing in Hakuouki merchandise – it's nice to see him gaining popularity/a fan-base too! I think ever since the Hakuouki movies came out I've started seeing our favorite ninja appearing on some merchandise items! Before the movies Yamazaki was about as ignored as Sannan and Kondou... of which both I really like. :'(

Toothbrush shown from the side notice how the artwork is.
You can see on the photo above that the artwork is not actually inside the plastic itself, or what to call it it's instead a kind of "patch" on the bottom side...? I don't know how to explain but it feels really secure, almost as if there was some thin film or plastic coating on top of the art piece, so that it wouldn't get damaged or worn. I did try pressing my nail against it but it definitely felt like it wouldn't come off easily, which is always a plus.

That's all I have to say about these special toothbrushes! Thanks for reading ~

Friday, April 24, 2015

Finding Feebas!

Hi peeps!

Lately I've been playing my Pokémon Emerald Version (gotta love the old-school nostalgia!) and while at it I've been trying my luck at catching Feebas – you know, that horribly-hard-to-find mold fish.
I actually really like Feebas, even though it's considered ugly by most; I just think that it's cute – or 'fulsöt', as we would say in Swedish. (lit. ugly-cute)

I'm gonna tell you a quick version on how to find Feebas! Even though most people probably don't play the R/S/E games anymore...
Basically you can in Gen 3 games only find it by fishing in some very limited squares in Route 119. I think the method and how rare/hard it is to find differs in the newer generation games. But in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald I've heard that there are only 6 squares in the whole water body of Route 119 where you can find Feebas and that there are, of course, no short-cuts to finding it easily. So yeah, there's a lot of space to cover just to find it and for most this is a very tedious task.

A wild Feebas appeared! :'D
I've heard that there would be more spots if it was raining in the area (a good gaming friend said so) but since my internal battery of the game cartridge has run dry it just won't rain anymore, so I don't know if it's just a rumor or not; said friend also said that there should be a Feebas spot under the shadowed part of the bridge. Oh well, these 6 tiles are random and by that I mean that the spot your friend finds Feebas in won't be the same for you etc. 

The best way to find it is to Surf on the water, start fishing from one end and then moving in patterns, fishing at every single water square until you finally find Feebas – make sure that you check all the squares and don't leave out any! Make also sure to fish on each square at least twice, preferably three times before you move on to the next, just to be sure.
You see, Feebas is pretty common on the tiles where it actually appears but you still run the risk of catching twice a Carvanha (if unlucky!) or what-have-you on your 'Feebas tile' and then dismissing the tile as a non-Feebas tile... which would be bad. 
I got my Feebas on the first try on the right tile, by the way. But I also got quite a bunch of Carvanhas, in succession, after I got my first Feebas...
Also, the best fishing rod to use for this is the Super Rod since it will only catch either Carvanha or Feebas– but I've tried fishing with Good Rod as well and it works too. I assume even Old Rod might work if you have nothing else. I actually caught a shiny Carvanha with my Good Rod when I was looking for Feebas earlier...

The spot I'm fishing at is where I found Feebas on my Emerald!
When you finally find the spot that has Feebas then –for the love of God– memorize it!
I actually caught several boxes full of our wonderful mold fish, just so that I have better chances of having caught one with good IV's, that I would then transfer forward to the newer Pokémon games and use it for breeding some with awesome stats...

No more things to say! I'll continue playing my old-school games for a while before I move back to the newer stuff again! See ya!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Metalhead haul from Nuclear Blast's online shop!

Yo! \m/(>.<)\m/

I'm not sure I've mentioned it before in this blog but I am a big fan of loud and heavy music!! Yes, I'm a metalhead and proud of it! \m/ How could I not love this kind of music when I'm from the country that has some of the best metal bands around? Yes, I'm talking about you, Finland... 8C
But yeah, I prefer to listen to stuff in the metal genre but I'm actually quite an all-eater when it comes to music save for rap, hiphop and such that I just don't grasp the appeal of...? Sorry for those who like it but it's just not my thing. Music for me often needs to be melodic, have a soul/meaning, be inspirational and have that special something that makes me want to listen to it again and again.

So, for not so long ago I decided that it was about time for me to give some food to the part of me that growls in the darkness and has ice running in his veins, instead of blood yes, it was time to order my fix of cravings for the loud and heavy from Nuclear Blast's online shop! \m/
I mostly ordered CDs (they had some that I wanted on sale!) along with a special edition bundle of Ensiferum's new album (limited edition 2-CD version), together with a t-shirt that I just had to have because it was so affordable! Both together didn't cost much more than 20€ how could I not want it guys?!?

Finally my first Ensiferum t-shirt! <3
It's simple but neat and I always thought that Ensiferum's logo was way awesome.
And of course the bundle included the One Man Army album!
And if you wonder what other CDs I bought I'll gladly show you!
And on the same go you get some hints of what kind of metal I gravitate towards. ;)
Psst, open in new tab for big view!

Yes, I put the One Man Army CD in there to fill out the pic.. x)

There would have been so many more CDs that I would have wanted to purchase but yeah, I'll have to save them for later because I'm not filthy rich from stealing treasures just yet... damn.

Are you also a metalhead? A fan of any of these bands?
Tell me about your music taste in the comments!

See you lataaaaaaaarggghhhss!!! \m/

Friday, April 17, 2015

Shiny Aipom in Pokémon Emerald's Safari Zone!

I had a golden... horrible... experience today. Let me tell you about it!

So around 13:00 local time I was playing Pokémon Emerald Version on my Game Boy Advance SP yeah, I'm old-school. I was in the Safari Zone in that special area that gives Gen 2 Pokémon and just casually trying to catch a few that I didn't have yet, like Snubbull for example. And well, anyone who ever played a Pokémon game should know that Safari Zone works in a different way when it comes to catching Pokémon as compared to the rest of the game. Yeah, you pay a small fee and get let into a special area, often with wild Pokémon that you can't find elsewhere in the game. The Safari Zone provides you with 30 Safari Balls (special pokéballs that you use in Safari Zone only) and you also have a specific amount of steps that you can walk around before your time is over and you're sent back to the entrance.
But most of you knew that, right? :)

Okay so yeah, I was just walking around and then it happened ... A MOTHERFUCKIN' PINK-RED WILD AIPOM APPEARED ON MY SCREEN!!

Mother of God!!
I swear that just before finding this sucker I thought to myself something along the lines of "imagine getting a shiny in Safari Zone that would be like the game saying 'good luck' and showing you the middle finger" and yeah... my wishes came true, I guess? I never before got a shiny in the Safari Zone on any Pokémon game and well, that's for the better because getting one in the Safari Zone is like the most horrifying thing ever and that's because you know that THE FUCKER COULD FLEE ANY SECOND IF YOU DON'T CATCH IT ON THE FIRST TRY.

Okay, so what do I do?
The alternate color Aipom is there, waiting for me to decide on what action to take. I feel my pulse rising and I ask my bro what I should do he tells me to start throwing pokéballs without going closer to it, aka increase catch rate, but it could flee if you do it. Normally in the Safari Zone on Emerald at least I would go closer once and then throw balls, most times I got it on the first try. But I decided to try his style this time.

I throw a Safari Ball.
It 'splodes directly upon contact with the Aipom, doesn't even budge.
I bite my lip, stare at the screen and pray that it doesn't flee.
The Aipom stares back at me, carefully.
I throw another Safari Ball at it crossing all my fingers, toes and clenching the buttcheeks tight.
The ball closes around it, falls on the ground... and breaks instantly. Again.


Worst part is that it's not even the first time when I encounter a shiny in a Pokémon game and it flees from me it happened to me on my Pokémon Silver Version many many years ago. I was in one of the grass areas of the Unown caves, looking for a Smeargle, but I found a shiny Natu instead and... it used Teleport.

If you didn't know, getting a shiny in a Pokémon game is a rarity of the rarities. The chance of finding one in the wild is 1 in 8,192 battles so yeah, go figure. Then again, a shiny Pokémon is not stronger or better than a normal Pokémon. The thing with wanting a shiny Pokémon is because it is such a rarity and thus a very cool thing to have. 

Comparison photo, just to show what a normal
Aipom looks like. Notice the difference, yes?
Oh, and the Aipom is the second shiny I've found on Pokémon Emerald so far and I currently only have 55 hours played the first shiny I got was a Carvanha in Route 119, when I was trying to fish for a rare-ass Feebas.. which I of course didn't find...
But yeah, I think I'm being quite lucky with these on Emerald normally I don't get them until I've played several hundred hours. The shiny gold-colored Pidgey which I found on my Pokémon Crystal Version back in the days is an exception to this I found it in Cherrygrove City when I was training my Cyndaquil in the veeeery early game, and I caught it on my very last chance too.

But, regarding the Aipom; now, every time I'm in the Safari Zone I keep thinking about the shiny Aipom it's haunting me forvevermore with it's pink-red color in the shadows, whispering "you'll never caaaaaatch meeee ~" ...

Ai krai evritiem. :'(

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Super Smash Bros. 3DS!

Good day!

It's time for another quick and nerdy post! :'D
Now that I own a (New) Nintendo 3DS I can finally start buying some of the new games for it that I've been wanting!!
I was looking around online, for what stores in Sweden sold Pokémon Alpha Sapphire for cheap, and CDON.COM came up. Or well, it didn't actually go exactly in that order because I had a birthday discount coupon to use at their store that was expiring soon but yeah, I still double-checked before placing the order to make sure that I didn't pay more for the game than what others sold it for, even with the 50 SEK coupon applied. But CDON did end up being the cheapest and so, when I noticed that the shipping cost was the same per order and seemingly not determined by the amount of items, I decided to purchase another game on the same go! The second game I picked was Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, mostly because I like the game series and also because I fairly recently got to try it on a friend's 3DS and well, blast me it was super fun! And hey, it only cost slightly above 300 SEK at the store, omg!

Yep, so I placed the order and paid on the 11th April and a long green cardboard box was protruding from my mailbox on the 14th. It totally didn't fit in there.

I noticed directly when I had it in my hands that stuff were moving around wildly inside if I tilted or shook it - there was no protection inside to keep the items neatly secured and in place during the transport. Then again, my items can't really break easily but I still found it a bit weird that there was nothing in the over-sized cardboard box save for the games and the order receipt, you know...?
But upon opening the package my games were safe and sound. No pressure marks on the front nor back, no wear damage from being hit against each other on the sides etc. It helps that the games are in their original sealed Nintendo plastic...

Front covers.
Back covers.
But there they are!
My video game babies that will keep me entertained for a long time to come! <3

Of course I wanted Alpha Sapphire because I originally had Sapphire for GBA and well, I'm still a big Pokémon fan even though some of the monsters of the newer generations make me wonder what the creators were smoking... xD

Oh, and lastly I just want to show you a photo of the games on top of the box they came in, just to show how big the package was and how much room the games had to move around in there while they were crossing the whole of Sweden...
By the way, I would still obviously recommend CDON they have affordable prices, big sortiment to choose from and fast shipping.

That's it for today, stay tuned for more geeky purchase updates as I'm currently expecting several packages to show up! ;)

Friday, April 10, 2015

New camera lens!


I just wanted to post because I'm so excited! I finally bought a new camera lens for my Nikon D5100 SLR camera! <3
I had been wanting one for quite long already and after asking some pro cosplay photographers what would be the best lens to buy, for what I wanted to use it for and what my budget was, everyone were telling me the same thing the Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8 G! It was the best bang-for-the-buck lens and so I checked online for what store sold it for the cheapest (and seemed most reliable) and I ended up ordering from FotoKungen. The order was actually shipped on the very same day I placed it, aka 7th April, and I got the postal notification paper telling me that I could go pick it up on the 9th April lightning speed!
It was carefully packed too, I really have nothing to complain about would definitely order from them again!

I actually don't have so much more to say because I haven't gotten around to experimenting with the lens yet, but I'll give you some photos of what it looks like! 

Sorry about the photo quality though, I had to take the lens/camera pics with my cellphone because of obvious reasons... xD I had to use flash too because the light in my apartment sucks elephant balls past sunset...

The box.
The lens name.
Comparing my two lenses with each other. The one to the left is the new one
and the one to the right is the default lens that came with the camera.
My camera with the new lens on. It's so wide and short!
I got a lens hood with it!
I also got a drawstring pouch for carrying the lens in, really handy!
I can't wait to get to use it for cosplay photoshoots, portrait photos and such! Hnng, yes!!

Bye bye!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hakuouki Souji & Kaoru spiral notebook!


This is just a quick post that I decided to make on a whim because I wanted to share a few photos of my awesome Hakuouki notebook, which I recently took in use! <3
I've been looking for an anime themed notebook for quite a while and when I found this one for sale at Skecon 2014 I immediately bought it! Okita is my favorite character in the series and so of course it was a must-have.
I'm using this thing as a sort of diary or a keep-track-of-my-journey sort of notebook; basically to write down things that will be fun to remember when I'm a bit older and want to look back at how far I've come.

Front cover featuring Souji & Kaoru fighting.
Back cover featuring Senhime and Kimigiku in the background.
Inside pages look like this! 'Makoto' symbol to the left
and the Shinsengumi mountain stripes in the lower part to the right.
This is just to show the plastic packaging.
As you can see the notebook's art is in a red color scheme, it's really pretty and cool!
Personally I really like the art style in Hakuouki so of course I'm a bit biased and thus very fond of this one, huehuehue. Definitely my coolest notebook around! ;)

The only issue I have with spiral notebooks in general is that because I'm left-handed I keep hitting my hand on the spirals when I'm writing... oh well, I've had this problem all my life so by now I've gotten used to it... </3

I'll have no more to say! See ya around!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Latias & Latios Pokémon Center 2014 plush dolls!

Hello everyone!

Again I've gone and done it.
Yes, me and Hasakitsuki were checking out Asakura-Japan's eBay store and, of course, one does not simply leave the page without clicking on the "buy it now" button. This time it was me who couldn't sleep peacefully unless I got my hands on another Latias & Latios plush set this time in bigger size! I swear I couldn't resist, okay? ;_;
Ever since I was a little kid I've really wanted to have plush dolls of these two and well, back in the days I only ever saw the old PokéDoll ones online which I couldn't buy because well, I was a kid which now are probably shit expensive and hard to find at least if you want authentic ones. But yeah, so for years I was secretly crossing my fingers that another set of Lati-sibling plushies preferably non-chibified would eventually be made and so, when the Pokémon video game remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were launched, I saw a possibility that along with the game remake hype would be a new wave of 3rd generation Pokémon plush dolls showing up at least in Japanese Pokémon Centers, if nothing else.

My assumptions were true and Asakura-Japan was carrying these babies!

My soul was sold that instant I needed this things or I'd go crazy. They were just way too pretty, soft-looking and c'mon, Latias and Latios are among my absolute top favorite Pokémons. Ever.

So these cuties were only a few clicks away and a turn of the waiting game. Luckily the waiting game is very short when you order from Asakura-Japan and so, thankfully, my suffering was short-lived. In the mail soon a cardboard box showed up, which we've gotten used to expect by now. You can check out my store review here for more details about the Asakura-Japan eBay store!

The box was opened and out came two colorful Eon Pokémon and oh lord do I have to say that these plushies are by far the softest shit I've ever laid my fingers on ermahglerb. ;A; I swear they're so silky soft to the touch that I could probably spend half the day just stroking them. <3
One thing though that puts these plushies apart from other Lati-sibling ones is that the arms are out instead of drawn inside. This way is definitely 20% cooler!

But I'll spare you from the excited fanboy ramblings and get ahead with the review-ish photos!
Latios is up first!

Fullbody, seen from above.
Fullbody, seen from the side.
Fullbody, showing the underside.
Latios is approximately 27 cm from nose to tail. His body is a light gray and his mouth is pointed slightly downwards so that he has a neutral/serious expression. He is ultra soft to the touch and fairly squishy too very huggable! <3

Next up are detail close-up photos!

Arm close-up.
Arm close-up, underside.
Head close-up.
Back close-up, seen from above.
Back and side close-up.
Tail close-up.
Wing close-up.
Chest close-up.
Head underside close-up.
Ear detail close-up.
Eye detail close-up.
Arm area close-up.
Stomach and, well,butt close-up.
As you can see by looking at the detail shots there is a fair amount of detail and everything is true to the original the underside of the arms have the lines and all the characteristics that make Latios appear different from Latias are there as well, faithfully replicated. Even the small differences, like Latios having two "spikes" where his arms end and Latias having three, are very nicely done.
Regarding the tail thingies they don't have any filling inside and so they look a bit floppy same goes for the ears. But both of them stay up and in shape well, even though the fabric creases in specific spots; you can't get rid of it. Oh and speaking of the ears, the ears have a slight sewn cut in them to be more accurate; you don't really notice it unless you pull the ear a bit but it's a nice detail.
Otherwise I can mention that some of the details are embroidered on: triangle, eyes, mouth and the edges of the "dot" on the head. The triangle and eyes are of the same red color. The proportions are all just right too! <3

Next up are the tag photos!

Tush tag, front.
Tush tag, back.
Paper tag, front.
Paper tag, back.
With Latios photoshooted hihi it's time for Latias!

Fullbody, seen from above.
Fullbody, seen from the side.
Fullbody, showing the underside.
Latias is slightly shorter than Latios overall. Her length from nose to tail is approximately around 23 cm.
Her body is a very light mint color, just like it's supposed to be. Latias is equally soft and huggable as Latios and of course equally well-made too!

And with that it's close-up detail photo time!

Arm close-up.
Arm close-up, underside.
Eye detail close-up.
Ear detail close-up.
Back close-up, seen from above.
Chest close-up.
Arm detail close-up.
Wing close-up.
Head underside close-up.
(ignore the small dot, it's just some dirt that can be brushed off)
Tail close-up, seen from below.
Tail close-up, seen from above.
Wing attachment close-up.
Notice how the red area sticks out around the wing.
Latias has the same attention to detail as Latios and her body is well-proportioned. Her stomach area is notably shorter than that of Latios who has a huge butt in comparison lol but that's also how it's supposed to be. Also her wings are sewn on the two red spots on each side, both of them being bumpy to give the right look.
The tail ends are without filling as well and same with the ears. The ears on Latias don't have the deeper cut as Latios does and thus they don't "fold" along the middle because of that.

Now to the tag photos!

Tush tag, front.
Tush tag, back.
Paper tag, front.
Paper tag, back.
Of course are both of them authentic and from Japan I don't support counterfeit goods. Asakura-Japan's store is safe to buy from and I'd warmly recommend them for all your geeky needs!

But before I finish up this post I want to mention the wings, especially. You might have noticed that I didn't write anything about them, right? Well, I kinda saved it for last because the wings are really cool. You see, they are bendable like no one's business! :'D They bend in any direction with just a little pressure and take no damage! Then again, I haven't tried any extreme bending with force or pulling at the wings; always have to be careful, just in case. But so far they seem to be really sturdy and durable!
I don't know what exactly is inside the wings but it's pretty thick feels like some kind of foam or soft plastic. It's almost as if there were some thick craft foam but without the risk of it creaking and weakening. It's really fun to play with it because you can easily press the wings down straight or poke them up and down with your fingers to make it seem like they flap, haha.

Demonstration photos? Sure!

Lightly bending the wing with my thumb.
Bending the wing with my finger, using a tiny bit more strength
than on the example above.
The wings do hold their shape, if you don't do anything to them and there is nothing in their way, but they easily alter their position and keep it if you for example put the plushie with one wing facing and going up against a wall or such. If the wings "mold" into another position you can easily fix it by keeping them down in the wanted position for a few seconds. They are very adjustable; I put mine into my very crammed closet and they fit in just fine after the wings got used to their new surrounding lol.

One thing though. Even though the wings are sturdy and durable they will still flop around on their own at least on Latios if you move the plushie up and down quickly. For some reason this doesn't work with Latias. x) Maybe it's because Latios have slightly longer wings and they are attached on an even spot with nothing to give them support, if you understand what I mean. I'm basically just saying that the bumps on Latias' back might have something to do with it.

Have a floppy wing demontration gif!

This should give you the basic idea. :'D It was hard to make a gif because I kept getting the photo taken during the second when there was little movement and so, when you put the photos together, it didn't really show that the wings were actually flapping...

That's all for today! Sayonara ~