Friday, April 24, 2015

Finding Feebas!

Hi peeps!

Lately I've been playing my Pokémon Emerald Version (gotta love the old-school nostalgia!) and while at it I've been trying my luck at catching Feebas – you know, that horribly-hard-to-find mold fish.
I actually really like Feebas, even though it's considered ugly by most; I just think that it's cute – or 'fulsöt', as we would say in Swedish. (lit. ugly-cute)

I'm gonna tell you a quick version on how to find Feebas! Even though most people probably don't play the R/S/E games anymore...
Basically you can in Gen 3 games only find it by fishing in some very limited squares in Route 119. I think the method and how rare/hard it is to find differs in the newer generation games. But in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald I've heard that there are only 6 squares in the whole water body of Route 119 where you can find Feebas and that there are, of course, no short-cuts to finding it easily. So yeah, there's a lot of space to cover just to find it and for most this is a very tedious task.

A wild Feebas appeared! :'D
I've heard that there would be more spots if it was raining in the area (a good gaming friend said so) but since my internal battery of the game cartridge has run dry it just won't rain anymore, so I don't know if it's just a rumor or not; said friend also said that there should be a Feebas spot under the shadowed part of the bridge. Oh well, these 6 tiles are random and by that I mean that the spot your friend finds Feebas in won't be the same for you etc. 

The best way to find it is to Surf on the water, start fishing from one end and then moving in patterns, fishing at every single water square until you finally find Feebas – make sure that you check all the squares and don't leave out any! Make also sure to fish on each square at least twice, preferably three times before you move on to the next, just to be sure.
You see, Feebas is pretty common on the tiles where it actually appears but you still run the risk of catching twice a Carvanha (if unlucky!) or what-have-you on your 'Feebas tile' and then dismissing the tile as a non-Feebas tile... which would be bad. 
I got my Feebas on the first try on the right tile, by the way. But I also got quite a bunch of Carvanhas, in succession, after I got my first Feebas...
Also, the best fishing rod to use for this is the Super Rod since it will only catch either Carvanha or Feebas– but I've tried fishing with Good Rod as well and it works too. I assume even Old Rod might work if you have nothing else. I actually caught a shiny Carvanha with my Good Rod when I was looking for Feebas earlier...

The spot I'm fishing at is where I found Feebas on my Emerald!
When you finally find the spot that has Feebas then –for the love of God– memorize it!
I actually caught several boxes full of our wonderful mold fish, just so that I have better chances of having caught one with good IV's, that I would then transfer forward to the newer Pokémon games and use it for breeding some with awesome stats...

No more things to say! I'll continue playing my old-school games for a while before I move back to the newer stuff again! See ya!

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Hasaki Tsuki said...

The hunt for the mold fish... XD
It's cool that you got the trick! And I agree that Feebas is fulsöt, it's like... they tried to make it fugly but it turned pretty adorkable. x)
Dat shiny Carvanha though...