Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hakuouki Souji & Kaoru spiral notebook!


This is just a quick post that I decided to make on a whim because I wanted to share a few photos of my awesome Hakuouki notebook, which I recently took in use! <3
I've been looking for an anime themed notebook for quite a while and when I found this one for sale at Skecon 2014 I immediately bought it! Okita is my favorite character in the series and so of course it was a must-have.
I'm using this thing as a sort of diary or a keep-track-of-my-journey sort of notebook; basically to write down things that will be fun to remember when I'm a bit older and want to look back at how far I've come.

Front cover featuring Souji & Kaoru fighting.
Back cover featuring Senhime and Kimigiku in the background.
Inside pages look like this! 'Makoto' symbol to the left
and the Shinsengumi mountain stripes in the lower part to the right.
This is just to show the plastic packaging.
As you can see the notebook's art is in a red color scheme, it's really pretty and cool!
Personally I really like the art style in Hakuouki so of course I'm a bit biased and thus very fond of this one, huehuehue. Definitely my coolest notebook around! ;)

The only issue I have with spiral notebooks in general is that because I'm left-handed I keep hitting my hand on the spirals when I'm writing... oh well, I've had this problem all my life so by now I've gotten used to it... </3

I'll have no more to say! See ya around!

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Hasaki Tsuki said...

Beautiful notebook. <3 I'm happy you found it. ;)
Just so you know... the right-handed hit their hand on the spirals just as much. </3 Spirals are the bane of my handwriting, and yet I'm right-handed.