Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Super Smash Bros. 3DS!

Good day!

It's time for another quick and nerdy post! :'D
Now that I own a (New) Nintendo 3DS I can finally start buying some of the new games for it that I've been wanting!!
I was looking around online, for what stores in Sweden sold Pokémon Alpha Sapphire for cheap, and CDON.COM came up. Or well, it didn't actually go exactly in that order because I had a birthday discount coupon to use at their store that was expiring soon but yeah, I still double-checked before placing the order to make sure that I didn't pay more for the game than what others sold it for, even with the 50 SEK coupon applied. But CDON did end up being the cheapest and so, when I noticed that the shipping cost was the same per order and seemingly not determined by the amount of items, I decided to purchase another game on the same go! The second game I picked was Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, mostly because I like the game series and also because I fairly recently got to try it on a friend's 3DS and well, blast me it was super fun! And hey, it only cost slightly above 300 SEK at the store, omg!

Yep, so I placed the order and paid on the 11th April and a long green cardboard box was protruding from my mailbox on the 14th. It totally didn't fit in there.

I noticed directly when I had it in my hands that stuff were moving around wildly inside if I tilted or shook it - there was no protection inside to keep the items neatly secured and in place during the transport. Then again, my items can't really break easily but I still found it a bit weird that there was nothing in the over-sized cardboard box save for the games and the order receipt, you know...?
But upon opening the package my games were safe and sound. No pressure marks on the front nor back, no wear damage from being hit against each other on the sides etc. It helps that the games are in their original sealed Nintendo plastic...

Front covers.
Back covers.
But there they are!
My video game babies that will keep me entertained for a long time to come! <3

Of course I wanted Alpha Sapphire because I originally had Sapphire for GBA and well, I'm still a big Pokémon fan even though some of the monsters of the newer generations make me wonder what the creators were smoking... xD

Oh, and lastly I just want to show you a photo of the games on top of the box they came in, just to show how big the package was and how much room the games had to move around in there while they were crossing the whole of Sweden...
By the way, I would still obviously recommend CDON they have affordable prices, big sortiment to choose from and fast shipping.

That's it for today, stay tuned for more geeky purchase updates as I'm currently expecting several packages to show up! ;)

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