Friday, April 17, 2015

Shiny Aipom in Pokémon Emerald's Safari Zone!

I had a golden... horrible... experience today. Let me tell you about it!

So around 13:00 local time I was playing Pokémon Emerald Version on my Game Boy Advance SP yeah, I'm old-school. I was in the Safari Zone in that special area that gives Gen 2 Pokémon and just casually trying to catch a few that I didn't have yet, like Snubbull for example. And well, anyone who ever played a Pokémon game should know that Safari Zone works in a different way when it comes to catching Pokémon as compared to the rest of the game. Yeah, you pay a small fee and get let into a special area, often with wild Pokémon that you can't find elsewhere in the game. The Safari Zone provides you with 30 Safari Balls (special pokéballs that you use in Safari Zone only) and you also have a specific amount of steps that you can walk around before your time is over and you're sent back to the entrance.
But most of you knew that, right? :)

Okay so yeah, I was just walking around and then it happened ... A MOTHERFUCKIN' PINK-RED WILD AIPOM APPEARED ON MY SCREEN!!

Mother of God!!
I swear that just before finding this sucker I thought to myself something along the lines of "imagine getting a shiny in Safari Zone that would be like the game saying 'good luck' and showing you the middle finger" and yeah... my wishes came true, I guess? I never before got a shiny in the Safari Zone on any Pokémon game and well, that's for the better because getting one in the Safari Zone is like the most horrifying thing ever and that's because you know that THE FUCKER COULD FLEE ANY SECOND IF YOU DON'T CATCH IT ON THE FIRST TRY.

Okay, so what do I do?
The alternate color Aipom is there, waiting for me to decide on what action to take. I feel my pulse rising and I ask my bro what I should do he tells me to start throwing pokéballs without going closer to it, aka increase catch rate, but it could flee if you do it. Normally in the Safari Zone on Emerald at least I would go closer once and then throw balls, most times I got it on the first try. But I decided to try his style this time.

I throw a Safari Ball.
It 'splodes directly upon contact with the Aipom, doesn't even budge.
I bite my lip, stare at the screen and pray that it doesn't flee.
The Aipom stares back at me, carefully.
I throw another Safari Ball at it crossing all my fingers, toes and clenching the buttcheeks tight.
The ball closes around it, falls on the ground... and breaks instantly. Again.


Worst part is that it's not even the first time when I encounter a shiny in a Pokémon game and it flees from me it happened to me on my Pokémon Silver Version many many years ago. I was in one of the grass areas of the Unown caves, looking for a Smeargle, but I found a shiny Natu instead and... it used Teleport.

If you didn't know, getting a shiny in a Pokémon game is a rarity of the rarities. The chance of finding one in the wild is 1 in 8,192 battles so yeah, go figure. Then again, a shiny Pokémon is not stronger or better than a normal Pokémon. The thing with wanting a shiny Pokémon is because it is such a rarity and thus a very cool thing to have. 

Comparison photo, just to show what a normal
Aipom looks like. Notice the difference, yes?
Oh, and the Aipom is the second shiny I've found on Pokémon Emerald so far and I currently only have 55 hours played the first shiny I got was a Carvanha in Route 119, when I was trying to fish for a rare-ass Feebas.. which I of course didn't find...
But yeah, I think I'm being quite lucky with these on Emerald normally I don't get them until I've played several hundred hours. The shiny gold-colored Pidgey which I found on my Pokémon Crystal Version back in the days is an exception to this I found it in Cherrygrove City when I was training my Cyndaquil in the veeeery early game, and I caught it on my very last chance too.

But, regarding the Aipom; now, every time I'm in the Safari Zone I keep thinking about the shiny Aipom it's haunting me forvevermore with it's pink-red color in the shadows, whispering "you'll never caaaaaatch meeee ~" ...

Ai krai evritiem. :'(

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Sipsinekku said...

Voi eeeei! Harmi että pääs karkuun :< mulla ei oo varmaa ikinä ees tullu vastaa shinyä virallisissa poksuissa, joskus pelasin semmosta fan made nettipeliä ku pokemon indigo ja siinä niitä vilis koko ajan..