Monday, May 18, 2015

Hakoya samurai bento box from Japan!

Hi there! (◕‿◕)/

For a while now I've been wanting to buy a cool bento box to keep my food in for school and such, especially now that I'm studying and the school restaurant is way too expensive to eat in everyday. Yes, Hasakitsuki slowly brainwashed me into wanting one because she uses one frequently for school too.
Actually I knew that I wanted a specific bento box because I had seen it at a Japanese online store long time ago (don't remember anymore what store it was) and well, it got stuck on my mind I knew that I wanted this one. But I also remembered said store selling it for either an expensive price or a too salty shipping price. Then, one day not so long ago, I decided to check if by chance some sellers in eBay would carry the same one – they did! (there were even other variations from the same set, like a maiko shaped one etc! :D)
Because it was reasonably cheaper on eBay I bought my much needed food box and played the waiting game. Normally shipments from Japan tend to be crazy fast (from my experiences at least) but this one took a bit longer, possibly two weeks or such.

Close-up on the sticker in the corner.
My samurai style bento box arrived safe and sound, packed in a cardboard box inside another bigger cardboard box, that was stuffed for protection. There was some bubble wrap around the bento's own box that I undid before taking the photos.

Taken out of the box.
Notice the black elastic tie on the left side.
When all three pieces (face, body and kabuto helmet) are stacked on top of each other this little samurai fellow measures approximately 14 cm long. The body box alone is approximately 4 cm and the head is 3 cm long. Diameter for all the pieces is 9,5 cm.
All parts seem to be made of plastic. He's very lightweight, save for the helmet which is a bit heavier than the rest and feels really solid and durable; it has a nice sheen to it as well and the inside is colored red.

Front view.
Side view.
Back view.
Bottom view feat. sticker.
What can I say? He's super cute and his facial expression seems so sure of himself, proud and ready to guard my lunch any time! o/ Definitely a unique and cool bento box and you sure won't mix it up with someone else's!

All box parts when separated.
There is only one plastic lid, but that's not really a problem since these bento boxes come with a 15 mm wide elastic tie that you can put on to hold the two food storing boxes (aka head and body) nicely secured. The helmet even has lowered parts (poor illustration example: ----___----___---- ) on opposite sides of the little protruding circular "foot" on top so that, when you put the elastic on it, it will stay put and not slide around. You can see this if you look closer on any of the photos on which the helmet is visible, except for on the photo below this text.
Oh, and before you wonder what other function the helmet has...

Yep, our samurai's kabuto helmet can be used as a bowl to prepare your instant miso soup in, for example! It's quite handy I must say... and stylish. *nods nods*

Head piece with the lid.
The plastic lid fits snugly (no leaking worries!) and it's shaped in a way to keep the helmet in place and support it. This samurai has a rather transparent hairdo.... :'D

Oops, I think something went a bit wrong here...
But yeah, this kind of character shaped bento box is a great addition for anyone who wants things a little bit different. ;) All the pieces are super easy to stack on top of each other (you can even put them in the wrong order if you feel like being silly!) and I really have no complaints whatsoever – definitely seems like a quality piece. I would of course recommend hand-washing him, just to be on the safe side; that's what I would do at least. Oh and yeah, obviously clean this little samurai from all battle dust before you put him into use! ;)

In these last photos I'm just showing the tiny instruction paper that came with.

View in full size in case you actually want to read what it says...
Notice how the usage instructions even come in English!
(and French, for some reason...)
That's all I have to say about this glorious bento box that will tell everyone around you that you are a fan of bushido and all things samurai. ;) Sits fine with me it's true! ahaha ~

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Hasaki Tsuki said...

So cute! ;A;
Perfect for keeping the samurai's lunch, hohoho. ~