Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lucky second-hand store finds!

Hillu evriboudi! :'D

For not so long ago I was in town, just passing time after school and checking stuff out. I tend to check the multiple second-hand stores because sometimes you find really cool and unexpected stuff in there – and this time I found!

One of the stores had a table where I saw these really awesome shoes! At first glance I thought "they're probably gonna be either too big or too small for me" (which is pretty much always the case when I find cool stuff) but lo' and behold, these fit me perfectly! Ermahglerb, cool shoes that actually don't crush my toes! What makes it even better is that these are almost in new condition and only cost me a measly 5 €, fuck yeah!! 8D
These shoes seem to be USA imported. I actually don't know the brand... shame on me. :c

In another second-hand store there was a table selling items that had pretty obviously been bought from Japan, including vintage/retro postcards (incl. Astro Boy motif!), origami paper, a manegi, a samurai-themed car window sticker (if only I had a car I would so have bought it...), Japanese yen play/fake money bills for kids and then –the best of all– a bundle of old Japanese Pokémon cards! :'D By old I mean mostly first and second generation cards, but also a few from the third.
Seeing how it was only 3 € for the whole thing (mostly common and uncommon cards, but also some rare holofoils and promos) I decided to buy it! Nostalgyyyy ~

Most of the common and uncommon cards spread out.
(all cards are not visible)
The holofoils and the non-foil Raikou EX.
The different promo cards, as well as a 1st Edition Pikachu card.

That's about it for my latest second-hand store lucky finds! See you!


FankiKitsune said...

I'M SO GONNA ROB YOUR SHOES!!! JA VIELÄ DEMONIAN KENGÄT JA 5€?! O_____________________________________O etkä sä tiiä koko brändiä... DDDDDDDDDDDD''''''8 *passes out*

Terveisin omistaa kahdet Demonian kengät.

Shiro Samurai said...

Etkä robbaa. 8C
Mä olen khyl tosi iloinen että löysin nä kengät koska srsly, I've been wanting awesome shoes for a while!! :'DD Ja halvalla lähti! <3

If anything niin mä tuun nyt kohta pöllimään sun kengät...... HUEHUEHUE.

FankiKitsune said...

Etkä pölli! >8( Lainata saat EHKÄ ;D ne vaan ei oo mitenkään ton tyyliset ku noi sun :D