Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day visit


Yesterday was Mother's Day (at least in Finland) and so of course mom called me over to come and have some cake and eat dinner there. I don't say no to free food and neither to homemade cake so of course I was on my way! :'D

She had baked a cake and as per usual it was good. Mom never makes bad cakes, haha.

If you wonder some of the cream had melted, for some unknown reason??
Actually one of my aunt's happened to be visiting at the same time we arrived at mom's place and that was a happy surprise. You see, it's the same aunt who always provided us a free sleeping place when me and my company traveled for anime events in Oulu; she's a photographer and loves The Legend of Zelda games too. Yep, definitely awesome!
We talked about camera stuff and she had bought some new items for her SLR and asked me if I had laid my hands on anything new in the camera land. I said not yet, haha. I want to buy so much stuff for my camera but don't know what to prioritize first! x) She also then asked if I had a camera bag, I said I hadn't bought one yet but that I planned to do it very soon (I'll need something proper to carry my camera in when the con season starts!). My aunt then immediately told me "DON'T BUY ONE" and said that she had some leftover camera bags lying around that she had been trying to sell for quite a while. She told me that she could give me one the next time we meet, aka I'll get a camera bag soon! Ermahglerb yess!

That's all for today's quick post! Cya!

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