Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hakuouki Hekketsuroku compact mirror – Souji Okita version!

Hi everyone!

I should have done this post earlier but I completely forgot about it, sorry. ^^" I got this around the same time as I got the Hakuouki makeup bag because yeah, I need a small mirror that is easy to carry around so that I can check my makeup and fix it during conventions, if needed. It's not always at an anime convention that you have quick access to the bathroom to check if your makeup has spread everywhere, so buying a compact mirror seemed like a good investment.
I knew that I wanted something a bit more unique than just one of the normal not-very-personal compact mirrors. So yeah, I trip to eBay-land it was and I happened to find a Hakuouki themed one up for sale – Okita version to boot! OMG YES! My favorite character.
I don't remember shipping times or anything anymore, but it was sent from Japan anyway.

The mirror in the box it came with.
Yep, this compact mirror came packed in a box – first time that happens to me!
It's a sturdy pink box. Inside was a lot of bubble wrap sheets and the mirror itself was rather close to the bottom with all the bubble wraps on top.

This is the box it came in, no joke!
The front lid of the mirror is made of some harder plastic and features Souji Okita in his western uniform (as seen in the Hakuouki Hekketsuroku anime, aka second season) in pink and black shades. The background has the traditional sayagata pattern and sakura flowers. It's made by Broccoli. No, not the veggie!
The backside is a solid shimmery/pearly pink. It's smooth and nice.
The dimensions are approximately 9.5 x 11.5 cm.

Next up are all the photos of the item itself! Enjoy!

In original plastic. Front side.
In original plastic. Backside.
Front. It's so pretty. ♡
Back. Notice the slight shimmer.
If you open it it will hold its shape; the lid won't fall down. It feels sturdy and of good quality.
The lid itself doesn't feel cheap and/or floppy. It's rather solid and it won't open itself randomly when you have it in your bag; the closing system feels secure. You actually have to push slightly (upwards) to get it to open, which is good.

This is to show the closing system.
And lastly I did a scale comparison photo; this time I thought a Pokémon TCG card would be more helpful than putting a banana next to it. xD

Size comparison most geeks know how big a Pokémon card is. x)
Now my convention equipment feels a bit more complete! I'm ready for the con summer season!! o/
Shiro Samurai says bub-baii ~

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So manly and pink and fabulous! :'D
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