Thursday, June 25, 2015

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS!


You might have noticed on some other posts that I'm currently playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on my New 3DS. Need I say that I LOVE THIS GAME? ♡
I've had it for, hmm, maybe a bit more than two weeks now? I don't know exactly when but I know that I've broken the 150+ hours of gameplay already – that's somewhere around record speed for me. I JUST LOVE THIS GAME SO SOOO MUCH. IT'S GARGWAWESOME.

But instead of me gushing about all my monster love I'll just show you some photos instead!

MH4U in its original Nintendo plastic.
Front. Hello there, Steve. :D
I never thought that a Chameleos could look so scary...
In MHFU it just always looked like it was on drugs. xD

The game card itself. Simple but nice.
And of course the instruction booklet. With Steve, again.
I'm probably gonna be playing this shit for a long time to come – there's just so much to do! The Monster Hunter games are of the type that will keep you entertained for very long; there's always new armors to make and new weapons to upgrade and hey, let's not forget how much fun it is to hunt together with friends! (especially if you manage to get a full hunter party, aka four players)
Seeing how I've played past 1000+ hours on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite without tiring of it (or even being done with it!!) doing the same shouldn't be much of a stretch on this new one too. I just love Monster Hunter way too much – it's one of the few games that don't end up collecting dust on my shelf once I've seen the game credits roll by.

I really love all the new stuff since MHFU  – mounting monsters, frenzied and apex monsters, more monster sub-species and new ones in general as well as all the new weapons! There's just so much awesome stuff! spoiler: I love Gore and Shagaru Magala so much, omg. ;_; (highlight to read)
At first I thought that the controls were clumsy (I mean the whole move-and-control-camera-at-the-same-time thing) but I got used to it after a while and now I think that it's not really clumsy at all. I still have occasional issues with the camera controls and I've gotten carted killed several times because of camera derps, during an unfortunate moment.
I have yet to play with other weapons than Switch Axe, Long Sword and Great Sword but I'll get around to that as soon as I feel comfortable. On MHFU I could play all weapons...

Oh, and I ordered the game online because it's just cheaper and more convenient. We don't even have a proper game store in town, boo. If anyone wonders I bought it from Spelbutiken and yes, I can totally recommend the site. :)

Thanks for reading! Now I'm off to go hunt a Rathalos or two, bye!

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