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Unboxing my New Nintendo 3DS XL!

Hi there!

This post is a bit late but hey, better late than never, right? :D I'm horribly behind on posting in here; I have so much stuff to show you guys!
Well, I got this beauty back on my birthday some months ago, but it took until June before I actually took it in use; don't ask me how I managed to keep my fingers out of it, I don't even know myself anymore. Yep, meanwhile I've been old-schooling on my PSP and original Nintendo DS. I thought that since it's still a rather new release I could do a sort of unboxing post about it, so that those who are curious about the New 3DS XL (especially the metallic blue one!) will see what it looks like in real life!
I need to mention though that this is my first console of the 3DS family; I haven't had any of the Nintendo DS consoles since the very first original phat (aka "fat") Nintendo DS! Yep, you'll even get to see mine in the last photo because it's a comparison picture – just scroll to the last photo if you don't know what the very first Nintendo DS looks like, in other words. ;)

But now...
Hoard of photos incoming!

Of course you can find the original Nintendo seal on it!

And that was it for the unopened box photos!
I have the PAL/European version of the console, as you can see on the last photo because it says that it's compatible with "European only". It seems like (New) Nintendo 3DS is region locked, unlike the Game Boy series and the original Nintendo DS at least. I don't know if Nintendo DS Lite or DSi were region locked because I never had any of these, huehue. Personally I don't like region locks at all because it limits what games you can play on your console without having to buy another one –from a different region– just to be able to play the games that weren't released in your region. *coughjapanexclusivetitlescough*

But now let's get to the actual unboxing of the thing, step by step!

Everything pulled out as-is.
Console and instruction booklet pack with AR-cards on top.

AR-cards, which stands for Augmented Reality. not Action Replay.
All the different AR-cards. We get Kirby, Samus Aran, Pikmin, Mario, Toon Link and
a mystery box thingy!
Cardboard protection box when opened, game
console resting safely inside.
And that's mostly it for the unboxing. As you can see the actual gaming console comes packed in this nifty cardboard protection box that is very easy to open up and seemed very professional and proper. The console itself is inside some soft plastic pouch thingy.
I haven't tried using the AR-cards yet myself but I've seen someone else using them. It's basically a pre-installed software in the 3DS that recognizes the cards and lets you view and interact with the characters on them – in 3D, of course. I was too impatient so I just did the system updates through internet and jumped straight to playing actual games lol.

But now we get to the actual game console photos!

Notice how shiny it is! (tilted towards the window)

As you can see the "outer blue" is a different color than the blue on the inside of the console, and by inside I of course mean where the screens are and all the buttons. :'D The outer plates (both front and back) have this metallic shiny blue color that reflects light a lot and is really pretty; it can appear to be different shades of blue depending on the light around. It's also a lighter shade than the blue on the inside, which is a tad darker and much more matte. The inside still has a shine to it but it's more dull and sophisticated I guess, haha. If you look closely on the outer plates you will also notice that it has very very tiny diagonal stripes all over it.
Oh, but if anything detracts from the shiny awesomeness of the outer plates then it is that OHMYGOD YOU GET FINGERPRINTS AND WHATEVER SKIN OILS ON IT SO EASILY!!
Even if I touch and handle it really carefully I still instantly see that my fingers leave marks on the damn thing – sure that you can wipe it away just as easily but it's doing the whole "hey I'm trying to clean a window swipity-swipe" effect lol. So yeah, don't expect the outer plates to ever be fingerprint-free because hey dyyd, that ain't happening!
No idea if the not-so-XL New 3DS does it or if the black New 3DS XL does the same things but yeah, the metallic blue surely loves to make it clear for you that you are a human and thus you are greasy at all times.

Close-up photos!

Colorful buttons! If you ever played on a Super Nintendo you'll know where
these colors come from! Personally I love this little detail because Super Nintendo was a
big part of my childhood! ♡
That's where the game cards go in. It's gonna take me a while to get used to it
because on the original DS the game card hole is in a completely different spot...
The stylus (which position will also take some getting used to, for the same reasons as above)
and the power button and the charge and wireless icons.
The 3D switch. You can adjust the level of 3D. Also notice the
c-stick (aka control nub) that is a new addition on the New 3DS, both
XL version and normal. This thing is a godsend when playing certain games – it's used
for controlling the camera when playing Monster Hunter, for example.

Just to show what it looks like when a game card is inserted.
And lastly I just want to show that the upper screen has two positions (or well, three if you count the all-the-way-back position) where you can set it so that it stays in place. The old Nintendo DS only had one set position (again, not counting the all-the-way-back one) so this change I actually didn't see coming – it's a nice addition though and useful it is! 
It does do a rather loud clicking sound every time the console sets in one of the positions though. You also have to press a little bit more to get it past the set position, it holds the position really steadily and yeah, it's just surprisingly solid. I do assume though that the rigidness will loosen after repeated use and opening and closing the plates. I'm sorry if my explanations are clumsy. x)

Higher position.
Flatter position.
Higher position.
Flatter position.
All in all I do think that the console looks very clean and cool. It feels rather solid too and even though the buttons feel slightly plastic-y it's not a biggie at all. If anything I'm worried that the L and R buttons might get weakened and/or stop responding properly after use because they feel a bit... meh. :/ I've had many cases when I just keep the 3DS in a roomy pocket or such and when I take it out it has scrolled all over the place because the L/R buttons have been pressed against; they seem sensitive.
The whole shape of the thing is comfortable to hold and so far I haven't really experienced any excessive cases of numbing fingers or such because of extended gaming. I have noticed though that when I'm playing and I'm very into it (hammering buttons, holding the console tightly or about to get my character killed etc) that the lower side of the 3DS (aka where the Start and Select buttons are) is making a light, almost creaking noise at times because of the stronger hold on it – as if there's a slight gap between the underside plate and the inside plate. I don't know, really.

The XL is definitely big and the screens are huuuge, especially when compared to original DS and the normal 3DS (my friend has one). The blue color is nicer than I thought; on photos online I first got the impression that it was a dark and boring blue but it's actually much nicer in real life, yay! I don't really know what more to say – it's pleasing my geeky needs!
The main reason I picked the XL over the normal sized one is because I'd so much rather play Monster Hunter games on big screens so that I can see all the details and smaller stuff easier, like monster head break parts etc. 

One thing though! For some reason the New Nintendo 3DS doesn't come with a charger so you'll have to buy one separately, in case you didn't already have one from owning another Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, DSi or any of the XL variations of these.

Don't forget the charger!
Oh and lastly, the promised comparison photo!

My old original (note: blue limited edition) Nintendo DS next to the New
Nintendo 3DS XL. Notice the huge difference in screen sizes!

That's all for this time! Stay tuned for more posts about video game stuff!

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