Saturday, July 18, 2015

I am busy, busy and busy with anime con season ~

Hello everyone!

I've been really busy with attending and preparing for anime conventions now that summer has started. I'm currently preparing for Närcon in southern Sweden and I haven't even started packing yet, even though I'm leaving on Tuesday next week, d'oh!

I have a shitlot of posts to write for this personal blog of mine as well, but I'm just too busy right now lol. XD I've probably mentioned it before. 
I have soooo many new geeky items to show you that I've bought – video games, clothes, anime merchandise and a lot more! I really can't wait to show all of these things to you!  >w< But first I need to get some time to actually sit down and take all the photos... AFGJHSJHFSJGAFGS so much to do!! *insert con stress here*

While I'm traveling all over Sweden to attend anime conventions my brother, Jäätynyt Enkeli, has recently returned from his trip to Germany. I visited him a few days ago and he had brought with him some small tasty gifts!

OMG chocolate game controller!
You can't deny that this piece of chocolate is awesome. You just can't.
He also gave me a bag of Haribo candies (the shark shaped ones) that I haven't seen around here. Yes, I'm a sweet tooth. x)
I really want to go abroad soon too...... Could someone give me a free ticket to Japan or Thailand? Pretty please with sugar on top? ;n; No? No? Okay.

I'm hoping that everyone has been having a nice summer so far. ;) I know that on my part it has been quite nice, save for the occasional days of horrible heat. My apartment is old as bricks (literally, it's made of bricks and built during the first World War, go figure) and it's really bad at regulating the heat. So yeah, basically, if it's warm outside it's gonna be EVEN WARMER inside and you will sweat like a pig before slaughter, and if it's cold you're freezing your socks off. *thumbs up*
Oh well, I'll manage this, just like I've done the previous years. Now to just hope that a heat wave won't kick in because then it's gonna be impossible to live in here and I will be forced to go live with the penguins up there somewhere. What won't you do for a dirt cheap rent?

Bye bye ~

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  1. Sinut on haastettu! :)


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