Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate pouch for Nintendo 3DS!

Hello guys!

Sorry for the silence guys, I've been meaning to post this post (and other posts) earlier but hey, I've been busy preparing for the summer con season and all that; no one cares about my excuses anyway so I'll just leave it at that. xD
This time I just wanted to show off this awesome soft game pouch that I bought from a Game store for exactly two months ago. As some of you might know, Game is now out of business and all the stores are closed in Sweden – yes, it saddens me. :'( Oh well, no can do. Nowadays people just rather buy their video games online (because it's cheaper and more convenient) than from physical stores, so it's no wonder that this would happen sooner or later...

In original plastic.
In original plastic.
I will be missing those violet price stickers...
Out of the plastic, just lying flat.
The size is approximately 19,5 cm long and 13 cm wide. It fits my New Nintendo 3DS XL nicely, so I would assume that even the smaller N3DS consoles would fit into it as well!
This is one of those soft carrying/protection pouches and I assume it's made by some kind of synthetic fabrics; it's soft and pleasant to the touch, while still feeling durable and not flimsy at all. It feels like it's good quality and yes, the print is the same on both sides.
The inside of this pouch has this kind of funny fabric that feels a tiiiiiiiny bit rougher to the touch but in a very soft way; it's gentle but it has this kind of surface/structure that would prevent anything that touches both sides from moving inside too much. I seriously don't know how to explain but I've seen this type of fabric used in other things too. xD Oh and no, it definitely won't be scratching your 3DS! It just feels very soft but still has some kind of tiny-winy friction that would help in keeping stuff where it should be.

Inside of the pouch. I'm pressing with the fingers so that
it would show how wide it can be at most. It lays basically flat in its normal state.
What it looks like when my New N3DS XL is inside, tucked in all the way.
Just to show how much space is approximately left around the 3DS.
It does fit rather snugly but it's not really a problem cuz hey, because of this it stays inside and doesn't fall out very easily; the snugness of the pouch (and the material itself) is why I assume that even a smaller variant of the N3DS family might fit in it without falling out, because of size. I've had it fall out once while carrying it horizontally in a wide pocket that was also open horizontally, then again, during the moment it actually fell out I was bending over so much to my right that if it hadn't fallen out it would have been a wonder...
I've noticed a few times though that it might be pressing on the L and R buttons because it has happened that when I opened the 3DS it had scrolled to the far right end of the home screen, the one with all the icons. I'm just hoping that this won't prematurely fuck up my buttons too much, haha.

The MH4U logo is raised.
This is what it looks like when my New N3DS XL is tucked in all the way
and the pouch is viewed from the front.
I've always been one of those guys who's really careful about my game consoles – I always want to protect them to minimize damage in the long run. I've had carrying/protection cases for all my handheld consoles, starting from the back-in-the-days wildly popular Game Boy Colour.
I just think that having any kind of protection for you game consoles is a very good investment, especially if you tend to travel around a lot (which I do) and always have a handheld console with you in your handbag or such. :)

That's all for this post! Stay tuned for a lot more geeky merchandise updates!

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