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International market (Kansainväliset suurmarkkinat) in Tornio, Finland!

Hello guys!

On 27-30th August we had a big international market visiting in Tornio, northern Finland. This is a market that travels around Finland since a couple years back – but I don't think I've seen it before in Tornio...? Oh well ~
I'm a guy who loves going to markets and this kind of stuff, especially when it has a more international approach, so of course I was on my way! I went there with Hasakitsuki, Jäätynyt Enkeli and our friend Marcus on the first day – which was a Thursday. The weather was nice.

They advertised for the market on the Swedish side too!
The market seller was located just next to Rajalla (aka På Gränsen in Swedish) shopping center, on the side facing towards Tornio city, aka the front entrance.
On the first day we arrived sorta late, so there weren't that super many people around.

Finnish textile stuff.
Italian pizza!
German salami house.
Yep, salami everywhere!
Generic photo of what the market looked like. Flags were all over the place!
There were of course jewelry...
... and the typical Finnish meter liquorice stand!
There were a lot of sellers selling different things – mostly stuff you could eat but also accessories, clothes and handcrafts. It seemed like most played the "safe card" though, so to say. By this I mean that most sold stuff that would be sure to sell and that was typical or well-known for their country – the Italians sold pasta, parmesan cheese, delicacy biscuits and pizza, for example. No one really played it risky by selling something very different and/or unheard of for most Finns... save for maybe one African man, who I'll talk more about later. But I can say already now that he was awesome!

The market area was pretty big.
Austrian strudel shop.
The strudels looked so good! I ended up buying some later.
German brezel (pretzel) shop!
They looked yummy, especially the cheese ones. They smelled sooo good...
Belgian waffles! *_*
All along I wanted some.. but they were so expensive... *sniff*
The variety of stuff being sold ranged from books, canned fish, Finnish rieska (a type of bread) and leather belts to soaps and spices! The Finnish sellers that were present sold all the typical Finnish stuff that you find at any Finnish market – canned meat, rinkeli and dark breads, crêpes, animal fur stuff, knives and different raw meats etc.

Pasta from Italy – what did you expect?
SLUUUUUSH!! >w< I love this shit lol.
Italian chocolate. I was so tempted.........
... I mean, look at it! ;u;
Italian biscuits galore!
More Italian biscuits. I almost bought some...
All the sweet things looked so goshdarn tasty that I just wanted to buy them all! Too bad that I'm short on money; I really had to keep my pouch strings tight and not give in to the countless temptations... uhuhuhuu...

If you got hungry you could for example eat some typical Finnish
market food – aka fried vendace or salmon with fried potatoes!
French soaps galore.
After having checked out about half of what the market had to offer we saw something that made us all very fascinated. One of the shops was held by a man from Zimbabwe (Africa) and he was selling handmade art made from steel wire and beads, spoons and recycled cans. On a closer look his items were amazing!

Bead elephants!
Human-shaped figurines!
Bead parrots were hanging from the tent's roof.

Spoon art necklaces!
Fighter plane made out of recyclable cans.
Steel wire saxophones.
Steel wire car!
Rainbow bead giraffe with extra-long neck!
Spoon art insect!
Check out his Facebook Page and give him your love!

While all of us were stuck examining this man's art he started talking to us. It didn't take long until we had bonded a nice friendship and were talking about everything between heaven and earth!
This guy's nickname was King and man, was he an amazing person! He had that aura around him that made it really easy and pleasant to approach and talk to him; he seemed to be so down to earth, positive, genuinely passionate and with a big heart. Such a good man he was!

King creating his art.
And posing for the camera! Yo!
He was always smiling – so full of life!
All of my company basically planted roots next to his shop; we stood there talking with King for hours! Actually, we stayed with him until the market closed, oops. He even showed us his African piano and played on it his own song – it was absolutely amazing! The tune was so pleasant and soothing. I've never seen anything like it before!

King playing African piano for us. It was amazing!
We had to tell King goodbye and head home. :( We told him that we'd come back on another day to say hi to him again and, also, to check the remaining shops that we didn't have time to check. It wouldn't be the next day though, since the weather forecast had promised heavy rain for Friday.

On Saturday our group headed back to the market again, but this time without Marcus because he couldn't make it. The weather was once again very nice and this time –because we arrived earlier than on Thursday– there were a looot of people.
One of the main reasons Hasakitsuki and Jäätynyt Enkeli wanted to go again (besides seeing King again) was to go buy the German curry wurst.

German sausage house!
The curry wurst that Jäätynyt Enkeli couldn't live without. He even did
the whole ordering in German.
While my company ate their curry sausages I just sat there and boiled to death because of the sun and my thick black Sonata Arctica hoodie...
After that we checked what we had still left to explore and.. guess what?
Yeah, we saw the English fudge shop! Of course! No outdoors market without fudge!

Inside there were...
It was so hard to resist, hfdsgjrghshgjks.
This sign was some sort of awesome.
I managed to somehow not buy any fudge, even though there were some that I would really have liked to try. Expensiiiiiiive... ;_;
And so we continued our check-everything-out journey!

Greek food stand. You could buy some different gyros foods.
Finnish statues...
And of course the obligatory balloons for the kids.
At least one seller sold cute candy hairclips.
With age limits, of course. :(
Dried fruits! I love dried fruits...
French biscuits.
Too bad it started raining on Saturday after afternoon sometime, so we had to cut our visit short and hurry back home to close the window, which we had left open.
We bought some strudels and took them with us home just before we left. The sky had turned so dark and scary; it looked like a storm was on the way...

Strudels! ♡  One cherry and two Mozart (marzipan and nougat) flavored.
We returned one last time on Sunday – the last day of the market.
This time we mostly just went to have our lunch there (Thai food!), buy some last things and go talk witk King.

Pastries from Marocko and possibly other southern countries.
They looked so weird yet interesting. Notice the "hairy rolls" to the top right.
A lot of different olives. I hate olives.
Candiiiiiessss ~~
Those colorful snakes, omg yes!
We of course bought some of the candies. Hello sweet tooths! Some of them I recognized but others I had never seen before! I especially wanted the snakes – I remember that when I was a lot younger there was a store that sold candies similar to those snakes and well, the store doesn't exist anymore. :'( The snakes were so good...

German barbeque stand and the eating area.
Random generic market area photo.
Cute hobby horses!
Finnish shop selling Celtic jewelry.
 When we had checked everything for one last time we went to bid King our farewells. When we got to his table we saw that he had made some new cool stuff, including a spoon art spider!

This thing is crazy cool! Just look at it!
It was hard to find what to say to him; he will be missed. :( Such a great person, I feel lucky having got the chance to meet him. I hope him all the best!
He did say though that his next stop market-wise was in Luleå, Sweden. Hmmm.. maybe I can go see him there..

Before we left we all bought some ice slush! Fuck yeah!
Slush with energy drink flavor was... interesting. xD I mixed in almost all the flavors available, except for raspberry, coke and orange, I think. I had tuttifrutti, strawberry, blue ice, lemon-lime and power drink. It was too bad that the coconut flavor was seemingly only available the first day – after that it got changed into coke instead. Jäätynyt Enkeli was disappointed lol; he had wanted to try the coconut flavor all along but we only bought slush on the very last day. I regret not buying it on the other days!

Sorry about this messy post. I don't have much more to add, hehe.
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