Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pokémon Center Limited Feebas & Milotic Metal Charm Set

Hello geeks!

For a while ago I bought some stuff from Asakura Japan's eBay store again and, as per usual, everything went smoothly and my package arrived lightning fast! It's really one of my favorite stores on eBay for authentic Pokémon merchandise! ^o^

This time I had ordered a metal charm set featuring Feebas and Milotic. This is seemingly a limited edition item from the Pokémon Center stores in Japan!
It cost me around 8 dollars, excluding shipping.

Metal charms in original package. Front.
Backside of the package.
 When I first saw this I was all "OMFG FEEBAS MERCHANDISE!! :O", haha.  Yeah, I love Feebas weirdly much it's just so.. cute, somehow. x) And I really like Milotic as well, it's one of my absolute favorites from Gen 3 of Pokémon!

Yep, definitely Pokémon Center merchandise!
I liked the background! It's silvery with Pokémon silhouettes on!
These are obviously made of metal and can be attached to any kind of straps and such; I was thinking of fastening them on the front flap's zipper of my school bag. :)

Close-up on the Feebas charm.
Close-up on the Milotic charm.
As you can see both characters are detailed despite the small size; Milotic even has the small holes at its neck. The colors are right and both are shown in rather classic poses. x) I'm just way too excited about the Feebas lol.

The backsides are of this shimmery appearing metal.
This is mainly to show that on the backside there's also the Pokémon's
National Dex number. :)
And lastly of course the size comparison!
That's about all I have to say! Sayonara ~

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