Friday, August 7, 2015

Satama Open Air – 1st August 2015 (music festival!)

Hello everyone!

This post comes a bit late but I've been really busy with other things, sorry. ^^"
But yeah, I've been to a music festival in Kemi (Finland) on 1st August, which was a Saturday. The festival is called Satama Open Air and this time around it was all about Finnish music! Popular bands/singers like , Jenni Vartiainen and Happoradio were there. It was a two-day festival (Friday and Saturday) and you could buy the tickets separately for each day; Saturday had the better artists, if you ask me. I didn't even recognize all of the artists who were on Friday, but all Saturday ones I even liked!

Even though most people know me as a metalhead I do actually listen to a lot of things! I do have a soft spot for Finnish music and there's certainly several Finnish non-metal bands that I love, haha. For example: I grew up listening to a lot because both my mom and dad loves them. :)

But hey, I want to tell you how come I ended up on this music concert!
You see, originally I had little to no plans to attend it, mainly because the tickets were too expensive for me. I think they went around 40 € per day when bought in advance...? Oh well.
A few days before the concert mom suddenly called me and informed me that she and Ari (my stepdad) had tickets but they were feeling a bit lazy about going, mostly because there was a high risk for rain on the actual day of the event. She then asked if me and my bro Jäätynyt Enkeli were interested to go in their place instead. Of course we both agreed because wohoo, free concert with a bunch of well-known Finnish artists! :'D

I apologize in advance for the much-shittier-than-usual photo quality. I had to use my old digital camera because SLR cameras (and video cameras) were forbidden. :(

Paper ticket!
So yeah, we packed with us our rain cloaks because umbrellas were forbidden and mom gave us a ride to Kemi on Saturday afternoon. Before we headed for the concert we had some time to spare so we went to a store and yeah, she bought me some clothes – I found some really cool stuff! 8D

When we got to Kemi the weather was indeed... gray. It was drizzling lightly and it was a bit cold.
Some people were wearing these one-time-use rain cloaks; I'm too cool for those – I have a proper one, hah.

Satama Open Air entrance area, next to the road.
We waved bye to mom and went to trade in our paper tickets for the actual event tickets. While at the ticket desk I checked the schedule for when what artist would sing.

After we had gotten our tickets, which were fabric tickets just like those that you get on anime conventions (woop!), we just stood a couple minutes in front of the gates before we moved towards the island where the stage was. Yep, it was on an island.

Satama Open Air fabric ticket!
There were several airplanes flying above the event area for some reason.
It was cool to watch!
Pictured below is the gate. There were security guys standing there and they would check your bag so that you didn't carry with you any dangerous or prohibited items.
When I passed by they told me to open my shoulder bag and then the guy just kinda... felt at my bag's underside and let me go. Err, wut? :S I don't know but that felt so sloppy for me. Sure that I appreciate that people don't dig into my bag's deepest pockets but that felt so half-assed somehow. I could easily have put my SLR camera into the bag and hid it under my fatass rain cloak (which I had crammed into the bag, it took more than half the space) and they wouldn't have noticed shit... Damn.

The gate you had to pass through to get to the island.
List of forbidden items.
After passing the security check we followed this short little trail over to the actual island.
There were already quite some people, even though there was still about 30 minutes (maybe? Don't remember anymore) before the first singer would start their show. It was obvious though that a lot of people would show up later.

Heading for the island. Vikingamarschen.
Of course the first-aid was available!
On the grass area before the island bridge there was a random market stand. They sold the usual funny market t-shirts and some other generic crap that these kind of stands always have. :'D

Obligatory random market stand.
Kalju. XDDD
In case some non-Finnish person wonder what's the joke with these bear shirts I'll exlain!
That bear logo on the shirts is for a very well-known Finnish beer brand kalled Karhu (lit. Bear). The thing is that when you swap one letter you get "kalju" instead, which means bald in Finnish. The bear logo is otherwise the exact same as the real Karhu logo, except that the ears are completely missing so the bear looks bald and really silly. XD

Soon after passing the market stand the trail turned to the left and we passed by a small white wooden bridge, into the island.

Bridge proof!
The island was fenced off and inside there were a lot more people; far from as much as there would later be though.
Me and Jäätynyt Enkeli quickly checked what there was to offer.

Food stands. They served some pulled pork burger, paella, some wok thingy
and possibly something more that I'm not remembering right now.
Of course, the bar. For all your alcohol needs.
Wait. There's more.

A full stand with only bars. Bars. Bars.
There is no Finnish festival without alcohol aplenty.
I don't drink though, so for me the bars were of zero interest. What disappointed me later on though was that seemingly the bars didn't even sell lemonade at all, which was weird as hell. Sure that this is Finland juoppojen maa but come on, not everyone is a drinker ffs. On the list there were only stuff with alcohol in... and water, for 3 €. :( So yeah, when I got thirsty there was nothing for me to drink....

Rows of benches were in several places. But later on all of them were always taken.
Yep. All of them. Filled. Nowhere to sit.
The bathroom options were of the expected kind – bajamaja.
Good thing was that there was a place for you to wash your hands, after a bathroom visit, and there were plenty of disinfection gel bottles placed on the handwash spot for you to use.

Main scene seen from a distance. People had started showing up.
View away from the scene, towards the island entrance.
(bridge to the right behind the food tents, not visible)
There was also a small shop for fan merchandise. It was limited to and Siltsu only, aka Jari Sillanpää. I was a bit tempted to buy one of the t-shirts but the one I wanted seemingly sold out...? By the time I had decided I didn't see it on the table anymore...

Fan merchandise tent.
After checking everything (which didn't take long) me and bro went to the main scene to wait. People had already started filling up the front so we got a spot in the middle somewhere.
The first singer was Jari Sillanpää, a really loved guy who's humorous and just plain awesome... and a bit random. He was to start singing at 16:00 local time. I like him and I've actually kinda been wanting to see him live so it was cool to get this opportunity!

There was this big screen to the left of the main scene and it showed close-ups of
what was happening on the scene, alternating between several different views; as if
you were watching it live from the television! It was super
awesome if you couldn't see the scene well enough from your spot!
Jari Sillanpää was very entertaining to listen to. He pulled a lot of jokes (that were actually funny) and he even did some über-silly faces that had me cracking up really badly. xD He's good at face bending lol.

Jari Sillanpää singing.
I remember him singing Sinä ansaitset kultaa, Kaduilla tuulee, Kuuleeko Eero and a very speedy version of Satulinna. He also sang one song completely in some southern sounding foreign language (Spanish? I don't know) and some "ay caramba" type song. I don't remember the rest, sorry... ._.
When he was done he left the scene and then the audience clapped him back into scene, shouting "we want more". He came back and said something like "don't you want to go abroad? Like... Korea?" and GUESS WHAT?

Oppan Gangnam Style!
That was the best thing I saw all day. XD It was completely hilarious and awesome at the same time! He's so multi-talented.
Siltsu really warmed up the crowd and he was a good choice to put first because he's such a humor man. He really set the mood right, even though the weather wanted to be a party pooper and yes, it started raining. Luckily it wasn't heavy rain.

More people has suddenly showed up!
(and sooooo much more came even later; it was hard to move in the end because it
was so crammed all over the place)
Next up was Happoradio!
I actually listen to them every now and them; they have some really good songs and fit just right with me because they have a bit heavier music at times too.

Happoradio information on the screen.
The screen showed advertisements for the sponsors as well as who was
to sing next.
This was in front of the main scene.
Ah, the lower one I've seen go wrong so many times on
fail compilation videos on Youtube...
Before too long Happoradio turned up on scene, yay!
I had managed to get a spot really close to the scene so I could take some photos from a good distance! Only problem with being this close was that I was just next to the speakers; everything was super loud lol.

Happoradio on scene. The guy to the left looked so cool.
Happoradio singer.
Rock it!
Happoradio was really good as well, I enjoyed their performance a lot. I ended up singing some of the choruses that I knew. :D
I remember them playing at least Pois kalliosta, Puhu äänellä jonka kuulen, Sinä & hän, Hirsipuu, Che Guevara, Tavikset, Ahmat tulevat, Ihmisenpyörä and Pelastaja.

was maybe the main band I wanted to see; I know a lot of their songs and some lyrics by heart.
They're a rather old band by now and considered a Finnish rock legend in Finland. (duh!)

While I waited for to start night to start ("yö" literally means night) I looked around and noticed that there was a bungy jump thingy in the event area. I assume you could jump during the event if you were brave enough.

Bungy jump!
When finally got on stage I was really excited! I had managed, once again, to get a spot in the front so I could take some photos with my crappy camera. I ended up getting several okay ones so just... have them all! x)

on scene!
I had a side view on the scene.
's singer Olli Lindholm.
Well, he's giving his all for sure. :D
Have a third pic, because I can!
This guy sang a couple songs too while Olli went somewhere.
He was cool!
I ended up singing so much that I'm not sure if my voice even held up to all of that!
is a big part of my childhood (I've grown up listening to them a lot because parents) so yeah, seeing them live felt like I just completed one of my over ninethousand goals in life. x)
I remember them singing Vie mut minne vaan, Laulu rakkaudelle, Ihmisen poika, Kiitos ja kunnia, Kuorotyttö, Likaiset legendat, Niin paljon me teihin luotettiin, Pettävällä jäällä and Rakkaus on lumivalkoinen. Aaah so many of my favorites! ♡
I really hoped they would have played Joutsenlaulu, Kaksintaistelu and Särkyvää though, but they didn't. :'( Oh well, can't get everything! They have so many songs that I really love so I'm probably forgetting a ton that I would have wanted to hear too...

Next up was Neljä Ruusua, which literally means "four roses". I thought that they'd probably play a lot of songs that I wouldn't recognize because I only knew like 1-2 songs that I was sure were theirs. But hey, guess what happened? :D Neljä Ruusua ended up being this kind of "OMG I had no idea these songs were from this band!" type of band (I got so many surprise moments!) and I ended up recognizing more than half of all the songs they played. xD Actually I knew at least parts of the lyrics to several of the songs because they've been played on radio all my life... lol

Neljä Ruusua's singer.
so many colors. much wow.
I don't know if it's because I wasn't standing in the front and close to the speakers this time but yeah, it felt like Neljä Ruusua had all the instruments fixed just right; I mean in the way that the vocalist wasn't drowned in the bass and drums, aka I could always hear what he was singing clearly.
I need to say that even though I was expecting Neljä Ruusua to be the"I know this band the least" band they ended up being one of my absolute favorites of the whole day – they were just super energetic on stage, the singer had awesome scene charisma and really got into what he was singing (he did moves with his whole body and expressions etc) and yeah, plain awesome! They really got the audience on fire and the songs were really good too!
They sang at least Missä vaan, Veri and Sun täytyy mennä (which was one of the few songs I knew prior were theirs).
I need to admit that when they sang Veri I just might hade been close to shedding a tear or two. I tried to sing the chorus once but choked on my words, because thoughts of grandpa and how badly sick he was at the beginning of this year (while I was in the other end of Finland worrying sick) instantly filled my mind.........

After Neljä Ruusua it was time for the first and only female artist of the night to step in – Jenni Vartiainen!

She's so pretty...
I don't know that many of Jenni's songs but I know she has a gorgeous voice and I knew that as long as she sang at least Missä muruseni on I'd be happy. She did! ♡

Jenni Vartiainen on scene in her native American
inspired outfit.
The scene for Jenni. It was differently decorated for each artist.
She had energy to dance around a lot while singing!
I didn't recognize more than maybe three of her songs but I enjoyed the whole performance anyway; her voice is just so nice... 
She sang at least Junat ja naiset and Duran Duran, along with already mentioned Missä muruseni on.
 I'm sorry I don't know nor remember the rest.

There would have been one more artist to go (the super-popular-with-the-young-girls Antti Tuisku) but Jäätynyt Enkeli really wanted to leave because of back pains I think and well, he called mom without really asking me so we ended up leaving. I wouldn't have minded listening to Antti Tuisku as well (although I don't know his songs) but oh well, shit happens. No big deal. Which is funny because seemingly a lot of people came almost exclusively for him...?

That was all. I had a great time at the concert and I really enjoyed my time listening to all these wonderful Finnish artists! ♡ Finnish music is good! ;) (even the not-so-metal ones!)


Sipsinekku said...

Kyllä nuo perjantainartistitki aika tunnettuja on, mutta noh, eipä niistä kun ehkä Edelman ja Haloo Helsinki ois ollu näkemisen arvosia : D
Siltsu veti Gangnam stylen siinä jossain Tähdet tähdet ohjelmassa ku niil oli vissii teemana ulkomaalaiset biisit. Muistan vieläki ku avasin randomisti telkkarin ja yhtäkkiä Siltsu laulamassa koreaa MITÄ VITTUA :DD

Ette jääny Tuiskua kuuntelee, pojat nyt olen dissapoint!

Shiro Samurai said...

Joo siis mä olen nähnyt just sen Tähdet tähdet jakson jossa Siltsu veti Gangnam Stylen, mutta en ehkä ihan odottanut että hän sitä vetäis uudestaan ohjelman ulkopuolella. :DD Tosiaan Siltsu on tommoinen random niin olis pitänyt aavistaa että kyllä se vetää mitä ja missä vaan lololol. Se tais muuten olla ainut jakso koko ohjelmasta minkä näin, by the way. Coincidence? XD

Mä olisin halunut jäädä mutta Jäätynyt Enkeli oli vaan sillee lolnope. :'D En oikein tiedä mitä biisei Tuiskulla on mutta varmaan ihan kivoi..? XD

Sipsinekku said...

Gangnamii käytettii kans ku randiossa mainostettii sen 50-v synttärikonserttii xD oon pari kertaa muuallaki kuullu et se vetää sen.

Aina on PETO ON IRTI!!